Hasbro Marvel Brand Team Google Hangout Notes & Photos!

Earlier today, the Hasbro Marvel Brand Team held their inaugural Google+ Hangout session, and I had the extreme honor of being invited. Fanboy that I am, I spent basically the entire chat scribbling notes like a madman and taking as many screenshots as I could so that I could relate back as much of the news, commentary and photos as possible to the other crazed Marvel collectors who couldn’t attend the hangout… including news on a just-revealed Marvel Legends Executioner and Enchantress two-pack!

Marvel Knights Legends Packaging Back Man-Thing Parts Breakdown

Although we weren’t permitted to record the chat or take any video of the call, Hasbro did allow attendees of the first Marvel Brand Team Google Hangout to take screenshots and notes to their hearts’ content to share with the world. And me being the king-sized dork that I am, I pretty much jotted down every word that they said while taking screenshots religiously.

It was a fast-paced presentation, but here are my bullet-points on the highlights of what was said (with more detail on the Thor Ragnarok portion of the chat specifically included in my earlier post about that series).

Marvel Legends Bullseye Figure Unmasked ScreenshotOn the Marvel Knights Legends Series:

  • Blade is not the figure shown in 2012, as the prototype was based on an old and outdated body mold
  • The Toybiz Bullseye is considered one of the best figures of their era, which is why Hasbro has taken so long to revisit Bullseye
  • Bullseye features shoulder rockers and a finger-pointing hand; amazing tongue and teeth detail on unmasked head
  • Scarification Bullseye mark on forehead of unmasked head

Marvel Legends Man-Thing Build-A-Figure Close-Up HasbroOn Marvel Legends Man-Thing:

  • Man-Thing Build-A-Figure features an insane amount of muck and mire; one of Hasbro’s most-detailed figures ever
  • Much more massive than the original Toybiz Man-Thing
  • PVC “skin” over upper torso for additional detailing
  • Range of motion allows bending forward for trademark “lurch” pose
  • Other characters such as Kingpin and Ghost Rider with Motorcycle were considered for the Marvel Knights Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure

Marvel Legends Executioner and Enchantress Two-Pack RevealedOn the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Series:

  • A new 3.75″ two-pack of Enchantress (redone and improved) and the Executioner figure that was delayed from several years ago will be included as part of the Thor Ragnarok movie toys rollout
  • Thor 3 Movie figures will be revealed soon; won’t confirm Build-A-Figure or number of figures in the series today
  • Jarnbjorn Axe is much larger and more accurate with the new Young Thor figure than the original Jarnbjorn released

Marvel Legends 2017 Ares Figure ScreenshotAres is not a Build-A-Figure this time out; features updated paint deco and build

Marvel Legends Jane Foster Thor Screenshot Hasbro Google HangoutLady Thor Jane Foster features a hammered steel pattern on her chest plate

Marvel Legends Young Thor Figure with Jarnbjorn Axe Screenshot

On the SDCC 2017 Exclusives:

  • The artwork for the SDCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Legends box set is by Tyler Jacobson, who does a lot of the artwork for Magic: The Gathering.
  • The symbol artwork above each of the chambers in the Thor set corresponds to the character in each chamber
  • The Ulik Build-A-Figure is a similarly massive size to the Terrax BAF that was released back in 2012
  • This year’s 6″ box set is much more compact and easy to carry than last year’s The Raft set, so you can carry two–one under each arm!
  • The box for the 12″ Daredevil is phenomenal and features Joe Quesada artwork–there are also two thick cardboard prints of the art inside the packaging
  • 12″ Daredevil was designed designed specifically for the Comic Con audience specifically, and will only be available at SDCC this year, but it’s not impossible he may be available at retail in future years

Hasbro Marvel Legends Man-Thing BAF ScreenshotVarious Q&A Topics:

  • Agents of SHIELD and Inhumans TV toys are “possible”–not locked out from being created if the fan support is there
  • Some adjustments to female arm articulation for some upcoming figures–Jane Foster Thor has a swivel biceps
  • The Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite two-pack is confirmed as 3.75″
  • Despite being 3.75″, Mega Man X “has it all” when it comes to articulation–and also has an awesome plugin Mega Buster accessory
  • Hasbro takes QC very seriously and is always trying to improve products and avoid breakage of figures
  • Thor Ragnarok Legends and Marvel Knights Legends figures will be on-shelf on August 1st, 2017

If anyone has any questions or needs clarification on anything from the above notes, please leave a reply and let me know. And huge thanks to Hasbro for holding this great event and inviting me to it!


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    • No–they only mentioned that specific pack because someone brought it up during the Q&A. I would be surprised if there’s only one pack.

  1. Yes! I’m the one who asked one of the guys to ask about Inhumans and shield figures!

    • Information coming soon on MvC. They only touched on it very briefly during the Q&A.

    • There is none, unless it’s so secret that Hasbro isn’t telling anyone about it…

    • The 3.75″ Executioner is based off the prototype they showed and then cancelled in 2011-2012. If it does well, I imagine a 6″ version won’t be far behind…

  2. By only at SDCC, do they mean only at SDCC full stop? Because, traditionally, ALL SDCC exclusives make their way to Toronto Comiccon up north in September. I don’t know why, but they always do.

    And would the AoS/Inhumans rule also include Agent Carter? Because I would love a Hayley Atwell Peggy, especially in the blue suit and red fedora from her gone-too-soon series.

    Also, any hope for an Elektra wearing her final Netflix costume? Because she looked badass.

  3. Does Bulls-eye have “butterfly joints” (what you referred to as “shoulder rockers”). And is “shoulder rockers” Hasbro’s term for “butterfly joints” (the horizontal swivel action that allows arms to fold toward the chest more than normal ball joint shoulder articulation)

  4. Yes!! Agents of shield TV figures please!!! Please!!?
    Also, if you would give us a new doc ock, civilian Gwen and peter, and maybe a 90’s cartoon Mary Jane Watson.
    Hasbro you’ve been killing it, but these are things I’m sure not only I want!

  5. Yes please!! I really want agents of shield figures, doc ock, civilian peter and Gwen, and a 90’s animated series Mary Jane Watson, Hasbro you’ve been killing it, hopefully you can keep it up, maybe produce some of these?? Please and thank you

  6. These Marvel Knights figures were my most anticipated set. So many possibilities. Midnight Sons, Lilith, The Hood, Kingpin, Mephisto, all street level and dark characters are on the table

  7. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel Legends, please! And more Marvel Knights street-level figures, too — I need a Colleen Wing to flank my Misty Knight figure.