Marvel Legends Netflix Series Hi-Res Photos! Blade! Man-Thing!

Way back at New York Toy Fair 2017 in February, Hasbro showed off finished prototypes of the first four figures from a new “Marvel Knights” Netflix series of 6″ Marvel Legends. Rumors and speculation have run rampant for months regarding what characters would round out these series, but the time for debate is over: the 2017 Marvel Legends Blade, Bullseye and Man-Thing Build-A-Figure have now been revealed!

Marvel Legends Netflix Daredevil Figure Packaged

For those who need a refresher (because it’s been a little while since their reveal), the following four characters were premiered as Marvel Knights Marvel Legends 6″ prototypes at the 2017 Toy Fair:

  • Netflix Daredevil
  • Netflix Elektra
  • Netflix Jessica Jones
  • Netflix Punisher

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones Figure PackagedYou may notice a pattern there, as all these figures are (obviously) based off of the blockbuster Netflix Marvel Series Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Marvel Knights Legends Elektra Figure PackagedOrdinarily a full series of Marvel Legends figures usually includes at least six figures and a Build-A-Figure, so many fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that the series would be rounded out by other Netflix characters such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and even a Kingpin Build-A-Figure.

Netflix Elektra Marvel Legends 6 Inch FigureThe truth is… a little different.

Netflix Marvel Legends Punisher FigureJust like the various Marvel Legends movie figures are intermixed with comic book-based action figures in the same series, the same will be true with this Marvel Knights Legends series.

Blade Marvel Legends 2017 Figure PackagedThe two comic-based single-packed figures in the series will be a brand new Marvel Legends Blade figure and a new Bullseye.

Marvel Knights Legends Blade Six Inch FigureTo put into perspective how long we’ve been waiting for a new 6″ Blade figure, the last one released was in 2003–14 years ago–and based on the Blade II movie. Yikes!

Netflix Jessica Jones Marvel Legends Figure Hi-ResI appreciate that Hasbro is giving us an alternate head for Blade, as it helps to create both the modern look for the character and also a more classic look. Many collectors were disappointed when the 2012 Blade figure was scrapped, so getting two versions in one (sort of) is a nice gesture here by Hasbro.

Marvel Legends Bullseye Figure PackagedAnother character getting redone from the Toybiz days is Bullseye, who first appeared in the Sentinel series in 2005 and hasn’t reappeared since.

Bullseye Marvel Legends Knights Wave 1 Figure UnmaskedBullseye will come with an unmasked head–I believe a first for any Bullseye figure (aside from Minimatesm which don’t count)–as well as a super-cool knives-throwing effects piece. His belt looks a bit floppy, but I’m liking the looks of this Bullseye (even if he is kinda gross with his mask off).

Marvel Legends Man-Thing Build-A-Figure

Finally, we’ve got the Build-A-Figure that nobody (who didn’t look at leaked lists) expected: the new Marvel Legends Man-Thing Build-A-Figure!

I’ve always had a soft spots for Howard the Duck’s pal–the Guardian of the Nexus of All Realities–and this figure is definitely an improvement in size, sculpting detail and paint deco from the 2005 Toybiz Man-Thing. Love it.

Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher Figure PackagedThis Marvel Legends Netflix Series is scheduled for release in stores on August 1st, 2017. I’ll post links to pre-order the series in full sets/cases and also as individuals as soon as the wave goes up for sale, so stay tuned to our social media pages for that.

Now that we’ve seen the whole Man-Thing Marvel Legends Series in its entirety and also in glorious hi-res packaged photos, what do you think, Marvel collectors? Will you be picking up any or all of the figures in this wave, and what characters would you use to fill out a second Netflix-centric series in 2018?


Marvel Legends Netflix Series Hi-Res Photos! Blade! Man-Thing! — 30 Comments

  1. This is an awesome wave. That Bullseye is awesome. I can’t believe there is a Man-Thing BAF!

  2. Ummm, actually, the first Bullseye figure was in the GALACTUS wave, not the Sentinel wave

  3. Great wave. Like my friend above said; finally…Blade! But about the Man-Thing, (and Dabid, I’ll start with you), I love him for the BAF, but shouldn’t he be a little hunched over? I mean naturally, not enabled via crouching him.

