Toy Fair 2016: Kotobukiya Wolverine ARTFX+ Statue Photos!

Since Kotobukiya already showed off the official photos of Rogue and put her up for order earlier this week, I had my hopes high that we’d at least get to see an unpainted prototype of the last figure in the Kotobukiya X-Men ARTFX+ statue line at New York Toy Fair 2016 this weekend. Instead, the finished, painted prototype made its debut: the Kotobukiya Wolverine ARTFX+ Statue has now been revealed!

Like the rest of the figures in the Kotobukiya ARTFX+ X-Men series, Wolverine is clad in his Marvel NOW! costume. This isn’t his most recognizable costume (by a longshot), but it is the one that will fit in most appropriately with this Marvel NOW! X-Men lineup.

The scheduled release window for the ARTFX+ Wolverine is Q3 2016, so we should see him go up for sale in about a month. His MSRP is expected to be $59.99, the same as most of the other figures in this series.

I’ll be updating with more news and photos throughout the weekend from the 2016 Toy Fair, so be sure to keep checking back here and on our social media pages all weekend long!



Toy Fair 2016: Kotobukiya Wolverine ARTFX+ Statue Photos! — 5 Comments

  1. Pretty nice, but I’m actually more interested in that Beast figure to the right of him. Now that looks classically cool.

    • It’s the armor he started wearing just before he died. I think he started wearing it because his healing factor stopped working.

  2. If they make a Marvel Girl/Jean or Gamora I’ll sell all my legends off and only keep these two