Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends X-Men Series Photos! Phoenix!

We’ve been wondering about the 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men wave ever since it was announced in mid-2015, but now we need wonder no more! At the New York Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro press event today, Hasbro finally revealed the seven figures making up this summer’s X-Men Legends wave–including Phoenix, Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Cable and more!

I’ll be updating with details and thoughts on these figures throughout the afternoon, but I imagine what you guys REALLY want to see is the photos of the lineup.

And so, without further ado, the Marvel Legends 2016 X-Men Series will contain:

  • Iceman (Modern)
  • Deadpool
  • Kitty Pryde (Marvel NOW! X-Men) with Lockheed
  • Phoenix Jean Grey
  • Havok (Modern)
  • Cable (Modern)
  • Rogue (Jim Lee)

Yes, that’s right–THREE women in a single wave of Marvel Legends! Insanity, right?! But hey, if ever there were three females that could all be in one wave and sell like gangbusters, it’s Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Jean Grey! Fans have been asking for a new Jean Grey Phoenix action figure since the Fan Poll in 2009, so I think the time for a new green Phoenix is long overdue at this point.

Also, note that Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde) comes with a new Lockheed dragon as well as the heavily-demanded classic Onslaught head for the Build-A-Figure that’s already out. Kitty Pryde is gonna be in top demand this summer!

Meanwhile, the new Marvel Legends Deadpool that Hasbro revealed on Thursday night is sporting some wacky accessories including a taco and a boxing glove-shooting bazooka! Plus: an unmasked Deadpool interchangeable head! Best Deadpool action figure ever…? I think so!

Despite being the leader of several high-profile teams over the years (including the Avengers, X-Factor and the X-Men), it’s astounding that there’s only been a singe Marvel Legends Havok figure ever released–and that was as a Toybiz exclusive a decade ago! So yeah–like Phoenix, this Uncanny Avengers Havok 6″ figure is well overdue. And his new translucent blue effects pieces are, quite frankly, sweet.

Hasbro is not revealing the identity of the Build-A-Figure for this wave at this time. I’ve always expected it to be a new Marvel Legends Apocalypse Build-A-Figure (especially with the Apocalypse movie and huge comic book crossover coming up this summer), but that’s strictly my own intuition (which really doesn’t count for much). I think the tooling is there to make a great new Apocalypse BAF, but we shall see in a few months if I’m correct or not.

What do you think of this year’s Marvel Legends X-Men series? And who are you hoping the Build-A-Figure will be?





Toy Fair 2016: Marvel Legends X-Men Series Photos! Phoenix! — 73 Comments

  1. Super excited for this wave!! Iceman looks SICK and I’m loving all three of the women in this wave! I’m hoping the BAF is Apocalypse!

    • I imagine both Kitty and Rogue will come with it, and they’ll be sold with the same title, like a lot of MLs are being done nowadays. I know Taskmaster and Scourge were, though I forget what they were called.

    • The bag is in no way going to be a movie apocalypse, although Hasbro can do x men figs fox does not allow them to do movie figs. I’ve been trying to tell people this forever. I went to last years sdcc and spoke to Dwight myself. He did his usual dance around the subject of the fox issues but he did say that there x men figs will be all comic.

      • Nobody said anything about movie Apocalypse.
        I don’t think anybody WANTS movie Apocalypse.

        • Sorry, they have on a lot of other forums, besides, I wanted to clear that up. As of what Dwight said to me last year there are going to be only comic x men figures.

          • We already have a great Apocalypse BAF. I hope it’s someone that hasn’t been done. (Nimrod would be AWESOME)

        • Cable is absolutely not the Build-A-Figure. Hasbro told us explicitly at Toy Fair that the BAF wouldn’t be revealed until spring/summer.

  2. Wow wow …. exelente calidad … hasbro mejoró muchisimo las versiones anteriores de estos personajes en marvel legends …. todos exelente calidad no puedo esperar a ver el baf

  3. Is Cable not the Build a Figure? Looks a bit bigger and more detailed than the other figs.

  4. I was hoping for Astonishing Kitty, but that’s actually Marvel Now Kitty, which is dreadful (for me.)
    Kitty’s face is so ugly it makes me sad :/ And what’s with the weird teen body being over used so much?! Kitty is a woman! I wish she was astonishing so badly… Hair down, too, like on Astonishing.
    Iceman’s upper arms look short, is he on the new teen male body? Because that would piss me off. ALOT.
    Phoenix, Rogue, and Deadpool are all 100% amazing. However I wish Jean was Dark Phoenix, because we already have an awesome new Jean figure and this will only take her place. Dark Phoenix would give us the option of a kick ass villain.
    Cable is great but a waist of a figure… In my opinion.
    And Havok is perfect.
    My wish for the X-Men
    Affordable Emma. I don’t even care if it gets the new body, just rerelease the other one AT LEAST!
    Ideally I’d have adult Iceman and Astonishing (adult) Kitty, but that’s never gonna happen apparently.

        • It’s actually the Mockingbird/Beetle body, which is somewhere between the Spider-Girl and Medusa molds. The best fitting buck to use, I think. You can tell by the musculature of her thighs and upper-arms.

    • I’m actually even more disappointed in Jean’s face sculpt than Kitty’s. I was looking forward to Phoenix figure the most, but this face sculpt almost looks like something Toybiz would make. There was a White Phoenix Prototype displayed a while back and that sculpt would have been perfect.

        • Look it up. The new one actually isn’t that terrible, but there is definitely a difference.

