Marvel Legends Angela Figure Wins Fan’s Choice Poll!

It had been quite a few years since Hasbro let fans have a direct say in a 6″ figure that gets produced in the Marvel Legends line, but last month, Hasbro broke their streak in grand fashion with a Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice Poll voting tournament which began at San Diego Comic-Con 2015! It was a real melee with fan-favorites like Cosmo, Lady Sif, The Hood and Quasar being eliminated early-on. But when the dust cleared after the finals, one figure reigned supreme and is now confirmed to be on the way: the first-ever Marvel Legends Angela figure!

Marvel Legends Angela Asgard's Assassin 1 Cover

Considering that Hasbro hadn’t held a Marvel Legends Fan Choice poll in over half a decade (the last one was in 2009), it was a real jaw-dropper when Hasbro announced that there would be a new Fan’s Choice Marvel Legends figure vote beginning at San Diego Comic Con 2015. And while no prototypes would be brought to the event (as Hasbro did at SDCC 2009), they did announce the 16 characters that would be eligible for the event:

  • Angela
  • Black Nova
  • Symbiote Spider-Man
  • Borr
  • Cosmo the Space Dog
  • Darkhawk
  • The Disir
  • Executioner
  • Lady Sif
  • Lyra
  • Malekith
  • Mysterio
  • Nebula
  • Quasar
  • The Hood
  • Ulik

Cosmo the Space Dog Guardians of the GalaxyI think it’s very interesting that Hasbro included seven Thor-related figures in this Fan’s Choice batch of sixteen competitors. It seems pretty clear to me that Hasbro is gauging the popularity of these secondary Thor characters as part of their early discussions of what figures to produce in a Marvel Legends 2017 Thor Ragnarok series of figures.

Marvel Lady Sif Journey into Mystery CoverOf course, it’s exceedingly tough to know how these Agardian-related characters fared against each other, because none of the seven besides Angela made it past the first round of the voting. Poor Lady Sif! Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Annihilation Darkhawk Cover Marvel Comic BookThe four characters who advanced to the finals of the voting (each winning a vote over three other characters during one day of San Diego Comic Con)–which was held on the official Marvel website during the last week of July 2015–were Symbiote Spider-Man (Black Costume), Mysterio, Angela and Darkhawk.

I let out a huge groan when it was announced that Black Costume Spider-Man was even involved in this tournament at all, as let’s face it: there is exactly a 0% chance that Hasbro isn’t going to release a new Marvel Legends Black Costume Spider-Man figure within the next few years regardless of any poll. Including Spidey in this tournament at all was outright ridiculous and left a terrible taste in my mouth.

2015 Marvel Legends Fan's Choice Poll Finalists

Thankfully, Spider-Man did not win the Hasbro Fan Choice poll. In fact, he ended up finishing dead last among the final four competitors (Hallelujah!). The final results were as follows:

  • Angela 28%
  • Darkhawk 26%
  • Mysterio 24%
  • Symbiote Spider-Man 20%

It’s reassuring to see the two characters who have never been produced in Hasbro 6″ figure form before took the top spots in this poll, although this is obviously going to be a big disappointment to longstanding Darkhawk fans. Even so, I’d like to think that Hasbro is taking note of the fact that Darkhawk finished second in this entire Fan’s Choice tournament.

Guardians of the Galaxy 7 Cover AngelaMeanwhile, Angela fans can rejoice! The modern Guardians of the Galaxy team will now be complete in six inch figure form with Thor’s sister, Angela! I’m sure not everyone will be thrilled to see this Image comics refugee take the top spot in this Marvel poll, but as a member of the GOTG and a character who currently has her own ongoing comic book series, Angela is definitely deserving (though, alas, I really wanted Cosmo the Space Dog).

What do you think of Angela winning the Marvel Legends Fan’s Choice poll, collectors? Was Angela one of your top picks to win this tournament, or were you hoping another character would earn their future plastic figure immortalization?


Marvel Legends Angela Figure Wins Fan’s Choice Poll! — 45 Comments

  1. What do you think the chances are we will get an Executioner and Sif in the Thor line?

      • I’m with you both. I hoped Angela would win only because I didn’t know Sif was a contestant. We’re grossly overdue for a Sif. I have the 3.75″ movie Sif, but she’s not the correct color scheme to stand-in.

        • Honestly, it’d be pretty great if they released Sif and a Warriors Three 3-Pack at the same time.
          Really get the Asgardian stuff going.

          Kind of off-topic, but just in general, I wish Marvel would do more with the Asgardian stuff.

