Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 Figures Packaged Photos!

While I was out seeing the wonder that is the Big Hero 6 movie last night, Hasbro was burning the midnight oil! As such, on a cold fall Saturday night, we got our first packaged look at the figures I get more people messaging and asking me about than any others: the 2015 Marvel Legends Avengers figures! We’re still going to have to wait until winter to get them, but now we can drool over the Avengers Marvel Legends Series 1 hi-res photos until then…

2015 Marvel Legends Hawkeye Avengers Figure with Odin Build-A-Figure TorsoThe fine folks at Hasbro are clearly harder-working than me, because while I was out fighting the crowds last night to see the derivative-and-flawed-yet-thoroughly-enjoyable Big Hero 6 movie, Hasbro was sending out our first packaged photos of the 6″ Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 action figures heading our way this winter!

2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Thor Figure

For those who don’t remember the rundown from the announcement of these figures at San Diego Comic Con 2014 back in July, the first Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 figures series will consist of:

  • Avengers Marvel Legends Thor
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Sentry
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Hawkeye
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Machine Man
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Iron Fist (White)
  • Avengers Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure: Odin/King Thor

Avengers Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch Figure Maidens of MightBecause I can see the questions about this wave coming a mile away, let me jump to the 2015 Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series Wave 1 FAQ:

“Are the Avengers Marvel Legends Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch figures swap figures?”

Sort of! Hasbro has said multiple times now that all of the Marvel Legends 2015 swap figures are intended to ship in the same case together this time, so presumably you should be able to just buy a case of this series and nab every figure in the set, including the Marvel Legends Carol Danvers Captain Marvel and Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch “Maidens of Might” figures.

The “Avenging Allies” Marvel Legends Sentry and Machine Man figures will also be swap figures (of a sort).

Avengers Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Carol Dangers Figure Maidens of Might“Why are there two different heads for the Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure?”

The alternate BAF parts are for converting the Odin figure into a Marvel Legends King Thor Build-A-Figure. King Thor is from the Jason Aaron Marvel NOW! Thor: God of Thunder comic book series that just wrapped up.

Avengers Marvel Legends Sentry Figure Avenging Allies“What Build-A-Figure Parts come with what figures?”

Marvel Legends Avengers Scarlet Witch Figure: Odin Head, Cape and Staff
Marvel Legends Avengers Captain Marvel Figure: King Thor Head, Cape and Ax
Marvel Legends Avengers Iron Fist Figure: Odin/King Thor Left Leg
Marvel Legends Avengers Sentry Figure: Odin Arms
Marvel Legends Avengers Machine Man Figure: King Thor Arms
Marvel Legends Avengers Thor Figure: Odin/King Thor Right Leg
Marvel Legends Avengers Hawkeye Figure: Odin/King Thor Torso

Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 Iron Fist Figure Packaged with Odin Build-A-Figure Leg“When will the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 figures be released?”

The Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series figures are scheduled to be released in Winter 2015. Hasbro hasn’t given a more specific release window than that, but seeing as how we’ve now got gorgeous, hi-res packaged photos, I wouldn’t be surprised if early cases of this series showed up at the very end of 2014.

Marvel Legends Avengers Machine Man Figure Packaged Avenging AlliesAs we now have hi-res photos from Hasbro, I expect online retailers to begin taking orders for the Avengers Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures later this month. I’ll post an update here and to the Marvel Toy News Facebook Page as soon as these Marvel Legends 2015 figures turn up at retail, so stay tuned. Same Marvel time, same Marvel URL.

Now that you’ve seen the Avengers Marvel Legends Infinite Series 1 figures as up-close-and-personal as is possible through a computer screen, what do you think, Marvel fans? Is your heart all a-flutter awaiting this wave’s arrival, or are you let down by the first Marvel Legends Avengers wave?


Avengers Marvel Legends 2015 Figures Packaged Photos! — 25 Comments

  1. Came here for Machine Man and Ms. Marvel, but now, I can say the whole line up looks amazing, quite surprised by Thor (God of Thunder style) and Hawkeye in this new pictures ~ gotta save more moneys now 🙂

  2. In brightest day,in blackest night…
    whosoever holds this hammer…
    shall have in their possession
    ANOTHER Thor for
    their Thor army corp collection!
    Aye! This indeed to me is no bother
    Merrily I acquire 1 more Legends thor
    to gain THE ALLFATHER.

  3. Now we need to know the case ratios. For the first time ever, we actually need some figures to be “long packed”! Thor, Hawkeye and Iron Fist. I’m betting Hasbro makes a mint on this wave. They’ll be more case purchases than ever before!

  4. De las mejores waves que an salido al momento. Me encanta la renovacion de scarlet witch…la “actualizacion” de ironfist hawkeye y ms marvel..thor bue no me molesta, me alegro de que saliera machinman ya que no tenia versiones anteriores, y el sentry me encanta!!!! Luego de haber leido siege y dark avengers. Pero sobre todo destaco el baf ODIN si creo que luego de terrax es el mejor baf que se a hecho desde marvel legends return…por calidad..por ser un personaje importantisimo…y por ser una figura nueva. Eh criticado en muchas cosas a hasbro pero eh destacado sus aciertos como pack thanos imperative y thunderbolts estoy muy pero muy feliz

  5. Hasbro solo te pido una cosa…..trae a las tiendas a tigershark bulldozzer batroc blade y blizzard…no los dejes en el olvido porfavor!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like hasbro finally got it right, case pack-wise IF there are two Thors in each case, you’ll be able to build the whole set (including King Thor) by buying a case of 8 and not having leftover Cap, Iron Man, Wolvie with no m,ask, etc, etc, etc….

  7. I am loving all of the paint variation and shading on the metallic parts of King Thor/Odin/Marvel NOW! Thor. Since that’s been something missing from a lot of recent Marvel Legends, it’s great to see it back. I hope that Iron Fist has a boot cut or calf rotation, because for a poseable martial arts character we really need that.

  8. Me encanta scarletwitch supera ampliamente su version anterior de legwndary riders….no puedo esperar a tener esta serie

  9. Time to start saving! Need Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel and Iron Fist (great all those hands)

  10. I’m shouting to the gods Yessssssss!! Cannot wait to add these to my collection. I do have a question, I heard they are also having build a Thanos? Someone pleasee fill me in c:

  11. Finally! a 6 inch Sentry figure!!! and that Thor figure looks super dope!! I really want Odin but there’s really only three or four figures i want. thor, sentry, iron fist, and hawkeye. i wish odin wasn’t a BAF.

    • It means someone swapped an old Scarlet Witch into the package and illegally returned it to the store.