Toy Fair 2017: Netflix Marvel Legends Figures! Daredevil!

It is not an exaggeration to say that fans have been demanding Netflix Marvel Legends figures from Hasbro for nearly two years now. Since the day the first season of Daredevil episodes hit Netflix, fans have been screaming out for super-articulated figures. And this year, Hasbro is finally delivering with not just Daredevil, but a whole series of Marvel Legends Netflix 6″ figures! And while we didn’t see the entire wave today, we did see four of the heavy hitters, including Daredevil, Elektra and The Punisher…

Netflix Marvel Legends Figures Toy Fair 2017 Hasbro

Hasbro dropped the collective jaw of the Marvel Legends collecting community when they teased Marvel Legends Jessica Jones and Punisher figures way, way back at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

It’s been over half a year since we’ve seen those figures or had any other official teases from Hasbro, but they decided to play at least part of their Netflix hand at New York Toy Fair 2017 today!

The four figures shown for the Hasbro Netflix Legends 6″ series of action figures are:

  • Daredevil
  • Elektra
  • Jessica Jones
  • The Punisher

Hasbro Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil FigureWe’re going from zero super-articulated Netflix Daredevil figures to three this year with Hasbro, Mezco and Hot Toys all releasing their own Daredevil action figures!

Daredevil Netflix Marvel Legends 2017 FigureHasbro’s is the only fully-sculpted one of the trio, though, and I think he looks pretty fantastic.

Netflix Elektra Marvel Legends 6" FigureI wasn’t entirely sure if we would see a Marvel Legends Elektra Netflix figure released by Hasbro, but my doubts have been totally dispelled now, haven’t they?

Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra Action Figure New York Toy Fair 2017Hasbro didn’t bring it along to the show, but I heard that Elektra will come with an interchangeable unmasked head, so we can better see the actress’s likeness. Thanks, Hasbro!

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones Figure Toy Fair 2017The last two figures look pretty much the same to me as they did at SDCC 2016 last July: Jessica Jones and The Punisher.

2017 Toy Fair Marvel Legends Netflix Jessica Jones Action FigureJessica Jones has gotten really shafted when it comes to collectibles thus far, so props to Hasbro for developing what looks to be a near-perfect (if not perfect) Marvel Legends Jessica Jones.

New York Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends Punisher FigureMeanwhile, the Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher looks ever so close to a home run to me, with a nice trench coat and a lot of intricate sculpting detail.

Punisher Marvel Legends Netflix Six Inch FigureUnfortunately, this 6″ Punisher Legends figure has the most bored-looking zombie stare I can ever remember seeing on a Frank Castle figure. Hopefully that gets tweaked before production, because otherwise his figure is looking good.

Toy Fair Netflix Marvel Legends Series FiguresThe Hasbro Marvel Legends Netflix Series is scheduled to be released in Fall 2017. It seems logical that Luke Cage and Iron Fist would be in this wave as well, but if they are, we sure haven’t seen them yet. I’ll post an update to the Marvel Toy News Twitter and Facebook Page when more details about this wave are available.

Now that we finally know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re coming–and loosely when–what do you think of the Hasbro Netflix Marvel 6″ figures? Are there any must-haves for you in this series, or are you sticking to comic and/or movie characters?


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    • That’d be logical if he were like in the comics but he can’t be as massive if based in the MCU. Fisk was my guess at first too, but thinking about it further, there hasn’t been any character that i remember as massive to be worthy of a build a figure in the Netflix side of the MCU.

      • If this is a whole wave of Netflux figures, I guess Fisk/Kingpin would be the BAF?
        With Mantis as the BAF for the Guardians Of The Galaxy Wave 2, that’s a pretty solid indication that size isn’t an absolute factor…. Kingpin would be big enough, I guess.

        But yea, honestly, if this is an entire wave of MCU Netflix figures, I have no idea what to expect.

        Luke Cage and Iron Fist, one might assume, but it’s looking like those shows are both too new for Hasbro to have their figures ready. …especially since Iron Fist isn’t even out yet.

        Trish Walker is one I’d love to have, but seems unlikely.

        Nobu in his full ninja gear would be awesome.

        And….uh…..Kilgrave obviously would be kinda cool, except he’d GENUINELY just be David Tenant in a suit.

        Maybe a homemade black prototype Daredevil suit figure? That would be AWESOME.


        Or do they maybe fill out the wave with 616 figures?

        Maybe we FINALLY get a 616 Luke Cage? THAT would be awesome.

        616 Jewel/Jessica Jones? I keep hoping for that, but it seems unlikely.

        Maybe a black armored 616 Daredevil?

        Surely not ANOTHER 616 Iron Fist.

        616 Coleen Wing, to go with the 616 Misty Knight we already have?


        Or maybe….an excuse to do some REAL Defenders figures?

        Classic Valkyrie? Fuzzy boots modern Valkyrie? Ultimate Valkyrie (All three are waaaaay better designs than whatever it is that the Hulkbuster wave Valkyrie is supposed to be.)

        A much needed new Silver Surfer?

        A much needed remake of classic 616 Doctor Strange?


        Honestly, I’m intrigued.
        I have no idea where this wave might go beyond these first 4 figures…

        • If we’re going by the rumored lineup for this Netflix wave (which has already been proven partly true, as aside from the already revealed JJ and Punisher, it listed Daredevil and Elektra, and those have now been revealed, plus the fact that that rumored lineup for the Netflix wave was part of the same rumor/leak for the lineup of the second Guardians wave, which has been proven to be entirely true), then the last two figures will be (presumably comics-based) Blade and Bullseye.