          Like I think this “female Thor” nonsense is just a huge wasted opportunity to put Valkyrie in the spotlight, and make HER a major hero.
          If Chris Hemsworth were to retire, a Valkyrie movie series could be a pretty awesome replacment (since Natalie Portman obviously isn’t going to become Thor).

          And Sif and the Warriors Three should have their own comic series.
          They’re like a perfect “Guardians Of The Galaxy”-style team for having wacky misadventures in the Nine Realms while Thor is off doing his Avenger thing on Earth.
          They could really flesh out the Nine Realms as a whole, and help the mythological side of Marvel stand on its own as a regularly used “sub-universe”, the same way the Guardians, Nova, etc all have space for the entire Cosmic side of the Marvel Universe sandbox.
          Seems silly to have Nine Realms and apparently nothing’s going on unless Thor’s around….

          • I agree totally. Marvel should do more with the whole Asgard/fantasy world. I believe the female Thor push came because Thor is a more known name by the mainstream. I would love to see Lady Sif of Valkyrie get a big push.

            Hopefully when Thor Ragnarok gets close we will see more buzz for Asgard. If we are getting a Thor wave it may mean there will be more merchandise. I would prefer a comics Sif figure but would be happy with a movie SIf too. And we definitely need more MCU villians like Malekith or even a proper movie Loki.

            Can’t wait for Angela though! She will look great with the Guardians set that just came out.

    • Fantastic, I have after two pack of these JIM, and a 3 pack of the Warrior’s three, what ai would like is a awsome Ulik. (Big Thor fan see my email address)

  2. I’m excited for this. I remember when she was solely part of the Image universe. So it’s really novel to me that she’s now become a Marvel Legend figure 🙂 And thankfully, during an era when the females are actually REALLY GOOD lol

      • Yes.
        Her name is Aldrif Odinsdottir, and she’s Thor’s older sister.

        She was apparently lost (thought to be killed) as a baby to the 10th realm, Heaven, which Odin sealed away forever ago during a war between Asgard and Heaven.
        She was raised by the angels and named Angela.
        Somehow she ended up getting unsealed or whatever.
        Pissed off and confused she headed towards Earth, met the Guardians of the Galaxy on the way, etc… She battles Thor, meets Odin, finds out who she really is, gets exiled from Heaven and disowned by the Angels when they find out who she is, etc etc etc…

        Dunno what she does after that.

        IRL, Neil Gaiman sold the rights to Marvel to fuck over Todd McFarlane, because he was tired of McFarlane being a douchecanoe, is how I understand it.

        • Well, I’ll give Marvel credit for tying her into the Asgardians. I **think of her** as Asgardian now… I’m setting up a display shelf for my Asgardian Marvel Legends and Universe and welcomed the idea of adding another Asgardian (Angela). “Asgardian”–not to be confused with “Norse”, huh, Tim? Marvel has forgotten about Tyr and other (actual) Asgardians who once were part of the Marvel cast–now Cul is the “God of Justice” (Tyr’s old job). On the other hand, Jason Aaron or Matt Fraction did finally bring in Freyja. Enchantress is the mythological Freyja in action, if not name, but finally we have an official “Freyja”.

          • Pretty sure the idea is that Cul was the ORIGINAL (or at least previous) God of Justice, but has become the God of Fear instead, with Tyr being the current God of Justice.

          • hi Phillip, I believe you just won a Stan Lee no-prize for explaining Tyr’s role. The comics themselves have not included him… wait! That’s right! He died fighting the Disir in Hel under Kieron Gillen! its all come back to me.

          • Yea, everyone who dies in Marvel always stays dead.

            But seriously, Cul’s still the God of Fear, not the God of Justice.

  3. I really hope they make figures for:
    Cosmo the Space Dog (ESPECIALLY Cosmo. Damn that would be cool….)
    Lady Sif
    Mysterio (How is it even possible that there has never been a Marvel Legends Mysterio???)
    Quasar (if it’s the Phyla-Vell version)

    These would be cool too:
    The Disir

    The rest I don’t care about.

    Amora The Enchantress (how is she not on this list when Executioner is?)

    • I agree with your list! And, about Enchantress over the Executioner. Maybe Hasbro team named him because “bad-ass men” are more popular than women characters. On the other hand, when you look at the con exclusives–women characters make up 2 out of 5 in many of the sets.

      Gah! I’m bummed that Symbiote made the top 4… we’ll definitely get him (all repaint)… whereas Sif just got shelved for another decade…

    • Mysterio was made in the accompanying Spider-Man Classics line (and re-released with a slightly different paint job later on in another Spider-Man line), pretty much in the Legends style at the time. Though he did have an action feature, which rotated his head to a different face while lighting up the “fishbowl.”

