Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher Figure Review & Photos

Last week I started my Marvel Knights Legends reviews with my review of Netflix Daredevil, and what with his show debuting tomorrow (and his figure being on sale for 16 bucks shipped online), the Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher was the obvious choice to follow up with. [I could say I planned to wait and review him during his series’ premiere, but I’d be totally lying.] Fans have been demanding a 6” figure of this version of Punisher since before he ever appeared in a show: will they be satisfied?

Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher Kills DaredevilThe Right:

Although The Punisher hasn’t torn up the comic book sales chart in many years, he remains one of the absolute most popular and recognizable Marvel characters to have never appeared in an MCU film.

So when the very first photos were released showing off Jon Bernthal as the Punisher in the Netflix Marvel series, collectors were already lining up to throw their money at a plastic recreation of the MCU Punisher.

Packaged Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher Action FigureThis was a very anticipated figure—and Hasbro has done right by the fans waiting for it.

Marvel Legends Punisher Netflix Figure Jon Bernthal Head SculptThe most difficult part of creating any action figure of a live-action actor is the head sculpt—and simply put, Hasbro has nailed the Jon Bernthal likeness. The nose, the jaw, the hair, the shape of the face—this is some of the very best work that we’ve seen Hasbro do for a 6” MCU figure.

Review Netflix Punisher Marvel Legends Six Inch FigureThe subtle wash for his lower face “stubble”, the slightly different paint used for the lower part of his hair, the “beaten-up” deco on the face… this is phenomenal stuff by Hasbro. I am impressed!

Netflix Marvel Legends Punisher Action Figure GunsThe sculpt on the rest of the 6” Marvel Legends Punisher Netflix figure is just as good as the heads, though. Hasbro went all-out with new tooling to make this figure authentic to Punisher’s TV appearance, and the result is one of their best figures of 2017.

Marvel Legends Netflix Series Punisher Holding RifleThe style and amount of texture sculpted onto all the different parts of the figure really drive home that this is somebody wearing a hodgepodge of clothing and armor, instead of just another dude in a spandex leotard.

Back of Netflix Punisher Legends Figure HasbroI love the contrast between the smooth jacket and the highly-textured pants.

Close-Up of Netflix Punisher Marvel Legends Figure Skull Logo VestI thought Hasbro had done a good job with applying the skull logo onto Netflix Punisher’s vest, but I didn’t realize how good they’d done until I compared it head-to-head with a screenshot from that show. Again: nailed it!! Touchdown, Hasbro.

Netflix Daredevil Marvel Legends Figure Kicks PunisherI always worry that articulation will be a weak link—especially for figures wearing coats—but that turns out not to be the case here. The jacket is made of a very soft and flexible plastic, so it barely limits the articulation on the Netflix Marvel Legends Punisher figure at all.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Man-Thing Series Netflix Punisher MCU Figure ReviewAnd as this is a ML figure, he’s loaded up with the usual super-articulation: ball-hinge head/shoulders/elbows; swivel-hinge wrists; ball-jointed upper torso and hips, swivel biceps/thighs/waist; double-jointed knees and hinges ankles with rockers.

Neck Hinge on Hasbro Netflix Punisher Six Inch FigureI’m okay with ball-hinge shoulders instead of double-jointed shoulders due to the sleeved arms, and I outright love the ball-jointed upper torso. I wish this was the standard instead of ab crunches, honestly. The only part of the articulation that’s ugly is the hinge of the neck, which is especially noticeable from the back.

Marvel Knights Legends Punisher Figure and Accessories Man-Thing ArmMarvel Knights Legends Punisher comes with three accessories: the left Man-Thing Build-A-Figure arm, a silver pistol and a black rifle. I’ll review the Man-Thing figure as a whole later on, but even as just an arm, the sculpt looks amazing. It’s a real shame there’s not more hype for this killer Man-Thing BAF.

Glossy Paint on Hasbro Marvel Legends Punisher Netflix Action FigureThe Wrong:

This Marvel Knights Legends Punisher is a great figure, but of course, into any great review a few nitpicks must fall.

In my Daredevil review last week, I said that the glossy paint used on Daredevil’s skin didn’t bother me, since all we could really see of it was his chin. And it didn’t—but unfortunately, Punisher is showing a lot more skin.

In Punisher’s case, the “wet” look of his skin tone is very apparent in certain lighting and can be pretty jarring. Depending on what lighting conditions you have him displayed under, be prepared for his head to shine like a freshly waxed car.

Wonky Eye Paint on Punisher Marvel Legends Action Figure[The glossy paint was making it really hard for my camera to focus on the head, which is why some of the close-up photos are rather blurry there. My apologies.]

In addition, the eyes on my Punisher figure are a little, well… crazy, as his left pupil is pushed all the way over to the left side of his eye, leaving poor Frank looking a bit deranged (I mean, deranged in a different way than he should be). If this was a one-off I’d likely ignore it, but I’ve heard quite a few complaints about the eye placement on this figure.

Back of Box Hasbro Netflix Punisher FigureAs far as the guns go: they’re… okay. Both guns are sorely lacking paint deco, and the rifle especially looks a little too simplistic in the hands of the intricately detailed Punisher action figure. If you have any other weapons that are compatible, you may find yourself wanting to swap them over to this figure.

Netflix Marvel Legends Punisher vs. Daredevil 6" FiguresOverall: While the derpy eyes on my Netflix Punisher Marvel Legends figures definitely have me planning to exchange mine for a better one, this is otherwise an outstanding action figure. Is it at the same level as the Hot Toys Punisher? Uh, no—not should anyone expect it to be. But with an exceptional actor likeness for a six inch figure, very good articulation and fantastic sculpting, I think very few fans will be unhappy with this Marvel Legends Punisher figure. This is an easy recommend and win for Hasbro.



Marvel Legends Netflix Punisher Figure Review & Photos — 6 Comments

  1. The eyes are definitely derpy, but they look better than Misty Knight for sure. I still have to do something to fix that. Any toy customizers with top suggestions for easily fixing cross-eyed figures like that?

    • Also, I feel like an A is a pretty generous grade for a figure with derpy eyes. The eyes are pretty important, I’d say.

      • Not to thread cap, but how come no news on the Gamestop exclusive Deadpool back in black? It has released in stores, and was available online. My pre-order finally shipped last night so I should have it shortly. Figured someone would have picked it up in store by now.

  2. Just wondering, why is it you prefer the ball joint to the ab crunch? I thought the ball joint torso was an outdated, old school style, and was surprised and disappointed that this had no ab crunch. My one complaint about this figure.

    • I love the ball-jointed upper torso because you can twist a figure’s whole upper torso naturally from side to side–the ab crunch only lets it go up and down. I also think the ab crunch looks ugly on many figures, whereas the ball-jointed upper torso looks seamless and more natural (at least to me).