          • That’s……weird. Random.
            I mean, I GUESS I need a Blade and Bullseye, even though I actually have no real interest in them….

            But that’s still only 6 characters. They’ve been tending toward 7 figures per wave. And that still doesn’t answer who the BAF might be.

  1. This wave will only focus on the first 3 series of the Knight line and Hasbro should release a second wave based on the next 3 series (Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders) in 2018 according to some fans and leaks.

  2. I suspect they’re holding off on Luke Cage and Iron Fist until they unveil Iron Fist’s costume. It sounds like they’re doing the same thing as Daredevil Season 1 where he doesn’t get the suit until the end of the season.

  3. I read somewhere the BAF wasn’t Kingpin but I have no idea if they’re just trying to keep it a secret.

  4. I’m all in for that DareDevil figure. The Punisher looks good too and I agree the face needs a little more… emotion. Looking forward to the Luke Cage also if that’s up next. Let’s hope so.

  5. lets see… so we are missing Luke Cage, Iron fist… Fisk… Would Colleen Wing and Misty Knight be too much of a stress? Or Patsy? Maybe whoever Sigourney Weaver is playing in Defenders as a BAF? I’d actually love a Night Nurse too… Or maybe they could stick some SHIELD folk in there? Quake and Ghost Rider?

  6. Love the Daredevil, my most wanted Legend right now. Iron Fist I understand leaving out at this point, but Luke Cage needs to be made. He was on screen long before the Punisher, and stars in his own show.

  7. I’m definitely going to buy Daredevil, it seems to be perfect for me, but maybe they should change the gloves (Which in the photo seem to be very bland, maybe because they are just prototype, hopefully) and the helmet. They look really cool for me, but they clearly are part of the first red suit that the production wanted to change since the beginning (The crack on the first helmet wasn’t for purely story reasons). I think that change on the figure wouldn’t only be good for accuracy but the second helmet I think makes it look more like Daredevil (The fist one giving me a Batman vibe), it is more neutral and the eyes stand out more, making it more unsettling and maybe more devilish as a whole.

  8. I like the Punisher but I do agree with the article on the face, in my mind Frank Castle is a man of action, maybe a super determined serious face or a yelling angry face could do a better job. But one must also must recognize that the Punisher is a deeply disturbed individual so the current face could definitely do the job (Just imagine that remorseless face starring at you in the middle of one of his rampages). I would accept it if it comes with more than one head.

  9. Lastly: Luke Cage: PLEASE, Jessica Jones: amazing face sculpt (for a six inch figure), Elektra seems to have a too simple and non-iconic design for it to award a figure, i would prefer Stick, Killgrave, Claire or Misty Knight (Man, she’d definitely be here if she had lost her arm in order to get it replaced by a Stark prosthetic, it ain’t crazy to believe that Stark Industries would do something like this with the NYCP in order to get good PR in NY). But maybe my complains are due to me preferring Karen Page over a psycho, rich manipulator, killer. I don’t dislike her, get where she’s coming from, but yesus…

    • Bit unrelated to the figure reveals, but I just need a place to discuss this: I was kinda surprised when Misty got shot in the arm, they put all this focus on how she might lose her arm, and then… it gets fixed. She keeps her arm (for now; obviously, she’ll probably EVENTUALLY get a prostethic arm). Why would they put so much focus on her possibly losing her arm if they’re not actually going to do that yet?

    • It’s weird, I hate the season 1 helmet in the show, but on this figure it actually works super well….
      It’d be awesome to get a cracked helmet and a season 2 helmet, but I’m actually not going to be super disappointed if it’s just this one.

      • It’s because in the show, the season 1 helmet’s forehead was colored darker (nearly black), while on the figure, the entire helmet is red, like the season 2 helmet.

  10. Love Jessica Jones, and her figure looks 90% perfect. Maybe a slightly big head?

    Daredevil looks basically completely perfect, and awesome as hell.

    Elektra looks….fine. Kinda a boring costume, and a good enough action figure of it. *shrug*

    Punisher looks good. Finally a Punisher I want to actually own.
    I don’t like the Jim Lee Punisher design at all, and all the older figures are terrible, so this is FINALLY a Punisher that earns a spot on the shelf.

    Really love that we’re finally getting these guys.

    Now I hope they a way to snaek out figures for some of the characters from Agent Carter and the Agents of SHIELD. Whether the MCU versions themselves or their much needed 616 counterparts.
    Agent Carter, Dum Dum Dugan, Howard Stark, Jarvis, Dottie Undetwood, Whitney Frost, Daisy Johnson/Quake(MCU or 616. Doesn’t matter.), 616 Reyes Ghost Rider, Fitz with his hologram monkey and Simmons, Mac with his shotgun-axe, Hive, Deathlok, Mockingbird….
    Lots of cool characters I’d hate to never get figures of.

  11. I typically don’t buy Movie figures, heck I typically avoid the more “super” heroes preferring street level types, aside from Spiderman who will always be a street level character no matter how Avenger-y he is, but this Wave of Netflix figures is a must (I guess I’ll need a movie Spiderman as well for my own preference). Hopefully Iron Fist and Luke Cage are in queu, I doubt they’ll be with this Wave just because of how much original scupting has already been cast into this Wave. For the first time in my life I’ll probably just preorder the entire Wave when it’s available.

  12. Id like to see Purple Man in that wave, they have to add villains, makes sense to put in in the for Jessica Jones. Just give him an alternate Tennant head and hands.