NYCC 2014 Kotobukiya X-Men ARTFX+ Statues Announced!

This summer Kotobukiya began teasing Marvel collectors about their next line of Marvel NOW! ARTFX+ statues that would be following up the hit Avengers ARTFX+ series. Once Kotobukiya declared the series would be of another ultra-popular Marvel superhero team, it didn’t take a genius to guess who Kotobukiya was talking about, but today Kotobukiya announced it officially at NYCC 2014: the Kotobukiya X-Men ARTFX+ statues series will begin in 2015!


I suspected we might see a teaser or early prototype for a new Marvel NOW ARTFX+ statue at NYCC 2014, but I was totally surprised to see Kotobukiya actually announce the entire lineup for the 1/10th scale Kotobukiya ARTFX+ X-Men statues line at their booth!

A placard revealing the whole lineup was on display in the NYCC 2014 Kotobukiya booth, and at the heavily-attended New York Comic Con 2014 Kotobukiya panel on Thursday night, Kotobukiya confirmed that they had selected a “dream team” lineup (that’s never actually existed) for the series.


The seven X-Men Kotobukiya statues released over the course of 2015-2016 will be:
–Emma Frost

This is obviously not a lineup that we would ever see after X-Men: Schism (what with Wolverine and Cyclops being as likely as kill each other as look at each other these days), but it’s a great lineup nonetheless. I know many people will be bummed that favorites like Gambit and Nightcrawler are absent, but I’m shocked and overjoyed to see deserving New Mutants alumni Magik included. Thanks, Kotobukiya!

Kotobukiya X-Men ArtFX+ Statues AnnouncementI’ll post updates as prototypes are shown and release dates are announced for the ARTFX+ X-Men Kotobukiya statues, and you can follow Marvel Toy News on Facebook to have news and photos sent right to your Facebook Newsfeed.

Are you excited for the second team of Kotobukiya Marvel ARTFX+ statues to begin next year, Marvel collectors? Are you happy with the “dream lineup” Kotobukiya picked, or do you feel like someone else (*cough* Gambit *cough*) should have been in this lineup as well?


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  1. I would have loved the O5 All New X-Men instead!
    (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel & Ice Man)