Marvel Legends X-Men Kitty Pryde 6″ Figure Review & Photos

Though it’s been lauded as perhaps the single best Hasbro Marvel Legends wave in history, even the strongest series is going to have its own weakest figures. And in the case of the 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men series, Kitty Pryde is definitely that weak link, in my opinion. Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde is available online now for 11 bucks, and like her or not, you’re going to need her to complete two different Build-A-Figures…

X-Men Legends Kitty Pryde Figure ReviewThe Right:

Brace yourselves: while I’ve generally posted reviews full of gushing praise for the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures this year–particularly in this X-Men line–this isn’t going to be one of them.

But first, the positives. And the biggest positive here is character selection. There hasn’t been a Kitty Pryde six inch figure in a decade, and that was a Toybiz figure that doesn’t fit stylistically with modern figures. Kitty is a character integral to many X-Men lineups, so thumbs up to Hasbro for including her.

Back of X-Men Legends Kitty Pryde and Lockheed FigureWhile Kitty’s generic yellow and black costume is authentically pretty boring, Hasbro did nail the design with her “V”-sharped upper torso and split-forearm gloves. They even remembers her yellow hair tie! It’s a costume, no doubt, but it is accurate.

Marvel Legends Lockheed Dragon Close-UpAnd hey, you can’t have Kitty Pryde without her trust dragon, Lockheed, right? Lockheed may be a tad undersized, but he’s cute, well-sculpted, and even has paint deco on his eyes. A more action-posed Lockheed dragon would have been fun, but I’m not going to knock Hasbro for giving us a free bonus character. And speaking of a bonus character…

Marvel Legends X-Men Onslaught Head with Kitty PrydeI honestly think that Hasbro sort of knew that this figure had the potential to be a sales dud, and that’s why they held back the Onslaught Build-A-Figure head for this wave. Thus, even folks who don’t care about Juggernaut are required to pick up the Kitty Pryde Marvel Legends figure if they want to complete their non-Red Onslaught figure.

Onslaught Build-A-Figure Head on Havok BodyI didn’t have my Red Skull Onslaught figure on hand when I was taking photos, so I slapped the Onslaught head onto Havok’s body. It looks good and will ultimately greatly increase my enjoyment of the existing Build-A-Figure.

Marvel Legends 2016 Kitty Pryde and Lockheed FiguresThe Wrong:

I don’t want to sound like I hate this figure–because I don’t–but I do have a lot of gripes and complaints about it.

First and foremost, I hate the head on this figure. While there’s little that Hasbro could do to make Kitty Pryde’s costume less plain, surely they could have given her a facial sculpt with some personality and not just a sour expression. Kitty’s blah expression makes her look totally lifeless and mannequin-like.

X-Men Legends Kitty Pryde Head Pieces Overhead ViewAnd while we’re on the subject of Kitty’s head–the front of her hair is actually a whole other add-on piece that’s glued to the back half of her hair. There’s a huge seam and it looks ridiculous. I don’t know why the head is designed this way, but it doesn’t work for me at all.

Floppy Belt on Kitty Pryde Marvel Legends 6" FigureAnyone who’s read my other reviews knows that I despise the floppy belts in this series, and X-Men Legends Kitty Pryde has perhaps the floppiest of them all. Kitty’s belt is totally loose and gigantic, and functions better as a hula hoop than a belt. Incredibly obnoxious when moving and posing her.

Paint Deco on Hasbro Kitty Pryde Marvel Legends FigurePaint quality-wise, the Kitty Pryde 6″ figure is the most lacking figure in the entire wave for me. Random black splotches on her costume are unsightly and disappointing.

Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde X-Men Six Inch Action FigureEven the articulation on the Kitty X-Men Legends figure is sub-par. Not only does she have the usual lack of swivel waist/boots/biceps and no double-jointed elbows, but the hard plastic “shoulders” of her costume stop her arms from going up past 45 degrees.

Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde Figure Range of MotionIn addition, her hip articulation doesn’t come close to doing the splits or ninja kicks you might expect from a martial artist either.

Kitty Pryde X-Men Legends Figure ReviewOverall: I hate writing a bad review for a toy of a character I love, but this Marvel Legends Kitty Pryde figure is simply below the average outstanding figures we’ve come to expect from Hasbro this year. A zombie stare expression combined with sub-standard articulation, no phasing parts, a floppy belt, quality issues and a two part hair mold just make this figure feel “less” than what we’re accustomed to. I’m glad she comes with Lockheed and the classic Onslaught BAF head, but I wish I’d waited and got this figure for 11 dollars instead of twenty, as this simply doesn’t feel like a $20 quality figure to me.



Marvel Legends X-Men Kitty Pryde 6″ Figure Review & Photos — 13 Comments

  1. The face.

    I dunno. I like the face. This is an adult Shadowcat. Not the perky, optimistic Sprite-ly KItty Pryde. This figure is a grown up, jaded, seen it all, battle worn X-Man and I think her face reflects that.

    That’s just my take.

    I like her a whole lot better than the can’t-stand-up Phoenix figure or the floppy rubbery Iceman from this wave. Kitty may not be the star of the Juggernaut series. But I don’t think she’s the worst (that distinction, I think, goes to Havok).

    Besides. If it’s this or the Giant-Man version… which is your default Shadowcat?

    • I agree. When I finally had this Kitty Pryde in hand, I couldn’t help but marvel at how beautiful the face sculpt was. Along with the Odin wave Scarlett Witch, Rogue from this wave, and Nico and Enchantress from the new Strange wave, I feel like these are some of, if not the best looking female face sculpts (and body sculpts!) ever produced in a 6 inch $19.99 action figure line.

      Yeah definitely better than a C. Havok and/or Phoenix are definitely the worst of the wave, which isn’t that bad because, as everyone is well aware, it is an absolutely phenomenal wave! Can not wait for classic Jim Lee Cyclops, Colossus, Shatterstar, Sunfire, Old Man Logan and Dazzler in Wave 2!

  2. This may just be due to my love for the character, but I actually really like this figure, and certainly more than the likes of Phoenix or Iceman. The face, while expressionless is painted very well and the body is very useful for making customs of other X-ladies.

    • I liked her so much for her body & outfit that I’m already on 4x kitty so i can swap heads and make all my xmen ladies look on point!

  3. Im in the “love” camp too. This figure is great! I think the face sculpt is very beautiful, fun details (in the hairstyle choice, belt, lockheed), and a solid representation of the character as she’s appeared for the last decade.

    While I understand your criticisms about the articulation on female figures, I’m always able to get them into comic appropriate poses.

    A C- seems like a pretty harsh score for an action figure that looks and plays WORLDS better than almost anything else on the shelf at Target.

  4. I am a little surprised that I have yet to hear anyone talk about the HEIGHT of the new Kitty figure. She’s supposed to be a teenager/young woman, yet standing her next to all the other figures in this wave, she looks like an AMAZON!! It just does not look right to me…

      • Your original post only talked about her facial features and did not mention anything about the HEIGHT of the figure, which was the whole focus of MY original post.

          • I actually think her size is kind of weird, it seems almost like they couldn’t decide whether they wanted to go with an adult version or a teenager. Her legs look rather short and out of proportion compared to the upper body.

  5. Please do a review of the normal onslaught. It’s one of my all time favorite marvel legends and I feel your red onslaught review was a little harsh. This head might make a difference.

  6. you crazy, this figure was the best in the wave. Rogue and Havok were also great, but Rogue had too much going on, and I don’t care much for Havok. Iceman was a letdown. Phoenix and Wolverine were fine additions, but did we need them as much as we could have used a character like Dani Moonstar or even 90s Storm?