Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Ares Figure Revealed & More!

Not only will Thor be getting his third movie later this year, but before “Thor Ragnarok” hits theaters, the first-ever Thor Marvel Legends series will be hitting stores August 1st 2017! And while the movie figures are still under wraps for the moment, the comic-based figures are not–including a mass release Jane Foster Thor and an updated Marvel Legends Ares figure that’s not a Build-A-Figure!

2017 Marvel Legends Ares Figure Thor Ragnarok Series

I had the honor of attending a Google+ Hangout with the Hasbro Marvel Team this afternoon, where I got the low-down on all kinds of juicy details regarding the first three figures officially revealed for the Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends series that’s hitting stores in August.

For many fans, the headliner of this set will be an updated Ares Marvel Legends figure, which updates the astronomically-expensive Ares BAF from 2010-2011.

The figure features a slightly different build than the original with modern leg articulation (with ankle rockers–yesssss!), as well as glowing blue eyes, a starker contrast in the colors of his costume, and a new double-bladed axe accessory. Ares’ dagger and longsword from the original figure will also be included with this new version.

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Odinson FigureShipping alongside Thor is a figure that threw me for a loop somewhat–Marvel Legends Young Thor! This figure will complete the trio of King Thor, Modern Thor and Young Thor from the classic Jason Aaron God-Butcher story arc.

SDCC 2017 Hasbro Marvel Legends Odinson Thor Figure ExclusiveAs you may have noticed instantly (and what totally blew my mind), is that this figure is immensely different from the SDCC 2017 Odinson figure, which has the Destroyer Arm and Bearded Thor head. Looks like those collectors wanting their own Marvel Legends Odinson figure will have to snap up that Comic-Con set this summer or live without!

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Jane Foster Thor FigureThe final Thor Legends figure talked about by Hasbro today was actually one we first saw at Toy Fair–Marvel Legends Jane Foster Thor. This Lady Thor differs from the SDCC Exclusive version in that the Comic-Con Lady Thor figure includes an energized Mjolnir hammer and features a brighter cape and darker skirt than the mass retail version.

I had the opportunity to ask about the potential for improved arm articulation for female figures during the Q&A with Hasbro, where they revealed that this figure will feature swivel biceps that we don’t usually see on female Legends. Thanks, Hasbro!

The Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok series of figures should be up for order soon, and is scheduled to be released on August 1st, 2017. I’ll send out pre-order links just as soon as stores begin taking orders for the figures, so be sure to follow the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages for the speediest updates.

Now that we’ve seen half of the wave revealed, how do you feel about the first-ever Marvel Legends Thor series? What movie characters do you hope round out the wave, and will you be planning to pick up the SDCC set for the Odinson and Jane Foster figure variants?


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  1. I am very excited for the Ares figure. However, as I will be buying the Sdcc box set, I wish they wouldn’t have had another lady thor and odinson. Instead I wish they would have done Kurse to go with Malekith and that Minataur guy who fought Malekith.

  2. So if this is all they’re showing off, is it safe to assume the rest of the wave (Thor, Hela, ect.) will be from the movie?

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