Mezco ONE:12 Collective Exclusive Captain America Figures!

Ever since it made its debut during the New York Toy Fair 2016 festivities, it’s been a real waiting game as fans anticipate the arrival of the first Mezco ONE:12 Collective Marvel figures. And while we’ll be waiting another month-plus to get the first one in-hand, Mezco has now confirmed the SDCC 2016 Exclusive Classic Captain America figure. But that’s not all–the awesome Previews Exclusive Commander Steve Rogers figure is also now up for order!

2016 SDCC Con Exclusive Captain America Classic Mezco Toyz Figure

The Marvel ONE:12 Collective 6″ figures line made a huge splash during Toy Fair in February, but having to wait almost half a year to get the first figure has decreased the momentum for this series just a bit.

That said, it’s time to get hyped once again, as the very first Mezco ONE:12 Collective Marvel figure will finally be released next month: the limited-edition 2016 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Deluxe Classic Captain America!

ONE 12 Collective Deluxe Classic Captain America Figure SDCC ExclusiveBasically, this is a minor revision of the non-exclusive Captain America ONE:12 Collective figure that went up for sale a few months ago. This version features a more primary blue costume, along with an all-new head featuring Cap’s iconic wings on his mask.

SDCC 2016 Exclusive One 12 Collective Deluxe Classic Captain America FigureHere’s the official description for Deluxe Classic Cap from Mezco Toys:

“Featuring over 32 articulation points, intricate sculptural work, incredible costume detailing and tons of accessories, the final product creates an iconic classic vision with a “real world” look. This exclusive, limited-edition not only features a new classic head sculpt and vibrantly colored uniform, but is packaged in an exclusive shield-shaped metal tin featuring a lenticular transformation chamber.”

SDCC Exclusive ONE 12 Collective Captain America Collectible Tin PackagingAs mentioned in the description, the other thing besides the costume color and new head that makes this exclusive special is the fact that it’s coming in some pretty unique collectible packaging:

“Packaged in a deluxe, limited edition circular tin featuring Captain America’s shield design. When the tin is opened, a lenticular image is revealed. The lenticular dramatically shows the transformation of Steve Rogers from a scrawny weakling into a chiseled super-soldier. Beneath the lenticular, the figure and his accessories are securely held by collector friendly trays.”

Lenticular Image from Mezco SDCC 2016 Captain America FigureTo be totally blunt, I hate this tin. It’s adding $30 to the price of a six-inch figure who I thought was pushing the “value” limits to begin with, and I think that the Steve Rogers lenticular is rather creepy, honestly. I know some folks are going to really dig this special collector’s tin packaging, but I would have been way happier with a normal box and a price-tag $20-$30 lower.

At $110 + ~$15 shipping, this San Diego Comic-Con Cap is costing more than half the price of a 12″ Hot Toys Captain America figure, and that’s just not acceptable (at least, not to me).

ONE 12 Collective Commander Steve Rogers Captain America Figure Exclusive

But SDCC 2016 isn’t the only place to find an exclusive Captain America! All comic book and specialty stores who order from Previews have the ability to order the exclusive ONE:12 Collective Steve Rogers Captain America figure as well!

This figure features the groovy translucent shield that Cap used during this era, as well as an unmasked Steve Rogers head and the Steve Rogers Super-Soldier costume that was all the rage a few years back. I love this version way more than I expected, and it was an instant pre-order for me–especially at the normal, non-inflated price-tag for a ONE:12 Collective figure.

Deluxe Classic Captain America ONE 12 Collective Exclusive FigureThe SDCC 2016 Deluxe Classic Captain America is now up for pre-order on Mezco’s website while supplies last, while you can also order the exclusive Commander Steve Rogers figure from other online retailers. With these being two of the first Mezco Toyz Marvel ONE:12 Collective figures to actually be released, I suspect the hype will make both of them fast sell-outs.

What do you think of the first two variant figures for the ONE:12 Marvel figures line, Marvel collectors? Are these iterations different enough to earn your dollars? And are you still interested in Deluxe Classic Cap for almost $125 after shipping?


Mezco ONE:12 Collective Exclusive Captain America Figures! — 4 Comments

  1. At $80, Command Rogers is an instant-buy for me. As was Armored Batman at $110. But $110 for Classic Cap? I agree about the tin… it isn’t going to fit on my shelf and I’m not going to display it… it’s odd. Bonus points to Mezco for thinking outside the box (Ha!), but I’ll pass on Classic Cap. Which is sad, because I was going to pick him up at $80. I barely thought twice about it. I don’t see the extra $30 of value though. But Cap isn’t my first love… if this was a Green Lantern or Batman figure, I’d be all over it and get past the sticker shock quickly. Armored Bats has WAY more value with light-up eyes, metal parts/accessories, and being in a standard box. That’s where my $110 is going this summer.

  2. Ugh.

    I’m a little miffed about the Classic Cap. Honestly, I like him a great deal more than his regular counterpart (correct color blue, red glove pouches, winged helmet, all things I like) and was planning on picking him up, but $110? For a creepy tin? No frickin’ thank you. I might get the regular version, but man, the painted head-wings just look wrong. You wanna have head-wings on Cap? Go big or go home.

    I MIGHT grab Commander Rogers, but only when they show off actual pictures of the figure that aren’t really obviously photoshopped. (You can’t tell me those lines and stars are actually what the figure looks like.)

    I’m still holding out for a Hawkeye. David Aja-styled Hawkeye with a dozen trick arrows and an alternate bandaged bruised walked-into-a-door-that-proceeded-to-beat-the-hell-out-of-me head, please.

    For that, I’d DEFINITELY buy every con exclusive and variation. Especially if one of them were him in his bullseye T-shirt and sweats.

    • I know how you feel. I’m really frustrated about the pricing on Classic Cap as well.