          • The only difference is in the deco. All you have to do is hold the Jim Lee Jean Grey figure up to that Phoenix photo, since they all use the base sculpt.

  5. Did they mention anything about a price increase, or will they still be around the $19.99 price?

    • I do like that every figure can be found online or at stores at retail cost. I dont miss the days of paying ridiculous prices on the secondary market for the “rare” figure. Tho for the last 2 years I have been buying complete lines at Frank & Sons in SoCal at under cost.

    • Pre-orders for the presumed most sought after figures like Deadpool and wolverine are already reaching 40-80 dollars which is f*cking ridiculous since I ordered the whole set for a whopping $157.99. Get the whole set so you don’t end up paying secondary market prices and spending nearly double. Specialty online stores are Toy wiz is already asking 250 fucking dollars for the whole set. Which is so unfathomably horrendous I can’t believe they’d be that greedy. I got mine at Woozymoo. It has a stupid name but it’s the best price and they’re not sold out yet as far as I know. I know BigBadToyStore is sold out.

    • Con kidding, I’ve been dying to get a Jim lee cyclops. They really need to start making x men.

      Jim lee cyclops

      • Its crazy how hasbro release all of these lines of figures but forget some signature costumes and figures. By the way why want they do a Falcon figure?? Its captain Americas right hand man.

  6. I’m kind of scared that Cable is going to be the BAF. He looks like he’s around the size of the Absorbing Man BAF, and I could see Hasbro pulling that move.

    • I heard direct from Hasbro that Cable is a regular-release figure and not the Build-A-Figure. I promise. =D

  7. This is an AMAZING wave.
    Kitty is the only one here that I’m kinda “eh” about, but she has Lockheed, and they were smart enough to give her the Onslaught head to make sure she sells. 😛

    I’m impressed as hell by that Cable.
    That is goddamn cool.
    Looks like an entirey new sculpt???

    FINALLY a good Phoenix figure.
    Pretty sure this is literally just the unreleased White Phoenix in standard green…but whatever.
    Still wish we could get a Phoenix with a head sculpt as good as the Legends Icons Phoenix. This one is….okay.

    Iceman looks AWESOME.
    Hope he comes with a bunch of cool effects parts.

    Havok’s effect parts are fantastic.
    Like seriously awesome effects going on there.

    We already knew Rogue was awesome.
    Does she come with NOTHING but BAF parts?
    Dunno what you’d give Rogue, but hopefully SOMETHING.
    Alternate head?

    And obviously Deadpool was badass when we first saw him the other day, and now he comes with a bazooka, extra head, and a taco.
    (He seems to share that bazooka with that upcoming Walgreens exclusive Punisher)


    The BAF almost HAS TO be Apocalypse, right?
    Any other year and it’d maybe be Juggenaut, or a Sentinel, or….whatever.
    But THIS year? It MUST be Apocalypse.

    • This isn’t a repaint of the white Phoenix, it’s the new body. (Look at the leg joints) yes, the head is the same.

  8. Love this wave!!! Hoping for a second one to be revealed at SDCC! FA Storm, Polaris, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Jim Lee Cyclops and new Wolverine!!!

    • They won’t do two X-Men waves :/ 1000 Spider-Man waves, 1000 Avengers waves… It’s bullshit. But yeah pretty sure it was confirmed this was it for this year for the X-Men.
      My ideal wave would be:
      (There are more unmade females, but I won’t fill them all in because it would never happen)
      BAF: Sentinel

  9. I remember hearing that there was going to be a new wolverine figure too (possibly Laura)….. I wonder what happened to that?

    • Good question.
      Though I’d rather finally have a good X-23 figure, I’d also take a Laura Wolverine, Old Man Logan, or even Wolverine wearing that armored suit he had right before he died.

      • I seem to remember that the original announcement for this line included a Wolverine. I’m speculating that the BAF may be an Old Man Logan or and X-23 Wolverine.

    • It’s not. Or if it is, then he comes with interchangable hands for holding swords and guns. We’ve already seen him without the taco.

  10. Never thought I’d say this, but I kinda wish theyd used the hyperion body as the basis for Cable. He looks great but could have been bigger. That’s a minor nick pit. This is another wave I’m probably gonna gave to get the whole thing because of the figures and not the Baf. First since GotG honestly.

  11. Personally, I’m a little disappointed by some of the choices, mainly because I need most of the classic Jim Lee era X-men. I’d also rather have a Juggernaut than Apocalypse, but no big deal. Any idea when these are set to be released? Thanks for all your work!

  12. The Marvel Select Juggernaut is perfect! I’m hoping for a Sauron or Silver Samurai BAF. We need some more X-men!! Dazzler, Polaris, a new Psylocke, a new Lee era Cyclops!!the classic wave I mentioned above!
    One wave every two to three years sucks!! So many great X-men characters to be made!

  13. I hope the build-a-figure is Nimrod. We don’t need another Apocalypse when the last one was so awesome…. I do remember that when this line was first announced there was supposed to be a Wolverine, I’m afraid that the build-a-figure might be a X-23 Wolverine or an Old Man Logan. ….. I must admit that I am most disappointed in getting another 90’s Rogue when we were teased last time with a modern Rogue. It would be nice to have something new and fresh. ….

    • Unknown. Honestly, despite the unofficial case breakdowns we’ve seen, I’m still not convinced that there’s even a Wolverine -IN- this wave at all.

    • Nowhere until Wednesday, June 1st. I’ll post links on the 1st when these go up for orders.