Marvel Unlimited Plus Marvel Legends Tony Stark 6″ Revealed!

…And we’re back! I do apologize for the downtime over the course of the past few days, as what was supposed to be a quick upgrade to a faster server turned into 100+ hours of downtime. I was so bored while this site was down, I even cranked out a review of DC Multiverse Justice League Aquaman! But luckily, now that we’re back up and running, there’s some actual new Marvel toy news to report: the Marvel Unlimited Plus 2018 Exclusive Marvel Legends Tony Stark figure has now been revealed!

Marvel Unlimited Plus Exclusive Marvel Legends Tony Stark Figure 2018

If Marvel Toy News had to be down for four days-plus, then the four days-plus it ended up being non-functional for were probably the best possible ones. Why? Because relevant news was virtually nonexistent during that timeframe, so you guys didn’t miss much. Huzzah!

Thankfully, just in time for the site to be running smoothly once again, Marvel saw fit to unload some much anticipated news on us that comes but once a year: the 2018 Marvel Unlimited Plus exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ figure!

Marvel Unlimited 2017 Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Figure ExclusiveTo say that fans were not excited about last year’s grey Captain Marvel repaint would be a huge understatement–even the Gold Ultron and white gloves Rocket Raccoon were better received than poor Carol.

Marvel Unlimited Exclusive Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Figure VariantThis year’s exclusive may not set the collecting world ablaze, but it ought to do better than silver Captain Marvel, at least–because it’s a first time ever Marvel Legends 6″ figure (sort of)!

Marvel Legends 6″ figures wearing suits such as Agent Coulson, the Chameleon and the Purple Man are constantly in demand by customizers who want to make custom suited characters such as Tony Stark–but now, collectors will be able to own a real Marvel Legends Tony Stark figure in a suit!

Marvel Unlimited Plus Exclusive Rescue 6" Figure Hasbro

While this isn’t on the level of the beloved Marvel Legends Rescue figure that was exclusive with Marvel Unlimited Plus in 2015-2016, I think that this Hasbro 6″ Tony Stark Legends figure will do very well as a carrot to convince people to sign up for a year of MUP.

The maroon shirt and gold tie are a fun choice to evoke visions of Iron Man, and being the first-ever 6″ Marvel Legends Tony Stark figure in a suit is a much bigger deal than just some new paint on an existing figure.

Marvel Legends Tony Stark Figure in SuitIn addition to the Tony Stark action figure, this year’s membership kit comes with the usual trio of three comic books with variant covers (Edge of Venomverse #1, Guardiands of the Galaxy Telltale Games #1, and Spider-Men II #1), two generic-looking Spider-Mana and Captain America head pins and a (badass Skottie Young) Thanos patch. I don’t care about the pins or the variant covers here, but I do love me some Skottie Young artwork on a patch. Sold!

What do you think of the new Marvel Unlimited Plus 2018 Membership Kit, Marvel collectors? Are you willing to shell out a hundred bucks for a year of access to thousands upon thousands of digital comics (plus all these exclusive collectibles), or are the Exclusive Tony Stark and other goodies just not enough incentive to win you over?


Marvel Unlimited Plus Marvel Legends Tony Stark 6″ Revealed! — 13 Comments

  1. Firstly, welcome back!
    Secondly,*phew!* no interest at all in anything mentioned above.
    Wallet is safe … for now.

  2. The ONE year that Marvel screwed up my package was 2016 with Pepper.

    Suit-Stark is a decent choice, I will not mind getting it this year. I do love access to the Unlimited service. With all of the Young, King, Unworthy and such Thors coming out lately, I decided I was missing out by not knowing what they were based on. I blew through the Thor: God of Thunder run over the weekend, and it was really great. I totally appreciate young and King Thor much more now. I highly recommend the subscription.

  3. Not good at all, basically people had been using chameleon or coulsons body as a base and replacing the head wirh the 3pack mcu head to create this, regardless of the color its still the same. This could have been better if the head was the uk exclusive 5 pack tony stark alternate which is really hard to get nowadays

  4. Welcome back mtn!!
    Clicking and seeing the site gone was worrisome, glad your up & running. civilian Stark…. meh perhaps. Update on Mysterio please!? Hahahaha.

  5. While I am underwhelmed with the exclusive figure I can admit that it’s a good choice for an exclusive–enough appeal for folks that want it but not necessary for everyone (cough Pepper cough). Still hoping we get a rescue re-issue down the line.

  6. Well, I’ ve been thinking about getting Marvel Unlimited for a few years now and this Stark figure does up the appeal of joining. I really prefer reading comics on paper but I may have to give this a try – I do have some of the old CD-Roms but found them a bit cumbersome for reading comics, perhaps this will be a better experience.

    I do like the Thanos patch although the other promos don’t do much for me.

    • The color scheme is based off the real suit that Robert Downey Jr. wore at the Iron Man 3 panel at San Diego Comic Con, so if you think the fashion statement sucks, blame RDJ. 😉

      • This was not the colour scheme RDJ used. It is similar, but not the same.
        RDJ wore a charcoal grey suit, a red shirt, brown tie with a single yellow/orange stripe, and grey sneakers.
        I say the colour scheme better reflects Stark’s occasional lounge attire in a couple of panels from the comics. But in action figure form, it came in bad taste.