Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure Review & Photos

I’ve been getting sidetracked with convention coverage and Thor Ragnarok merch for the past few months, but finally it’s time to take a look at one of the most anticipated waves of 6” Hasbro figures of the year: the Marvel Knights Legends Man-Thing Series (AKA Marvel Legends Netflix Series)! And there’s really no way I could kick off the reviews without a review of the headliner himself, right? The Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil figure is on sale for 15 bucks right now, but he’s well worth regular price…

2017 Marvel Legends Daredevil Netflix Figure ReviewThe Right:

Upon release in April 2015, the Daredevil Netflix series became an instant blockbuster success that made DD a favorite superhero of more people than ever before.

Old and new fans of Hornhead began demanding toys based off of the series, but with 12-24 months being a typical development time for action figures, collectors had a bit of a wait in front of them. After two-plus years of waiting, though, the first-ever Marvel Legends Netflix  action figures arrived this summer!

Were they worth the wait? Well—Daredevil sure is.

Back of Box ML Daredevil Knights FigureFull disclosure: I don’t love the Netflix shows nearly as much as some people do, as they’re a bit darker and more violent than my preference. That said, I do love toys, and thus I’ve been looking forward to this figure of MCU Daredevil more than I do actually seeing him in new episodes on-screen.

Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure PackagedAs is necessitated by the fact that this is a live-action character, the 6” Marvel Legends Daredevi Netflix figure is a 100% new sculpt with little or no tooling that looks like it can be appropriated later for another character. Fully-tooling unique figures isn’t cheap, but that was the only way to go in making an authentic TV Daredevil action figure. Good job, Hasbro.

Hasbro Netflix Daredevil 6" Figure Back Close-UpThere are literally thousands of little sculpting details on Daredevil’s costume, with the rich texture making it stand clearly apart from any of the comic-based figures. The smoothness of the boots and gloves contrasts nicely with the high amount of texturing on the rest of the figure.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure ReviewThe proportions on the figure look equally great to me. Realistic figures of live-action characters have much less leeway with proportions than comic book-styled ones do, but everything looks authentic and natural on Daredevil.

Netflix Daredevil Batons in Sheath Marvel LegendsThe batons are slightly rubbery, but have paint deco on them that makes them look worlds better than the horrible white batons the comic-based Daredevil 6” figure from 2015 had. I don’t love that the “stub” for connecting them sticks out on the thigh sheath, but they do fit snugly into it at least.

Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil ReviewAlso, I’m immensely grateful for the option of having one or both hands as fists. It would have been easy for Hasbro to just give us the baton-holding hands, but this version of DD really needs to be able to punch something, and I’m glad that he can.

Marvel Knights Legends Daredevil Action FigureFinally, articulation: this is a Marvel Legends figure, and that means the articulation is the usual level of outstanding. For a 6” figure with a unique sculpt at this price, the amount of articulation is exceptional.

Hasbro Netflix Daredevil 6 Inch Figure CrouchingWhile I think it would be too expensive and/or difficult to implement the newer butterfly-styled shoulder joints with this costume, everything else you’d expect is present: ball-hinge head (with a great range of motion); ball-hinge shoulders and wrists; ab crunch; swivel waist/thighs/biceps; double-hinged knees and elbows; and ball-hinge feet with ankle rockers.

Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure and AccessoriesWhile there’s no unmasked Charlie Cox head for this figure (that might be a bit much to ask for considering this was likely a very expensive unique mold to produce as it is), we do get a fair amount of accessories with ML Daredevil: two batons that can interlock and two pairs of interchangeable hands (fists and grasping hands). (And oh yeah–the severed head of Man-Thing Build-A-Figure.)

Close-Up of Netflix Daredevil Head Sculpt Charlie CoxThe Wrong:

One of the advantages of reviewing this figure a wee bit late (okay, a lot bit late) is that I can hear other peoples’ criticisms before writing my own review.

In this case, I’ve heard two primary complaints about the Netflix Daredevil Marvel Legends figure: the Charlie Cox likeness and the glossy paint used for the skin. As it turns out, though, I’m not entirely put off by either of those aspects of the figure.