  4. I’m really only interested in the Bullseye figure, but I will say that the Netflix characters are an amazing likeness to the actors in the shows. The Man-Thing… ummm… am I the only one that thinks he doesn’t look very well sculpted? I mean, there’s a lot of detail, but the artistic styling of it… a bit cartoony looking to me. Maybe from different angles and using different lighting… As it is in this photo, I have even less interest in getting the entire wave based on his look. Sometimes I buy figures just for the Build-a-figure piece, but… not this time. Bullseye only.

    • It’s not just you. My first thought upon seeing Man-Thing was exactly the same: too cartoony!

  5. All keepers for me but I have to say that the old ToyBiz Man-Thing is a sentimental and aesthetic favorite. I see a fight for shelf space brewing in the near future! I think the new Hasbro Bullseye may just bump the ToyBiz version off the shelf! This is an absolutely great Wave!

  6. Bullseye was actually in the Galactus wave.

    This is the best wave of the year. The only problem is that there are only 6 figures. The GOTG wave 2 and Homecoming waves are A’s but this is an A+.

    Love the netflix figures. They could’ve picked a better suit for Elektra but its ok. The others are awesome.
    Bullseye is sweet. Glad all the figures have their own names and logos.
    I thought they would just put out the custom Blade we saw at SDCC but this is cool too.
    Man-Thing. Finally. A dream BAF of mine. Nothing else to say.
    Glad to finally see another Ares.

  7. I was SO excited when I saw the Man-Thing figure, and immediately disappointed that he was a BAF.
    I’ll sell all the figures except BLADE & MAN-THING!

    It’s with it however, because not only is he HUGE (a Giant-size Man-Thing, if you will), but he is also picture perfect to his THUNDERBOLTS look.

    Seriously… I saw that Jeff Parker/ Kev Walker/ Declan Shalvey Thunderbolts-inspired MAN-THING figure and my SOUL said, “NEED!”

  8. I don’t normally collect MCU Legends but that Jessica Jones and Elektra will fit nicely in my comics display. I can finally replace the 2004 Toy Biz Elektra.

  9. Man-Thing looks dope. I don’t want any of these figure besides Daredevil so building him is gonna be a bitch.

  10. I want Daredevil, Elektra, Blade and the BAF. But I’m pretty sure every single one of them is going to be difficult to find and expensive( in particular Daredevil)

  11. In the boxed photos of bullseye he has a different gun than in the “back of packaging” picture

  12. also judging by some of the parts on Man-Thing i can maybe smell a man-ape coming our way in the near future

  13. I have to admit that all of these figures look spectacular, but I’m just personally not interested in them besides Bullseye and Man-Thing.

  14. I personally hope that the Punisher head is on a ball joint equal to the one on the walgreens exlcusive or the nick fury/punisher/redskull/wintersoldier body. Not that I have anything against jon bernthal, but the body is an awesome representation of the modern punisher and swapping his head out for one of the more comic looking heads seems like a real win to me. Fingers crossed the mod wont require and physical work lol

    • Dammit.
      I think you just talked me into buying that Walgreens Punisher just so I have his head fro a head swap.
      I don’t like the Jim Lee Punisher design, and I don’t particularly like Jon Bernthal, so headswapping the Jim Lee Punisher’s head onto MCU Punisher would solve both problems and give me an actual good Punisher….

  15. I’m all in on this series..Wish King pin would’ve been the BAF. Really glad to see BLADE finally. Hate he didn’t come with a coat or the guns that came with Agent VENOM.
    Wonder which one will be the chase Figure.

  16. I tend to only go for the comic-based figures so this wave will be pretty cheap for me. I’d like Blade but Man-Thing is pretty tempting.

  17. this looks like a great wave. I wished they wouldve made it netflix olny so the BAF as king pin

  18. Good grief man!!
    Looks like Bullseye for me, hope he can hold Electra’s sais alright! wish we had a updated comic based Electra but I’m getting her, Jessica Jones and that Punisher. Thankfully I found that Walgreens exclusive Punisher months ago Jon B. is great but I’m swapping heads for for sure.
    Have plenty of Daredevil figures.. The Kingpin Daredevil 2 pack(ToyBiz varient)
    And the two new ones, red & the yellow Walgreens exclusive.