Marvel Legends Netflix Series Up for Order & Ragnarok Case Ratios!

UPDATE 7/10/2017: We’ve been hearing about an August 1st order date for the Marvel Legends Netflix Series since last month, but it looks like that’s no longer true! Cases of the Marvel Knights Legends Man-Thing Series are now up for order online, with the case assortment confirmed that I reported in this article over the weekend!

Now that most collectors have managed to complete their Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figure collections, it’s time for a nice respite for all our wallets, right…? Wrong! The Marvel Legends Netflix and Thor Ragnarok series go up for sale online August 1st, and while we’ve got to wait a bit longer to order them, reports have begun to come in revealing the case ratios for each wave…

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Series Case Ratios

The confirmed case assortment for the Thor Ragnarok Legends has only been circulating for a couple days, but I’ve already heard quite a few grumbles about these ratios. That said, I think Hasbro picked what’s probably the best possible figures to double-pack in this case:

  • (2) Ragnarok Thor Movie Figure
  • (2) Ragnarok Loki Movie Figure
  • (1) Lady Thor Jane Foster
  • (1) Ares
  • (1) Odinson [Young Thor]
  • (1) Ragnarok Hela Movie Figure

Hasbro Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Thor PackagedThe two figures coming at two-per-case are the new movie version figures of Gladiator Thor and Loki. While Thor’s sales traditionally haven’t set the world on fire, this is his series and pretty much everybody is gonna want this Gladiator Thor to match up against the Gladiator Thor Build-A-Figure.

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Loki Figure PackagedMeanwhile, Tom Hiddleston Loki is the most popular MCU villain by a huge margin. Tom Hiddleston has a humongous fan base, and the last time a movie Loki 6″ figure was available as a non-exclusive was never, so I think making double the amount of movie Loki as the comic-based characters is unquestionably the right move.

Marvel Legends Hela Figure PackagedAres and Young Thor (Odinson) are both comic-based characters that aren’t exactly mainstream (although I love me some Ares in Marvel Puzzle Quest), so single-packing them was the right call. Hela will be slightly more controversial, but ultimately she’s a one-movie villain placed up against Loki’s star power, so she was always going to be shortpacked.

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Jane Foster Thor FigureThe one figure that I’m ever-so-slightly disappointed about seeing at just one-per-case is Jane Foster Thor, as  Lady Thor is a major character that 6″ fans have been demanding for several years now. Hopefully Hasbro makes solid cases of the female Thor available to online retailers so there’s no big problems with securing one.

Marvel legends Netflix Series Case RatiosOver on the Netflix Marvel Legends front, the Marvel Knights Legends case ratios are exactly what pretty much everyone expected:

  • (2) Daredevil [Netflix]
  • (2) Punisher [Netflix]
  • (1) Jessica Jones [Netflix]
  • (1) Elektra [Netflix]
  • (1) Bullseye [Comics-Based]
  • (1) Blade [Comics-Based]

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones Figure Packaged

Shortpacking Jessica Jones might be a teeny bit controversial (what with her having her own TV series and all), but I don’t think there’s any question that she’s simply not as popular as The Punisher by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m ecstatic to be getting a super-articulated Jessica Jones at all, to be honest. Civilian attire characters typically don’t sell all that well, which is likely why the largest Man-Thing Build-A-Figure piece (the torso) comes with Jessica Jones.

Netflix Elektra is a supporting character and Blade/Bullseye are comic-based, so I anticipate no drama or surprise backlash regarding their status of being shortpacked.

Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure PackagedAs of now, online stores are scheduled to open ordering for both the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok and Netflix Marvel Knights series on August 1st, 2017. This is also the expected release date/on-shelf date for these figures, which means we could see some retailers begin taking orders prior to August if Hasbro gives them the go-ahead (which isn’t impossible, as it has happened in the past).

What are your thoughts on these case assortments, Marvel collectors? Did Hasbro give us the perfect ratios given six characters in an eight-figure case, or are you concerned about some of these figures vanishing instantly from the shelves (or remaining on them forever)?


Marvel Legends Netflix Series Up for Order & Ragnarok Case Ratios! — 21 Comments

  1. I just wish they would break these up. One in a week and one on August 1st. Fingers crossed Amazon jumps the gun.

  2. There are reports that Thor wave has been spotted in Cali today.

  3. I managed to pre-order both waves and only had to order the 6 figures so I am happy.

  4. Entertainment Earth has them up for pre order. Just the Netflix series as far as i can tell. So does Big Bad Toy Store.

