Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Figures Series Up for Order!

UPDATE 7/25/2017: Looks like the anticipated August 1st 2017 pre-order date has come early, because cases of the Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Series is now up for order online with free shipping! Cases contain Gladiator Thor, Hela, Loki, Ares, Jane Foster Thor, Young Thor and the greatly-anticipated Gladiator Hulk Build-A-Figure!

ORIGINAL: This morning, the biggest pre-SDCC 2017 Hasbro news of the summer broke when the half-dozen Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends movie figures were revealed: two Thors, Hela, Loki, Valkyrie and Gladiator Hulk. But while we got our first glimpse of the figures earlier today, now we’ve got a much better look: Hasbro has now sent out gorgeous, humongous hi-res loose and packaged photos of the entire wave!

Hasbro Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Thor Packaged

While none of the characters chosen from Thor 3 for the 6″ Legends figure treatment are terribly surprising (they’re all main characters from the movie featured prominently in the trailer, after all), that doesn’t mean that they’re not pretty thrilling despite being expected!

Let’s take a hi-res look at the figures that will make up the Thor Ragnarok movie figures wave…

As this movie has his name in the title, it’s not exactly a plot twist that we’re getting two new versions of Thor himself.

Gladiator Thor Marvel Legends Figure Six InchThe single-packed Gladiator Thor Marvel Legends looks hugely different from any ML action figure of the character that we’ve gotten before, and I dig his tattooed face, dual blue-bladed swords and helmet.

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Valkyrie Two-Pack PackagedBut because not everyone is going to want such a non-standard version of the God of Thunder, Hasbro wisely has a non-helmeted, non-tattooed variant with a big sword slotted in as an exclusive release at Target in a two-pack this fall.

The other figure in the Target exclusive two-pack will be one of the new-to-the-MCU characters debuting in the movie: Valkyrie.

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Valkyrie and Thor Exclusive SetWe got a comics-based Marvel Legends Valkyrie figure way back in the Hulkbuster series in 2017, but this figure is aesthetically different in basically every way from that Valkyrie. I can definitely see Valkyrie being a breakout character in this movie, so I’m psyched we won’t have to wait long for a ML figure of her.

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Loki Figure PackagedTwo characters who don’t typically get mass-market releases will also be appearing as single-packed 6″ movie figures for the first time: Loki and Hela.

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Loki with Helmet OffI don’t love the new Ragnarok Loki costume nearly as much as his costumes from his appearances in the Thor movies and the first Avengers, but the new Loki action figure itself really looks fantastic.

Loki Thor 3 Hasbro Marvel Legends FigureThe removable crown/helmet for Loki is a terrific inclusion by Hasbro, and one that very likely will make many collectors buy multiple Loki figures to display him both ways.

Marvel Legends Hela Figure PackagedMarvel Legends Hela is the last single-packed figure in the wave. We got a comic book-based Hela action figure as a SDCC 2015 exclusive two years ago, but this new version is quite different-looking. Love that crazy-evil Cate Blanchett head!

Thor Ragnarok Hela Marvel Legends Figure Unmasked HeadI’ve already heard many collectors complaining about a previous SDCC exclusive character like Hela getting a mass release here, but seriously–she’s the primary antagonist of this movie, and she needed to be readily available for the 99% of collectors out there who couldn’t get her in the Book of Vishanti set in 2015.

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Hulk Build-A-Figure

The sixth and final figure from the movie is, of course, the Gladiator Hulk Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure. He’s huge, he’s detailed, he’s got two humongous and intimidating weapons and a removable helmet.

Other than perhaps a more enraged yelling head instead of the grumpy-looking scowl expression on this figure, I can’t think of a thing I would have wanted Hasbro to do differently here. Gladiator Hulk looks tremendous and is going to sell for crazy money on the aftermarket when this wave hits.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Build-A-FigureThe Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Series should be up for sale online soon, as we were previously told the expected on-shelf date for the wave was August 1st 2017. I’ll send out alerts via our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook when this series goes up for pre-order online, which will hopefully be within the next few days.

With glorious hi-res images to base your choices on, which Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok movie figures are you planning on picking up, Marvel collectors? Are Hasbro’s choices and the action figures themselves all you hoped they’d be, or do you think the mark was missed somehow with this series?


Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Figures Series Up for Order! — 25 Comments

    • Same here. I already own the SDCC Hela, but have no problem adding the movie version to my collection. Outside the Hulk BAF it’s the best looking figure from this batch.

  1. You know what I really want?
    A Surtur BAF.
    But he’d be so insanely huge that even the old ToyBiz BAFs would be too small.
    Guess we’ll never get a Surtur figure….

  2. I am bummed that there is not an Executioner to go with previous Enchantress! Hela and Ares is it for me. May go with Loki but skeptical.

  3. So far this wave looks incredible. Definitely getting Hela, Thor and Valkyrie. My only problem is with Valkyrie being in a two-pack, since I don’t need two Thors.

    The only figures I’m eh on are Loki (I like the Avengers Loki more), Young Thor and Ares.

  4. Yeah pretty much a total pass here. Was optimistic Executioner would be a part of this wave. May get Hela (she is very close to the comic look and I am not shelling out the extra money for a SDCC version), may get the Ares (if this updated version is actually an improvement over my bootleg BAF), and the Jane Foster Thor – just to complete the ANAD Avengers roster. So I’m kind of bummed, my wallet is happy, To be fair I don’t care much for Thor to begin with and it’s a twofold burn when its mostly MCU.

  5. These figures really do look amazing! But I don’t think I will be buying any of these. When it comes to $20 figures I am a bit choosy, and I tend not to buy any movie versions of characters.

  6. I plan on getting the whole wave and the two-pack too. I had posted a comment wishing for a Hela in the Ragnarok Wave and it came true!

    Cate Blanchett looks “Hela” fine!

  7. These look fantastic, will the Baf be split into 6 or 7 pieces (upper/lower body)? Marvel select also have the Hulk and Thor but only photos are shaded black, so no details yet and the release date for those is December.

  8. This whole wave looks fantastic, it has 6 figures, but will the Baf be split into 6 or 7 pieces (upper/lower body) so we get a surprise 7th figure maybe the Excutioner? Marvel Select also have 2 movie figures Hulk an Thor due out in December.

  9. This whole wave looks fantastic they have shown 6 figures, and someone said maybe the Baf is split into 7 pieces with a upper/lower body and then the 7th figure is the Excutioner which would be great. Marvel Select also have movies figures Thor and Hulk due in December.

  10. I love the Hulk BAF but may have to buy each part separately on Ebay. Hela and movie Thor look awesome. I hope to grab Hela before it sells out and the price skyrockets.

  11. Does anyone know if any online stores will have this set up to order as individual figures? BBTS only has Thor and Loki up as singles so far.

  12. I saw the MCU Thor, comic Thor, and Loki figures (today is July 27) at my local Target. I’m going to get the Valkyrie two pack and Hela. I’m not a big fan of the comic figures. If Valkyrie ends up being in Infinity War I’ll be pretty happy.