Sideshow Exclusive Deadpool Heat-Seeker PF Statue Pre-Order!

Earlier today, I posted the official photos and pre-order information for Square-Enix’s Deadpool Play Arts Kai figure, which I knew I was going to hear some grumbles about the pricing of (because PAK are, well… pricey). The price on that item didn’t sting me too much, though, because I had the foreknowledge that a way more expensive Deadpool figure would be going up later in the day–and so it now has! The insanely dynamic Sideshow Exclusive Deadpool Heat-Seeker Premium Format Figure is now up for orderwith a price-tag that’s as crazy as this statue’s aesthetic!


When Sideshow Collectibles debuted the enormous Heat-Seeker Deadpool Premium Format Figure statue at San Diego Comic-Con, I immediately had a hunch that we were looking at what was destined to quickly become the highest-priced Sideshow Marvel Premium Format Statue ever.

And while it’s taken a few months to get that confirmation, it has arrived: the Sideshow Premium Format Deadpool Heat-Seeker Statue is priced at a staggering $699.99–plus shipping! Is there any way this quarter-scale statue can actually be worth that kind of moolah? Let’s take a look…

sideshow-exclusive-selfie-stick-deadpool-accessoryOrdinarily I save discussing the Sideshow Exclusive accessories for last, but in this instance, I want to talk about them first. Why…? Because they’re awesome.

sideshow-exclusive-red-steel-deadpool-portrait-comparison-with-regular-headThe exclusive items that come with the limited edition version of this statue are–I kid you not–a cell phone on a selfie-stick and a “Red Steel” kissing Deadpool head.

close-up-of-sideshow-exclusive-deadpool-selfie-stick-cell-phoneWe’ve gone back and forth over the years between Sideshow giving us some tremendous accessories and some eye-rolling ones with their exclusive editions, but there’s definitely never been exclusive extras like these! Even the side of the cellphone facing Deadpool has a little decal on as Wade takes his own photo! Crazy, crazy good stuff.

overhead-view-of-sideshow-heatseeker-deadpool-statueOkay, enough about the limited extras, though: let’s talk about this statue itself. It is all-out mayhem, and beyond a doubt the most dynamic Marvel statue that I can ever remember seeing released by any company. Ever.

marvel-premium-format-figure-deadpool-heat-seeker-slicing-grenade-with-katana-swordThe Heatseeker Deadpool statue portrays Wade Wilson jumping away from an explosion on the ground, while dodging a heat-seeking missile in mid-air, while cutting a grenade in half with a sword in one hand and wielding either a machine gun or a selfie stick in the other. For any other character, I think this would be poor lunacy and just wouldn’t work. For Deadpool..? It’s just the right level of lunacy.

premium-format-deadpool-heat-seeker-missile-statue-detailsThe intricate sculpt of this piece doesn’t let me down either–from the subtle creases in Deadpool’s costume to the twisting musculature of his anatomy, this is a terrific sculpt.

details-on-deadpool-heatseeker-premium-format-figureThe paint and texturing on this piece are full of win as well–look at how fantastic Deadpool’s boot and holstered pistol look!

heat-seeker-deadpool-premium-format-statue-scale-photo-with-appleAnd with dimensions of 24″ high and 22″ wide–not to mention a weight of 14 pounds–collectors are certainly going to be getting their money’s worth when they purchase this Deadpool Heat-Seeker Premium Format Figure. The only real question is how many collectors have seven hundred dollars to drop on this statue.

sideshow-exclusive-heatseeker-deadpool-kissing-face-and-selfie-stickThe Sideshow Collectibles EXCLUSIVE Heat-Seeker Deadpool Premium Format Figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released between December 2017 and February 2018. That’s a long time from now, but when you’re talking about a $700 statue, a longer wait just means more time to make smaller payments.

I’m 50/50 on this statue right now, but if I do bite, I’ll definitely be using one of the Sideshow Flexpay payment plans. Otherwise, it’s just way too expensive for my blood (as in, “my wife will have my blood if I pay for it all in one month”).

What do you think of the new Heat-Seeker Deadpool Sideshow Premium Format Figure, Marvel collectors? Does anyone have 700 bucks plus that they’re dying to throw at Sideshow Collectibles for this piece, or are you taking a wait-and-see attitude with what’s almost certainly destined to be the wackiest Deadpool statue ever?


Sideshow Exclusive Deadpool Heat-Seeker PF Statue Pre-Order! — 4 Comments

  1. I would have snapped it up for $500…
    And they only allow 8 payments on the plan!! Come on!!
    After the so far 4 months delay on the Deadpool Movie 1/6th scale, i’d be pushing out the delivery date to May/June 2018.

    • Hot Toys Deadpool being delayed isn’t Sideshow’s fault, though–Hot Toys made it. Though Sideshow isn’t exactly the paragon of getting products released on time either…