Skottie Young Marvel Animated Spider-Man & Mary Jane Statue!

While it seemed like it might be a bit of a risk when the line first launched, the Skottie Young Marvel Babies-inspired Gentle Giant Marvel Animated statues line has really blossomed into a fan favorite series that has gotten much deeper than most collectors expected. And now that the line has proven itself, Gentle Giant Ltd. must feel confident enough to try something a bit different: a two-in-one statue! It’s the most expensive entry in the series to date: the Marvel Animated Spider-Man & Mary Jane statue is now up for order!

Marvel Animated Spider-Man and Mary Jane Statue Skottie Young

While it doesn’t look like Peter Parker and Mary Jane will be getting back together anytime soon in the mainstream Marvel Comics Universe (or will they?!?), they’re happily married and raising their teenage daughter in an alternate universe comic book series.

To celebrate the launch of Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 as part of the Secret Wars event, an alternate cover by Skottie Young was released depicting Marvel Babies Spider-Man putting a ring on it and proposing to Mary Jane Watson. The cover was a hit with fans—and now it’ll be immortalized in resin form forever!

Skottie Young Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Cover VariantAfter seeing Gentle Giant tackle a really risky (as far as sales go) character in Squirrel Girl last time out, I was curious to see how they would follow up. But I don’t think anyone could have predicted this out-of-left-field announcement that the next statue is actually two characters: Spider-Man and Mary Jane!

Marvel Animated Statues Spider-Man SDCC 2017 ExclusiveNot only is this the first time Gentle Giant is releasing two characters at once in their Marvel Babies statues line, but it’s also the first time a character is being revisited. A solo Spider-Man Animated Statue was released as a limited SDCC 2017 exclusive, but not only is this Spidey a whole lot cuter than the previous one, but this time Gentle Giant Ltd. is making enough to go around!

Gentle Giant Skottie Young Marvel Babies Mary Jane Spider-Man StatueThis piece is something totally different from the rest of the line, and really seems like an excellent choice as a stand-alone piece. The base with its grass terrain and giant heart in the background is super cute and the diorama elements really bring this piece together.

Gentle Giant Marvel Babies Spider-Man and Mary Jane Statue

The bad news is that the inclusion of an elaborate base and a second figure has spiked the usual price for these statues somewhat—the usual $65 MSRP will be $115 this time. That’s sort of a bargain since two Marvel Animated mini statues with plain bases would cost $130 total, but it remains to be seen if collectors will be willing to drop $100+ on a statue in this line in one go.

I’d love to see more “deluxe” Skottie Young statues like this one, so hopefully this piece does well despite the quasi-high price tag.

Marvel Animated Spider-Man and Mary Jane Statue Skottie YoungThe Marvel Animated Mary Jane and Spider-Man Statue is now up for order, and is scheduled to ship out in Q2 2018. BBTS has the best price around for this statue that I’ve seen, with $11 off for pre-orders.

How do you like this unique addition to the Skottie Young Marvel Animated line? Would you like to see Gentle Giant release additional statues in this more expensive style, recreating more complete covers? Or do you prefer the simple and cheap individual character statues?

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