Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Figures Revealed! Gladiator Hulk!

When Hasbro sent out official photos and product descriptions for the kid-aimed Thor Ragnarok movie toys yesterday, we all knew it was only a precursor to the collector-focused Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok toys being revealed later this week. Now, I wouldn’t have predicted that those figures would have been revealed at 10AM on Gizmondo, mind you, but hey–the important thing is that the long-awaited, beautiful movie toys have now been unveiled! And yes, contrary to the fishy rumors going around, this wave is in fact headlined by a Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Build-A-Figure!

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Series Figures

Way back at San Diego Comic-Con 2017–nearly a full year ago–Hasbro began teasing us with an inevitable Gladiator Hulk Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure that would obviously be targeted for release alongside this year’s Thor 3 movie.

Now, I was definitely astonished and dismayed by the number of collectors who were willing to buy into a largely-fabricated list of unannounced 2016/2017 Marvel Legends floating around the internet that listed an Executioner BAF for this wave, but I never lost the faith that Hasbro would deliver on a “Planet Hulk”-esque Build-A-Figure to highlight the wave. And as is usually the case with this line, that faith has been rewarded!

Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Build-A-FigureThe Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk figure is, simply put, gorgeous. Or at least as gorgeous as a gargantuan green monster in gladiator gear can be, anyway. We haven’t gotten any specs yet that detail the size of this giant, but I’d be extremely surprised if he’s any less than 8.5″ tall.

With a removable helmet and giant hammer and hammer/axe accessories, this is almost certain to rival the Hulkbuster Iron Man from 2015 as the most-anticipated Hasbro Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure of all-time.

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Movie Figures Six InchOf course, if you wanna build Gladiator Hulk, you’ll have to purchase all of the other figures in the Thor Ragnarok Legends wave to do so! There’s three movie figures in the wave, and I think there’s a good chance all three of them are going to be quick sellers.

Marvel Legends Hela and Loki Thor Ragnarok FiguresOn the villainous side, we’ve got the first Marvel Legends Loki movie figure ever released at mass retail in the United States, along with the first Marvel Legends Hela figure ever released as a non-exclusive! For accessories, we get a removable helmet to place atop the Tom Hiddleston Loki portrait, as well as an alternate unmasked Cate Blanchett Hela head. Score!

Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Valkyrie and Gladiator Thor

Rounding out the Gladiator Hulk series is a Marvel Legends Gladiator Thor figure with facepaint and a pair of slick-looking swords (as well as Hulk’s “severed” head… heh).

In addition to the single-packed figures, there’s going to be a Target exclusive Thor Ragnarok two-pack that doesn’t include any pieces of Hulk (sorry), but that does come with an exclusive Valkyrie movie figure and a variant of Gladiator Thor sans facepaint and helmet (but with a giant sword!).

Target two-packs tend to be easy to find (likely due to their $39.99 MSRP), and I’m glad for it, as this set is going to be a must-have for many of us.

2017 Marvel Legends Ares Figure Thor Ragnarok SeriesAlso part of the individually-packaged Thor Ragnarok series are three comic-based figures: a reworked Ares figure, as well as Young Thor and Jane Foster Thor figures. I talked about Ares and friends at length earlier this month, so check that out for all the details and my thoughts on that trio.

Marvel Legends Gladiator Hulk Build-A-FigureThe Marvel Legends Thor Ragnarok series should presumably be up for order online fairly soon, as the set is expected to be released on August 1st 2017 (according to the recent Hasbro Marvel Brand Team Google Hang-Out Session). I’ll post an update and send out links to order the figures via our Facebook Page and Twitter just as soon as they’re posted for sale, so if you’re already getting hyped for these figures (and I sure am), be sure to watch our social media pages.

Now that we’ve finally seen the Thor Legends series in its entirety, what do you think, Marvel collectors? Are you planning to pick up the whole set to build Gladiator Hulk, skipping the BAF and only buying the comic book figures, or passing on this wave altogether?


Thor Ragnarok Marvel Legends Figures Revealed! Gladiator Hulk! — 19 Comments

  1. I really hate how badly they fucked up Valkyrie, so I’ll probably skip that until that 2-Pack inevitably ends up on super discount.
    I’m not convinced that this is the whole wave?
    Just 6 figures?

    So we’re supposed to believe that the entirety of Hulk’s torso is crammed in the box with Ares, Jane FosThor, or Odinson?
    Even Hulk’s hammer is big enough to be hard to cram in with Hulk’s arm AND the figure whose box it is.

    I guess it’s not impossible, but even if we assume this Hulk is as small as the Ultimate Green Goblin, and the Thanos BAF wave Hulk, that’s still a HUGE torso.
    The Ultimate Green Goblin torso barely fit crammed into the box with tiny little Anya Corazon Spider-Girl/Black Cat.
    This Hulk torso is heavily armored and has to cram in next to big bulky war god figures (that tend to be 7″), AND their capes and weapons?

    Obviously can’t be sure, but I do kind of expect this BAF to go the Terrax/Dormammu route and split up the torso into 2 pieces.

    (I really hope this Hulk is a bit bigger than the Ultimate Green Goblin, and the Thanos BAF wave Hulk. They’re just too damn small.)

    (Also, I’m super bummed that Hulk doesn’t have a snarling/roaring rage head)

    • And size of the objects that they have to cram in a box aside, when’s the last time we got a wave that was ONLY 6 figures? Venom Space Knight?

      Definitely not impossible to only get 6 figures, but we do tend HEAVILY towards 7 and sometimes 8.

      • Well, the Netflix/Marvel Knights wave is only 6 figures with a big BAF.

  2. OH HELL YES. I was hoping Hela would be the movie version and not just a rerelease of the SDCC figure (I’m still annoyed at the Doctor Strange wave) but I never dreamed we’d get Valkyrie as well. That’s awesome.

  3. Love this Wave!!!and LOVE that HULK!!! Aug 1 release ? Isn’t that the same release date as the Man-Thing BAF release date? It’s gonna be an expensive August for me- but worth it !

  4. I’m not really a fan of the movie based characters, but I do love that Hulk. Unfortunately the only character of the bunch I’d look to get is Hela. That crown sculpt is excellent.

  5. I already have a Valkyrie that looks like Valkyrie, so I will definitely pass on that, but the Loki and Hela figures are mine ASAP.

    • I have both the recent Hulkbuster Val (a small army of them actually, several which I’ve already customized for either a more classic or “geared-up” look) and the previous TRU fan’s choice Valkyrie, so really on the fence with the movie figure, especially being another “exclusive”. I might get it IF I can snag one cheap, and that would just be for doing a comic version since the outfit seems to be based on her most recent costume.
      Not too excited about the Loki figure, but definitely looking forward to adding this Hela to my collection.

  6. Why did they make Loki’s outfit blue? Green and gold, Baby. Green and gold