    Luckily there was a seller on eBay last week selling the whole set pretty reasonably. I only picked up bullseye for $25. Also had Dardevil and Punisher for $25 but i passed on them. They are double packed so hopefully they will be easier to find for $19.99 in stores.

    • Thank you Eric; I went to a Game Stop in Daly City, and picked up who I wanted.

  5. I got shipping confirmations yesterday for Marvel Knights wave and the Ego/Star Lord 2 pack! That was really fast!

  6. I was able to pick up the whole Netflix set at the local ThinkGeek yesterday. Unusual situation where I didn’t want the BAF particularly, but every character was a must-get for me. And they did a phenomenal job on this lineup. JJ and Punisher likenesses are uncanny.

    • The rest are available in the whole cases and full sets only, since only Daredevil and Punisher are packed at two-per-case.

  7. Jessica Jones is a FANTASTIC figure.
    The Punisher is pretty lame.

    I’m not just saying that.
    I own them both. I have that whole wave, aside from Blade.

    1. Jessica Jones
    2. Daredevil
    3. Elektra
    4. Bullseye
    5. Punisher

    That’s judging the figures themselves.

    In terms of accessories, Bullseye wins, followed by Daredevil and Elektra, then Punisher, and Jessica Jones has none.

    (Blade, I dunno yet, obviously, since he’s the only one I can’t find yet.)

    I’m serious though. Punisher is disappointing. He’s just a dude in a black coat with a skull painted on and a couple random generic guns.
    No knives, no minigun from the commercials, no giant sniper rifle from the finale, no shotgun, NO SHEATHS FOR HIS WEAPONS…..
    He is literally the most generic and boring Marvel Legends figure I own, and I own HUNDREDS.
    Even Coulson, in his suit and tie, at least had two interchangeable Clark Gregg heads, one with sunglasses, and THE DESTROYER GUN.
    Also, while his joints aren’t LOOSE, they’re not tight either. They’re very weird. It’s almost like he’s not a Marvel Legends figure.

    And that might sound crazy, since I say Jessica Jones is great.
    But that’s the thing, Punisher looks like A DUDE in a black coat, not Jon Bernthal as the Punisher. It looks KINDA like Jon Bernthal, but he doesn’t have enough guns or armor, or knives, or grenades, or holsters, or sheaths, or enough BIG guns to make him look like the Punisher either.
    Aside from the head and the skull symbol, he’s pretty much just a bunch of black plastic. No zippers, buttons, buckles, or anything picked out in different colors. Just….black.

    Jessica Jones, meanwhile, looks AMAZINGLY like Kristen Ritter’s Jessica Jones (moreso than she does in the product photos even). She has her black leather jacket, her gloved fists, and that’s pretty much all Jessica Jones needs. Her jeans and zippers are very well painted and really bring the figure to life.
    If I had two accessory requests for JJ, it’d be her scarf and a gripping hand with a whiskey bottle.
    For Punisher, I want his minigun (which we only see in the trailer), his sniper rifle, and maybe a duffel bag. THEN he’d feel like the Punisher.

    I’m going to have to buy a Jim Lee Punisher now just to upgrade THIS Punisher.

    • It’s REALLY hard to say why Daredevil isn’t the best figure in the wave.
      He’s SUPER detailed and REALLY good, and well painted, and has AWESOME articulation (hid that shin swivel sight above the ankle rocker), and his new batons are GREAT and fit perfectly into his holster…….
      ……but something about him is slightly off…..
      It’s REALLY hard to get him into dynamic, natural looking poses, for some reason.
      You can easily PUT HIM IN all the standard range of Marvel Legends poses, but they rarely look dynamic and natural, for whatever reason. I just don’t know why that is….

    • Elektra is really simple, but also surprisingly great.
      Her legs have a fantastic range of motion, both of her headsculpts are fantastic, and her sais and special sai-holding hand are great.
      But she has a very basic design…..and she suffers from Marvel Legends’ freaky Female Neck Gap Syndrome. And for her it’s EXTRA bad, since she has her hair up in a ponytail where it can’t hide the gap.

    • Bullseye is…..fine.
      Both heads are good. The pistol is fine. The knife is fine. The overall figure is good.

      The throwing knives hand tho….. It’s just wrong.
      Someone needs to teach Hasbro how throwing things works.
      This is certainly better than the Captain America shield throw effect, but is still all wrong.

      If the knife throw was done correctly, this figure would be really cool.