Marvel Legends 4″ Wave 5 Up for Order! AOA Magneto! Jewel!

The once-mighty Hasbro Marvel Universe 3.75″ figures line (now under the “Marvel Legends” banner) has fallen on some tough times the last few years, with what feels like less and less new figures hitting each year. But while output may have slowed to a crawl, the party isn’t over yet! The latest series of Marvel Legends 4″ figures is now up for order, and is composed mostly of figures revealed almost a full year at SDCC 2016 including Jewel, Age of Apocalypse Magneto and more!

Age of Apocalypse Magneto Marvel Legends Figure Packaged

It’s been so long since we first saw the newest series of 3.75″ Marvel Legends figures revealed at last year’s San Diego Comic Con that I almost did a double-take this weekend when pre-orders opened up for this wave, as I had plum forgotten that these figures had never been put up for sale before.

Marvel Legends 4″ Wave 5 includes five never-before-released characters:

  • All-New All-Different Captain America
  • Gold Ultron
  • Jewel (Jessica Jones)
  • Age of Apocalypse Magneto
  • All-New All-Different Spider-Man 2099

Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 5 Captain America PackagedThe “headliner” for this wave is the new Captain America figure based off Cap’s look in the most recent “Steve Rogers: Captain America” comic book. Yes, this is the infamous “Nazi Cap”/”Hydra Cap” in disguise, and a pretty significant costume for Steve.

Marvel Legends 2017 Captain America Steve Rogers FigureGood choice by Hasbro, and I  hope we get a 6″ Marvel Legends of this figure next year. Love that nifty two-part shield–definitely something really different for a Cap action figure.

Marvel Legends 2017 Gold Ultron PackagedThe Gold Ultron figure being put into this wave is a huge surprise, as that figure was first shown way back before the Marvel Universe line was even rebranded to Legends.

Gold Ultron Marvel Legends 4 Inch FigureGold Ultron hasn’t exactly been a major part of Marvel comics in the last few years (okay, ever), but it’s nice to finally get this figure nonetheless.

Marvel Legends Jewel Figure PackagedThough it’s not her best-known guise by a million miles following her Netflix series, we get the first-ever Hasbro Jessica Jones figure with this Marvel Legends Jewel.

Marvel Legends Jewel Jessica Jones 4 Inch FigureThankfully, the upcoming Netflix Jessica Jones 6″ figure has already been announced, otherwise Jessica’s fans might be rioting right now.

Marvel Legends 4 Inch Wave 5 Spider-Man 2099All-New All-Different Spider-Man 2099 gets some love in 4″ form from Hasbro as part of this wave. The 6″ version of this figure has been a hot seller (in fact, I’ve never seen it just sitting around on the pegs since it released seven months ago), so hopefully the smaller version will generate some sales as well.

All-New Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Legends 4 Inch FigureThat said, I straight-up hate this torso mold more than any other that Hasbro is currently using, and I sort of wish that Hasbro had picked just about any other mold to put this awesome white Spider-Man 2099 costume on.

Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Magneto FigureRounding out the series is a figure that shocked me when it was revealed: Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse Magneto! I love the shaded-out head on this figure and the braided hair and it gives me a definite AOA nostalgia kick. Love this choice. More Age of Appcalypse, please, Hasbro.

Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 5 4 Inch Figures Case Ratios

The case ratios for this Marvel Legends Wave 5 series are as follows:

(2) ANAD Captain America
(1) Spider-Man Noir [2016 Repack]
(1) Captain Marvel Carol Danvers [2016 Repack]
(1) Jewel Jessica Jones
(1) Gold Ultron
(1) AOA Magneto
(1) ANAD Spider-Man 2099

I don’t think it will shock anyone for me to say that, personally, I don’t think these case ratios are the best. The All-New Spider-Man 2099 is going to be a popular figure, as is that Age of Apocalypse Magneto. Repacks of year+ old figures packed evenly with those is a very weird, surprising move.

4″ Carol Danvers Captain Marvel figures released over a year ago are still falling off the pegs at many of my local stores, and the Captain Marvel Comic Pack with two figures is being cleared out discounted for less than the cost of a single-packed figure. Carol’s inclusion here is a bit of a head-scratcher.

Marvel Legends Wave 5 4 inch Figures4″ Hasbro Marvel Legends Wave 5 is now available for order as sets and full cases, although I haven’t seen individuals posted anywhere besides Cap due to the case assortments. With online prices for this series being a bit on the high side if you only want one of each of the five new figures, I think I’m going to roll the dice and hunt for this wave when it hits retail.

