Toy Fair: Marvel Legends Human Torch Mary Jane & Vulture!

Just when I thought it was safe to go to bed, Hasbro sent out even more images of upcoming 2017 Marvel Legends figures that weren’t on display today at New York Toy Fair 2017! These don’t come as entirely a surprise, as I already saw these figures during the Hasbro Media Event slideshow this afternoon, but we weren’t allowed to photograph the figures at the event. But hey, maybe that’s for the best, because there’s no way our meager photography could look nearly as good as these hi-res official photos of the 2017 Marvel Legends Human Torch, Mary Jane and Ultimate Vulture vs. Spider-Man sets!

Marvel Legends Human Torch Toy Fair 2017 Walgreens Exclusive

Walgreens seems to have the market cornered as far as Hasbro Fantastic Four figures are concerned! Not only did they get last year’s exclusive Namor 6″ figure and the Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure (with HERBIE!) that’s shipping this winter, but their next exclusive is none other Sue’s Storm’s brother himself–the new Johnny Storm Human Torch Marvel Legends figure!

I honestly can’t remember the last time we got a new Marvel Legends Human Torch action figure (I believe it was in the two-packs over half a decade ago now?), so I think we’re long overdue for a new version of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

Marvel Legends Mary Jane Figure Toys R Us Exclusive 2017 Toy FairAnd speaking of iconic characters–!! Mary Jane Watson-Parker, the one-time wife of Peter Parker, has remarkably never had her own non-movie Marvel Legends figure… until now!   

Teased at SDCC 2016 last July, the Marvel Legends Mary Jane figure will be coming in a Toys R Us Exclusive two-pack with a fantastic-looking All-New All-Different Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure wearing the costume from the current run of “Amazing Spider-Man”.

Exclusive Marvel Legends Vulture vs Spider-Man Walmart Two Pack Toy Fair 2017

Finally, we’ve got a Walmart Exclusive two-pack pairing of a less romantic sort, as it features Marvel Legends Ultimate Vulture vs. Ultimate Spider-Man! I don’t have last year’s Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man figure on hand with me in New York City to do a comparison, so I can’t say how similar this version is, although the eyes on this one definitely look a bit larger and more cartoon-like to me.

Meanwhile, Vulture will come with an interchangeable masked head in case you want to recreate his look from the cartoon series. And hey–! Check out that wingspan on Vulture! When are we getting a new Archangel figure with wings that good?!

Marvel Legends Human Torch Toy Fair 2017 Walgreens ExclusiveWhat do you think of the three latest New York Toy Fair 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends reveals, Marvel collectors? Are any or all of these figures bound for your collection later on this year?


Toy Fair: Marvel Legends Human Torch Mary Jane & Vulture! — 28 Comments

  1. Wow, not sure about MJ, but that Johnny looks awesome…and how can you pass up those wings on Vulture? I know I can’t!

  2. I am over the moon right now with a lot of this Marvel Legends stuff.
    Not QUITE the classic 616 Vulture I was hoping for, but instead it’s another amazing Vulture I never even thought to want.

    Sculptwise, that Ultimate Spider-Man is exactly the same as the existing Peter and Miles.
    But I think the blue on his suit might be brighter.
    Since that Ultimate Spider-Man figure is the best Marvel Legends Spider-Man of all time, I will more than happily buy a second one.

    Absolutely LOVE that we’re finally getting a ML Mary Jane Watson, even if it’s not in her semi-iconic white Spider-Heart t-shirt, the way I’d prefer.
    I think it’s hilarious that they IMMEDIATELY reused her body mold on MCU Elektra, and her legs on MCU Jessica Jones.
    And her purae is already the third use of Hobgoblin’s pumpkin bomb satchel.
    They’re really wasting NO time.

    Love that we’re finally getting an ANAD Spider-Man with Mary Jane. I’ve been expecting to get a figure of him since the Venom SpaceKnight wave.

    And Human Torch maybe isn’t EXACTLY how I’d like him, but he still looks like he’s EASILY the best Human Torch we’ve ever had.

      • They did, but the promo photo of him wasn’t released until after I posted the article. I’ve added it now.

    • technically the jessica jones was the first to have those pants. then MJ, then elektra (in order of reveal appearance) also i think they would be with jessica first because they usually use new molds for MCU figures then reuse them if possible. i don’t think in this case it would be the other way around.

      • Jessica Jones and Mary Jane were revealed at the same time.
        MJ has the lower torso, arms, and feet that Elektra also uses.
        So really, as a whole, this is the Mary Jane body mold. Jessica Jones just uses the pants, and maybe the lower torso.

