Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series Photos!

Word snuck out a month or so ago that Hasbro was planning a 2016 Marvel Legends Doctor Strange series to coincide with the movie’s release this fall, but Hasbro never confirmed that news or any action figure lineup–until today! At the 2016 Toy Fair, Hasbro revealed part of the Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Series, including a repainted Dormammu Build-A-Figure, Nico Minoru and Iron Fist!

We’re still a long way away from the release of the Doctor Strange movie, so I genuinely wasn’t sure if Hasbro would be able to show off the Dr. Strange Legends set at NY Toy Fair this weekend due to legal agreements.

But I think Hasbro came up with a good compromise, showing off the three figures in the wave that are 100% comic-based, while the movie figure reveals will have to wait for another day.

 The Doctor Strange Build-A-Figure will be a repaint of last year’s SDCC Exclusive Dormammu figure. Hasbro says they want to get that limited figure into more people’s hands, so they’re repainting him and including him as this wave’s Build-A-Figure.

I have mixed feelings about this, as a lot of collectors already paid out big bucks to own the SDCC Dormammu BAF, believing it was a total exclusive and not just an exclusive paint job.

 Even so, the Marvel Legends Dormammu is a gorgeous figure, and it really would be a shame for him to not end up in as many collectors’ lives as possible. I expect to hear a lot of griping about this choice nonetheless, however.

From Runaways, it’s the first-ever action figure of Nico Minoru! In fact, I believe this is the first toy ever of any of the Runaways.

Great character selection with Nico (AKA Sister Grimm), and I love the translucent hand and pink energy effects on the Staff of One. This is going to be my favorite figure in the Doctor Strange series by a landslide, I predict.

It’s worth mentioning that this is a weird, rare Hasbro Legends 6″ series with only one female character in it. Usually there are two, but the rest of this wave is filled out by the Ancient One, Brother Voodoo, Mordo, and two movie versions of Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange. Very weird that Hasbro didn’t choose to repack the SDCC Magik figure in this wave as well, seeing as how she’s Dr. Strange’s apprentice.

Finally, we’ve got a new version of Iron Fist in his green costume from his Immortal Iron Fist era. I dig the bandages hands, and I’m happy to see that Iron Fist will actually be coming with effects pieces for his hand this time.

The movie Doctor Strange action figure was also shown during the Hasbro presentation slideshow, but photography was not allowed. He’s still in development, but was looking pretty decent so far.

That’s it for the Marvel Legends 2016 Doctor Strange figures at New York Toy Fair 2016! What do you think, Marvel collectors? Are you in for any of these three characters that have been officially announced so far, or are you waiting to see movie Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo and the Ancient One?


Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Series Photos! — 16 Comments

  1. I was calling that it would be the movie version of Mordo when the initial read-out called him “Karl Mordo” but not Baron Mordo. Glad I was on the money.

    Sister Grimm is a must buy.

    • Supposedly, this wave has THREE Doctor Stranges.
      2 movie versions, and 1 comicbook version.
      With the Astral Form Movie Strange being a Walgreens exclusive part of the wave or something like that.

      Presumably, the comicbook version will be a classic version of Doctor Strange wearing his iconic blue and yellow with the red Cloak Of Levitation, since we didn’t get that with the black and red Strange from the Hulkbuster Wave.
      Not having a classic Strange would be a glaring oversight for a Doctor Strange Wave.

      I have the Book Of The Vishanti set and the original Dormammu.
      I’m not mad he’s gett a wider release.
      I’m actually just kinda glad he’s getting a repaint, and I’m hoping it works better this time. The BotV version’s whole scheme was just too dark.

      • I’m hoping the comic Strange figure has the ax from the current comic. If they do the same had style as iron fist, we could get alternate forearms and hands to give the classic yellow and Kirby dots version and the modern bare arms look.

    • Dunno why that other comment got stuck under your post…

      Anyhow, it’s a comicbook Baron Mordo, not a movie one.

  2. Love the wrapped hands and effect parts for Iron Fist. That looks primed for a Daredevil repaint. I’m glad Dormammu is getting the Baf treatment. The eBay prices on him are absurd and that set sold out incredibly fast.

  3. Wow mas exelentes figuras … este año no me puedo quejar … lo unico es otro spidey (aburrido) y otros caps y ironman pero siendo una serie basada en la pelicula civil war era obvio que tendriamos uno de cada uno

  4. I’m glad to be able to get Dormammu as the B-A-F. That was a good decision to get him into more hands. Thank you.
    The Iron Fist, Danny Rand, looks great and I’ll be glad to get him, too.
    Nice job on the many figures shown at NYTF.

  5. There’s going to be a Magik, Brother Voodoo, and (green asgardian sorceress-her name escapes me).

  6. Cant wait for that Nico figure. Now if only we could get the rest of the Runaways somehow.

  7. The Nico figure is fantastic! I just hope they don’t biff the paint job. On a positive note, building up their library of female sculpts is smart. They didn’t even reuse the movie Scarlet Witch torso with this one. The new Immortal Iron Fist figure is also very welcome. The last one was too angular.

  8. Why is iron fist in this wave at all? I would rather of had a comic Wang or a Morgan LaFey.

    • Because Hasbro wanted a new green Iron Fist out there ahead of the Netflix Iron Fist series, and there hasn’t been a green Legends Iron Fist released in many years. With Iron Fist being a mystical character, he made the most sense to Hasbro in the Doctor Strange series, I suppose.