Since only the lower face of the figure isn’t covered by a mask, the only “Charlie Cox” would could see to begin with is the mouth and jaw. While the jaw may be a tad too broad, the mouth looks right on to official photography from the show.

Netflix Daredevil Marvel Legends Figure ReviewAnd honestly, when the figure isn’t pressed right up to my face, I don’t particularly notice that the jaw isn’t perfect either. In this instance, the actor likeness being slightly off is way less noticeable than what we’ve seen on many MCU figures in the past.

Daredevil Netflix Legends 6" Figure with FistsLikewise, while the glossy skin-colored paint is really problematic on some figures, I don’t figure it to be a particular issue here. With the stubble deco tempering the appearance, I didn’t really even notice the glossy paint here until it was explicitly brought up to me. In my eyes, it’s a non-issue.

Back of Netflix Daredevil Hasbro Marvel Legends FigureSo what don’t I like about this figure? Not much. The ab crunch on mine is loosey-goosey like a bobblehead, there’s some minor paint bleed in a few places on the figure, and the non-removable attachment stub on one of the batons bugs me. By and large, though, this is a winner.

Netflix Marvel Legends Daredevil Six Inch Figure ReviewOverall: While I’ve heard a fair number of nitpicks about this figure, I really think Hasbro brought their ‘A’-game (though maybe not their ‘A+’-game) for this Netflix Daredevil figure. The sculpting detail on the costume is phenomenal, and short of having butterfly shoulders, the articulation is perfection. The unmasked lower face doesn’t look exactly like Charlie Cox with a magnifying glass, but from a foot or so away, it might as well be. For a super-articulated Daredevil Netflix figure that you can get for under 16 bucks shipped, this is pretty brilliant.



Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure Review & Photos — 7 Comments

  1. As far as I can tell, I should love this figure. The sculpting is phenomenal, the paint is great, the accessories are great, the articulation is great in terms of range and points, and I love the Netflix Daredevil design, even though this isn’t my favorite of his helmets (his season 2 helmet is better).
    But something about this figure is just….off. And I just can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.

    I’m an artist.
    I’ve drawn tons of nude people doing weird poses for me, and designed characters, and sculpted statues, and done some in 3D modeling, and 3D animation…and of course I’ve posed hundreds of action figures.
    I have a real knack for posing action figures in a super natural looking way, as if they were frozen in time, not just action figures.
    I have an extremely fine-tuned eye for spotting natural poses vs stilted awkward unnatural poses.

    For this Daredevil figure, I for some reason can’t make him look natural.
    There are a tiny tiny handful of poses where this Daredevil figure actually looks natural……but in most poses it just looks wrong, and I can’t figure out why.
    Something about the proportions or the articulation… I don’t know.
    I can’t figure out what it is.
    It pretty much HAS TO be a flaw in the articulation, because in a neutral pose he looks great, and then a specific couple other poses he looks great. So it has to be something to do with how he moves into every other pose that makes him look wrong.
    It’s something obscure enough that I can’t put my finger on it, but I can’t help but notice it clear as day. It drives me nuts.
    It’s an Uncanny Valley issue, where my human brain looks at this thing, and on some deep instinctive level it senses that something is subtly wrong, so it screams “IMPOSTOR!” at me.

    It’s weird.
    I just want to understand.

    But yeah, other than whatever the hell is nagging me, it’s a phenomenal figure.
    Easily the second best figure in the wave, behind Jessica Jones.

    • Must be the knees and groin area that look a bit odd when in certain poses, maybe the proportions are off or it’s due to the “painted” costume rather than some type of material outfit to hide those areas from looking odd. Great looking figure in the box though! I love all the texturing and colors.

    • This figure definitely does have some kind of issue with the proportions. Compared to those of the Marvel Select one, which admittedly is perhaps a little too thin, the Legends figure just looks…stumpy. It’s like they are completely different guys wearing the same suit!

  2. My problem with Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Daredevil is the same problem I have with Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman.

    They’re both men playing comic book characters who are supposed to have two Ds on their chest and they just don’t.

    *mic drop*