  3. I have to say with what I have seen so far that I am disappointed with the reveals at TF this year. Everyone here that knows me knows I hate movie figures and I feel like a lot of spot were wasted especially on gotg2 figures where instead of making another gamora, starlord and drax they could have given us so many other diff figures. I am massively disappointed that they did not reveal a comic thor. As for the human torch figure, IDK, I guess I was expecting something better. Something is off about this guy. And what is up with the comic shocker that is barely diff from the shocker we just got in the sandman wave. I guess I will be saving a lot of cheddar this year because out of everything shown I am only seriously considering purchasing a small portion of what was shown, Lady thor, human torch, spidey and classic vulture 2 pack and invis woman, deaths head 2, beetle, ex nhilio and maybe that tombstone and moon knight only because they are comic. I know that they never really reveal everything so I guess time will tell.

    • The comic Shocker shown this year is 3.75″, whereas the one shown last year was 6″.

      I’m sure comic Thor is being saved for SDCC. 🙂

  4. That vulture wingspan is fantastic. He’s not what I was expecting, but he’s beautiful. Bring on Mysterio and Doc Ock next

    Big fan of that Torch and Invisible Woman. They’ll go perfectly in front of my Hickman HC collection!

    • That Ultimate Vulture is definitely not what I was expecting.
      Definitely a figure I didn’t realize that I wanted.

      We still really REALLY need a classic 616 Vulture though.

    • what sucks is that it is easily one of the best looking figures they revealed. but i have no use for it. i don’t mix 616 and ultimate, but i have to put him in my spidey villain display. its this or nothing, because i don’t have or want the toy biz vulture, and i don’t often mix toy biz and hasbro. this vulture isn’t even Adrian Toomes.

      Note: i have a feeling they will use those wings for a new Archangel

      • I have a “whatever character design is best” policy.
        even the 616 characters are all from a completely, wildly random array of mismatched eras, so it ultimately doesn’t matter AT ALL if they’re 616 or Ultimate or whatever.
        ToyBiz vs Hasbro falls under the same policy. If ToyBiz looks better (which it very rarely does), then ToyBiz gets used.

        • Yeah I’m the same way. Best version wins out. Over the years most of my Toy Biz figures have been replaced by better, newer hasbro ones, but some still remain. Prefer the Toy Biz Abomination over the recent BAF for example. Same with Mystique, Sabertooth, Storm and I still love my Toy Biz Green Goblin (though the new one is awesome too, one sits on the spider shelf the other on the villain shelf). Never thought I would ever get rid of my Toy Biz Juggernaut then that awesome BAF came out. I try to keep things to classic 616, but there are some exceptions. Some MCU figs like Iron Man, Black Panther and Black Widow are so close to their comic book version they fit right in with 616 figs. I love the Ultimate Cap from the Target 3 pack a year or two back so that’s my main Cap even though he’s not technically 616. That Vulture looks awesome and will totally do the trick. Been thinking about buying the toy biz doc ock cause i don’t have one and he’s a major villain. It looks like a cool figure too. But pricey on eBay and the way they pop out spider waves these days it seems like it’s only a matter of time till we get a new Doc Ock, maybe as a BAF?

      • These wings would look amazing on Archangel!

        Like Phillip, he’s the best Vulture figure available to me, so he’ll go w/the rest of my Sinister Six-ish figures until or unless a better one comes along. I imagine, though, that they’re putting this one in a two-pack (and I’d bet providing zero Spidey accessories) because they can’t really justify the wing costs on a single pack, so I’m not betting on seeing 616 Adrian Toomes any time soon.

        It’s going to be super disappointing if the subsequent wave of Spidey Legends doesn’t include any of Mysterio, Doc Ock, or the Lizard.

  5. Now that we’re getting a Human Torch an Invisible Woman, I can FINALLY complete a worthy FF set!! And yoh also have NO idea how long I’ve waited for a ANAD Spider-Man. I’ve wanted that since that the costume debuted!

  6. The more I look at that human torch figure the more I don’t like it. Idk if it’s the way it’s posed or if it actually looks as bad as I’m seeing it but I hope when I see it in hand that I will change my mind.

  7. It’s the way the flame effects are part of the actual mold that bothers me so much. They should have made it to where you can attach flame effects somehow. I just don’t like that the flames are sculpted on. Very disappointing because I have been wanting the human torch in plastic crack rock form.

    • It’s just the leg flames that bug me. They’re not great.
      For a fully fire form Human Torch, I think the flames being sculpted on is great….when it’s done well. Which it IS…mostly. If it was a powered down or only partially Flame On Human Torch, then I’d agree that the flames should be removable.

  8. Torch should not have any flame effects sculpted on. They should be an option for those of us that wanted a more classic looking Torch to display. Why Hasbro went with an Ultimate universe Vulture over the classic version is beyond me. That will be a big pass for me. Only figures I want from that all female wave are the 2 Avengers She-Hulk & Monica aka Photon. Lady Loki? Wow.

  9. Does anyone happen to know when the Walgreens exclusive FF Sue storm and Human torch will be released? As well as the ToysRUs 2pack exclusives?

    • Invisible Woman is on her way right now. I believe her shipments may have been delayed somewhat by Chinese New Year, but expect her out soon. Human Torch is for later in the year and a few months out, though.