Toy Fair: Marvel Legends Lady Thor & A-Force Figures Revealed!

I’ve been up since 5AM this morning getting ready for Toy Fair and my brain is running on empty, but I just had to stay up a few minutes longer so I could make a quick post about some of this year’s upcoming Marvel Legends figures that collectors are gonna wild over. I’ve been predicting for the past year-plus that the Marvel Legends Lady Thor figure would debut in the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok series in Fall 2017, and it’s good to be proven right! But what else is good…? How about this exclusive Marvel Legends A-Force figures box set?!

Marvel Legends Lady Thor Jane Foster Six Inch Figure Toy Fair 2016….Well, it’s all over. My brain is fried for the night and I am at my limit. Please insert your own commentary on the Marvel Legends Jane Foster Thor and A-Force figures box set, and I’ll add my own thoughts and impressions on these very anticipated figures in the morning.

But seriously, before I fall asleep: CRAZINESS!!! Six Marvel Legends female figures in a Toys R Us Exclusive box set?! Have we crossed over into the DC Universe and emerged in Bizarro World? Marvel Legends Lady Sif, Lady Loki, Spectrum and Elsa Bloodstone figures?! Plus the first new 6″ She-Hulk Legends figure in years?!

I cannot even begin to fathom that we live in a world that will soon have an official 6″ Marvel Legends Singularity figure in it. Hasbro, you have truly dropped my jaw and opened my heart with this reveal today. This Marvel Legends A-Force figures box set looks amazing. Period.

Marvel Legends A-Force Figures Box Set Toy Fair 2017Check back tomorrow for continuing New York Toy Fair 2017 coverage here on Marvel Toy News! And if you have requests for photos or information about anything I haven’t gotten to yet, drop me a note in the comments and I’ll see what I can do about taking more photos while I’m on the floor at the show tomorrow!


Toy Fair: Marvel Legends Lady Thor & A-Force Figures Revealed! — 25 Comments

  1. These look pretty sick. Too bad I only collect 3.75. Speaking of can you get some pictures of the 3.75 releases?

    • The only 3.75″ figures shown off we haven’t seen before that were allowed to be photographed were the Shocker vs. Spider-Man two-pack, which I’ll post about tomorrow.

  2. WOW!!! This is incredible! I can honestly say I never expected to see a Marvel Legends Sigularity, but all of these will be welcome additions to my collection. Well done, Hasbro, well done.

  3. Love that we FINALLY get a Jane FosThor figure and a Sif figure.
    Bonus points for female Loki, another figure I never even thought to want.
    I figured Thor Ragnarok would help us get some much needed Asgardians into the collection.
    Didn’t expect 2017 to be delivering them via Guardians Wave 1 and a huge A-Force set too. ….and a Marvel Select Destroyer…
    My Asgard collection is going to EXPLODE in size by the end of the year.

    Cool to get Monica Rambeau/Spectrum.
    Glad we FINALLY get a new She-Hulk….kinda. except that I can already tell that it’s on a badly engineered body mold. Same one as Valkyrie or Thundra, I think. Frustrating.
    Also, not super happy with how much of a lazy just a repaint it seems to be.
    She-Hulk deserves better.

    Elsa Bloodstone is a character I know nothing about, but she looks cool.

    Spectrum looks AWESOME. If the production figure comes out looking that awesome and vividly vibrant, I will be pleased as hell.

  4. A 6-PACK!! To think the day would arrive where I could once again buy something other than soda in a 6-pack! Smart reuse on the Rouge body mold for Bloodstone. Hate to say that I’m probably gonna pass here, though. I might try to buy She-hulk seperately, but Hasbro’s already spent around $100 in my Summer money… TOO MANY GREAT FIGURES!

  5. The box set looks great. But I have no desire to replace my Blob series She-Hulk. She’s perfect. She-Loki goes to ebay. Same with the 2 I don’t recognize (solid blue character and the one on the left with the rifles.) Lady Sif and Monica Rambeau stay on my shelves.

    Back when they released the Brunnhilde version of Valkyrie (as opposed to the Samantha Parrington version released in a 2 pack with Hulk) I bought a second one and sawed off the neck ball and replaced it with one that would accommodate the Diamond Select Jane Foster head. That’s my Jane Foster. No way I’m supporting the decision to turn her into Thor for the sake of “get rid of all the white male Avengers” PC nonsense.

  6. That’s a weird comparison to make, about DC comics. DC has the LEAST diverse toy lines, especially when it comes to 6″ action figures. I run the toy department at my local Wal-Mart. Most of the time, DC figures will come in with none of the females from the wave in the case. DC is WAY worse about this than Marvel, I don-t ubderstand when people say things like this.

    • I think he just meant ‘crossing over to DC’ to make the Bizarro World reference. Which is to say that everything is backwards! A 6 pack of all women is pretty incredible, and unprecedented in the world of action figures.

  7. FINALLY we’re getting Jane as Thor. Now we just need Marvel Now Iron Man to complete the ANAD Avengers.

    • You mean ANAD Iron Man.
      And yea, he MUST be coming pretty soon.
      I just don’t know what wave he might be in, since there aren’t any apparent Avengers waves coming up…
      Whatever the case, I really really hope they go all-out on attachments, alternate arms, and stuff for that figure.

      I’m still annoyed that they haven’t even done a Superior Iron Man yet….

      We need an Iron Man wave just to catch up.
      – ANAD Iron Man
      – Superior Iron Man
      – Infamous Iron Man
      – Rescue (general release variant) WITH the Pepper Potts head she was supposed to come with
      – Ironheart in her big clunky armor
      – USAvengers Iron Patriot/Toni Ho (Ho Yinsen’s daughter)

  8. Hi Dabid. Can you PLEASE tell the Hasbro guys at Toyfair to include an angry modern Hulk head sculpt with the Marvel Legends 12 Inch Hulk Figure? Also, could you tell them to make a Hulkbuster Iron man in 12 Inches? Thanks bro, I love you! <3 x infinity

  9. I’ve been putting together an exclusive Asgardians Legends collection this year and was planning on making a custom Sif figure. I’m sure glad to know that it will no longer be necessary. Now if we could only get The Warriors Three, Balder, Hiemdall, Karnilla and Skurge..

  10. FINALLY, a Marvel Legends Sif! Took longer than necessary, but I had a feeling we might see her in a 6″ comic version this year with the upcoming release of Thor Ragnarok. Bonus with the Lady Loki figure since I had been considering making my own custom, now I can just wait and work on something else. Also glad to see a new She Hulk, like the Blob series figure other than the head sculpt (repainted a Thundra head and much happier now).