Now that we’re finally getting the last five 4″ Marvel Legends figures that we were shown last July, what do you think the future holds for the Marvel Universe scale range? Do you think we’re approaching the end of this legendary line, or do you think Hasbro has plenty more tricks up their sleeve to show us at SDCC 2017 later this month?


Marvel Legends 4″ Wave 5 Up for Order! AOA Magneto! Jewel! — 19 Comments

  1. It’s fallen on hard times because of pricing. I’ve purchased only a few ever since the list price was jacked up from $9.99 to $12.99. The the 6″ Marvel Legends with the BAF at $19.99 is a much better value.

    So yes, this might be the end of this legendary line.

    • Add to that how much more detail you can get in the faces and costume textures on the 6″ line, and I don’t know why people would care much about these little guys.

    • I’ve seen them sold out on the secondary market for $15 or more. Price point doesn’t seem to be an issue for those that can afford it.

      • This may be true for some figures like Lady Deadpool, but for the most part the 4″ figures are peg warmers due to price point. .

        • None of that is factual. The secondary market site this forum is linked too shows exactly what I stated. The last assortment is going from $13 -$15 and ALL SOLD OUT! It’s fact that we should also know by now that figures sell better in certain regions of the country than others. These figures arent warming pegs in my region. If figures will sell out at $15, Then $12 isn’t an issue for many

          • For me the issue isn’t price point, it’s articulation. My son and I have been huge Marvel Universe collectors, they were the perfect size for his hands when he was 8 or 10 years old, and we both loved collecting them in addition to collecting 6″ Legends. But he’s 16 now and a very discriminating collector, so after nearly ten years of collecting MU figures, he decided to stop due to frustration with the reduced articulation of the newer figures despite continued great character selection on Hasbro’s part. Eliminating torso articulation was pretty much the deal killer. We have passed on some great characters in 3.75″ scale due to reduced articulation: Bishop and Yondu, for example. Bring back some kind of torso articulation and we would jump back on board. I think we could live with some of the reduced limb articulation if the figures still had some torso articulation, a diaphragm joint would go a long way to solving the posability problems of the newer figures. Or I wish hasbro would just reuse the old fully articulated molds and do repaints to introduce new characters to the line. But as it stands now I think poor articulation is seriously hurting the 3.75″ line.

  2. Ew, can I cut that disgusting long hair off of Magneto? That’s so disappointing. Otherwise a great looking figure.

    • I’ll have you know that that long braided hair was all the rage for men in the Age of Apocalypse alternate dimension. =D

  3. I really want that Cap, and maybe Spidey 2099. I’ll probably pick up Ultron if I see him, too.

  4. I have my eye on that spidey 2099 figure, that magneto one looks good. Im not sure ill check out those others. And I thought Monica rambo was in this set? I guess they pulled her out of the set last minute.

  5. EW That Spidey torso mold ruins another figure! I didn’t buy the 3.75″ Scarlet Spider for the same reason.

  6. Line hasn’t been the same since they let Vonner go. 6 inch line is aces, but the old MU line is turning in its grave over the quality, or lack there of.

  7. I want that Jewel for a MU custom Jan Pym head to sit on it. I want a 70s Perez Wasp, albeit lacking her wings. The modern version was horrible.

    The line itself is on its last legs. Won’t be long now before Stall delivers a mercy killing.

  8. It’s sad. I really like 4″ scale, but things just aren’t too tempting here, and the problem starts with the $13 MSRP. Having the 6 inch Spidey 2099…there is just no real reason to want this guy, who has much more limited articulation. If I were to see these on the shelf, I would probably grab a Magneto though.

  9. man, could not be more excited about that Magneto. I really hope they start individual sales soon!!!

  10. Ugh…two unwanted repacks and a crappy Ultron repaint. I liked the 3.75 figures because they were cheaper, they take up less room and are easier to customize. This line is so disappointing, lately.

  11. There are so many other characters they could put out in the 3.75 inch size, like Tigra, Quicksilver, Moondragon, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, Dracula, Snowbird, Sasquatch, Shaman, The Shroud, Vermin, Jack O’Lantern, and so many others who’ve never had figures in this size. But no, let’s repack Spider-Man Noir, Captain Marvel and a repaint of Ultron. ARGH!