Walgreens Funko Ms Marvel & Scarlet Spider POP Vinyls Released!

Remember that Funko POP Vinyls Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan box back that leaked out a few weeks ago? Well, there’s good news and bad news about that. The good news is–Kamala Khan has arrived earlier than expected! The bad news is–she’s a Walgreens Exclusive (AAAUUUGGHHHH!!)! And oh yeah, she’s also brought a certain clone buddy, but you better work fast to find them–the Funko Ms. Marvel and Scarlet Spider POP Vinyls are already all over the aftermarket!


When the first confirmation that we got of an impeding Funko POP Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan vinyl figure was a leaked photo of the back of her box (which also confirmed several other characters, including Blade and Luke Cage!), it was pretty obvious that we’d be seeing her sooner than later.

But what we didn’t know at the time was just how soon¬†we’d be seeing Kamala make her grand entrance in stores with her first figure ever–out of nowhere, the Ms. Marvel Funko POP Vinyls figure has arrived in some Walgreens stores this weekend!

Funko Kamala Khan Scarlet Spider POP Vinyls ExclusivesConsidering that Kamala Ms. Marvel is such an integral and beloved character in the modern Marvel comics and this is her first figure released ever, I am totally shocked to see she’s being limited to Walgreens exclusive status.

close-up-of-ms-marvel-kamala-khan-funko-pop-vinyl-figureI guess if Venom and Green Goblin can be Walgreens-only, so can Ms Marvel, but it’s still a little frustrating and disappointing for Kamala’s inaugural figure to be a limited exclusive. I also think that it’s a mite bizarre that this figure is physically showing up in Walgreens retail stores already when Funko has yet to officially announce the existence of this figure at all!


Along with Kamala Khan, there’s one other brand new, never-before-released POP arriving as a Walgreens exclusive: the Funko Scarlet Spider POP Vinyl.

The existence of this POP! leaked out earlier this month, I just discussed the figure at length this week, and Funko only officially announced him a couple days ago, so I’m positively ecstatic to add my favorite Spider-Man–Ben Reilly–to my collection! (Could we get a Sensational Spider-Man as well some day…? I can dream!)

funko-ms-marvel-pop-vinyl-walgreens-exclusiveThe Funko POP Kamala Khan and Scarlet Spider vinyls are already all over eBay, and are quickly being devoured from retail stores. If you want to get these exclusive figures early and without paying aftermarket prices, I highly advise haunting your local Walgreens stores all week long until they get their shipments–these are gonna be a real pain to get.

How do you feel about the first-ever Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel figure being consigned to be a Walgreens exclusive, Marvel collectors? Was Kamala a good chance for a limited release, and will you be hunting for her and Scarlet Spider’s POP Vinyls figures?


Walgreens Funko Ms Marvel & Scarlet Spider POP Vinyls Released! — 4 Comments

  1. I am bummed because it will make Ms. Marvel harder to get. They’ve hardly done any merchandising for Kamala, despite her book’s success and the character’s popularity, and making the first figure an exclusive means the annoying flippers will snap her up and re-sell at inflated prices, while those of us who actually love the character will have a harder time getting one at fair market retail price.