  4. Symbiote Spiderman ??????????? Oh, we don’t have enough of him, huh? But, joking aside, he is a simple repaint, so I’m sure we’ll see him sooner or later… Who were these voters? A serious Marvel legends collector really voted for symbiote spiderman? Somebody needs to explain to the voters that you vote for somebody who will force new tooling! >:-D

    • I won’t be surprised if we get a new Symbiote Spider-Man a couple Spider-Man waves from now.

      They have like a million Spider-Man waves to go before we’ve even got most of the iconic villains and associated characters, and every wave is gonna need some form of Spider-Man….
      Wouldn’t be surprised if we get better versions of Future Foundation and Big Time at some point too.
      Hopefully a really good Iron Spider at some point…
      But I figure we’ll see Miles Morales in the next Spider-Man wave.

      Anyhow, yea, we don’t EVER EVER EVER need to vote for a Spider-Man.

    • Dude, you would be astonished at how many people want remakes! The whining over Black suited Spider-Man on other forums is at a fever pitch! I got lambasted when I tried to explain why remakes are wastes of space in waves with BAF’s! They don’t understand the concept of “spend your money on new characters, not those you already have”.

      • man! who are these people? I’m guessing they are adults, too, not unexperienced teens!

      • I’d like to have a new Black Suit Spider-Man because the Red Hulk BAF one is: 1. Not very good (but the best of the bunch), 2. the price is getting to high. I’m not jumping up and down screaming for one but I’d like to have a new one. I agree it shouldn’t be on this list but in a Spider-Man release instead.

  5. We don’t have an Enchantress. So no. I’m not excited. In fact, I’m boycotting Marvel Legends until we get an Amora figure.

    • Nah. Magik is too small (uses the Jubilee body). More likely the Red She-Hulk mold even though it’s too big.

      • Actually, Red She-Hulk would basically be the right size. She’s an Asgardian, Thor’s sister.
        Asgardians are generally pretty huge.
        Valkyrie’s on the Red She-Hulk body too, because that’s pretty much female Asgardian size.

  6. There are far more teams/lists (and therefore shelves/displays) that Darkhawk belongs on than many of the other contestants in the poll. I’m not a Darkhawk fanboy, but I do hate holes in collection. Like Brother Voodoo, Angela opens more holes than she fills.

    I hope she gets a decent amount of new tooling and not just head, belt, lower arms/legs.

    • I’m thinking the She-Hulk mold will be used even though it’s too big to represent Angela. Of course that didn’t stop Hasbro from using it to make Valkyrie. If they’re going for accuracy (height), they’ll use the Moonstone mold.

      I still don’t understand the disdain over those two molds I admit. They’re the best female molds Hasbro has come out with, or is that not the issue? Could it be people want Hasbro to spend tens of thousands of dollars on new sculpts simply to justify someone’s lil $20 even though the older sculpts (ie; Pizza Spidey, Buckycap, Hyperion and now Grim Reaper) work fine?

      • Ehhh….. Moonstone is kinda too small for Asgardian warriors.
        Asgardians tend towards being large compared to humans.

        I mean, the art is pretty damn inconsistent in regards to scale, but Angela is pretty much always shown to be a little taller than Gamora, and there are people who already think the Moonstone body was too small for Gamora…
        And Angela is shown to be somewhere near Thor’s and Odin’s sizes, and they’re both massive.

        I’d much rather have Angela be arguably too big but looking consistent with her own kind, than arguably too small and looking tiny among the Asgardians.

    • Cosmo should’ve gotten ALL the votes.
      I doubt there’s any other way we’d get Cosmo, because how the hell will they ever find an excuse to reuse a astronaut dog mold?

  7. Creo que hay demasiados personajes que ya tendrian que existir en legends .. la encantadora y ejecutor son los primeros … los tres guerreros lafey surtur balder sif .. eso solo de asgard … en cuanto a spidey .. todos sabemos que vendran olas tras olas basadas en spidey … a si que hasbro te doy unnpar de ideas gratis .. toombstone .. mysterio .. shocker .. scorpion .. puma … buitre .. iron spider y como en tosas las olas a aparecido un marvels knight seria bueno ver a blade y un nuevo moon knight … blade merece una nueva version … hercules .. ares .

  8. I’m just over here waiting for a Marvel Legends Penance figure. Still waiting.

  9. It is so stupid that Marvel even wanted to use a character created for Spawn in their own comics. They never should’ve bought the rights to a character from someone else’s universe.