Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Series Up for Order on Amazon!

Almost unquestionably the most talked-about series of 2015 Hasbro Marvel Legends figures has been frustratingly difficult to find at retail thus far. While some online retailers received limited stock of cases in early July, those waiting for individual figures have had a rough time. But if you haven’t found these figures yet, you need hunt no longer–Amazon now has all of the shortpacked Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Series figures available for order with free shipping!

Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Series on Amazon

The moment that Hasbro unveiled the Marvel Legends Avengers Hulkbuster Wave at the New York Toy Fair 2015 in February, it instantaneously became the most-anticipated Marvel Legends 2015 series. Speculation said that the series would be hitting retail in mid-summer 2015, and it has–but not nearly in enough quantity yet to meet demand.

But have no fear, the drought is ending–the Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Build-A-Figure series is starting to appear in retail stores, and all of the rare figures have hit Amazon US now as well!

Marvel Now Iron Man Marvel Legends Figure PackagedThe series consists of seven figures, and six of them have been shortpacked at just one-per-case:

  • Vision
  • Valkyrie
  • Thundra
  • Doctor Strange
  • Blizzard
  • Marvel NOW! Iron Man

Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 War Machine Mark II Figure PackagedOddly enough, there’s one figure from this series that Amazon is not yet selling themselves (although he is available from third-party sellers): War Machine. What’s weird is that this Marvel Legends War Machine figure is the only double-packed figure in the series and thus the figure that Amazon probably have the most stock of.

I’m assuming Rhodey not being available directly yet is an oversight that will be corrected soon, but even if it’s not, War Machine should be easier to find in stores than any other figure from this wave.

Avengers Legends Valkyrie Figure Packaged Hasbro 6 Inch

The figures (sans War Machine) are priced at $21.99 each with free shipping via Amazon right now. Considering the figures retail for $19.99 in most brick-and-mortar stores (plus $1.60-$2.00) tax in most states, those collectors in states where Amazon doesn’t charge tax make out very well ordering online.

It’s worth noting that this is a series where every action figure in the wave includes a different Build-A-Figure part. Hasbro has released a few 6″ Marvel Legends Infinite Series waves where there are two figures in the wave that share the same Build-A-Figure part, but this is not one of them–you must buy every single figure from the wave (including the “Fearless Defenders” Thundra and Valkyrie) in order to build the Hulkbuster Iron Man Build-A-Figure.

Considering that Thundra is not exactly a household name (even among diehard comic book fans), this is probably a smart move on Hasbro’s part.

Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Figure with Hulkbuster Iron Man LegThe Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 3 series with Hulkbuster Iron Man BAF is now available for order on Amazon, and is expected to be shipped out this week. The estimated ship dates on certain figures may correlate with how well each figure has been selling (ie those figures shipping earliest have likely sold the least quantities thus far). With the massive demand for this wave among collectors, I fully expect most of the figures (especially Vision and Doctor Strange) to sell out quickly and only be available at inflated third-party prices.

Have you spotted the Hulkbuster Marvel Legends series in stores yet, Marvel collectors? If not, are you planning to snap up any of the figures from the series now that they’re available individually online?


Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Series Up for Order on Amazon! — 21 Comments

  1. Hasbro has already revised the case to have one of each figure and two marvel now iron man, according to a listing on entertainment earth – should’ve left it at 2 war machine

    • That’s the revision case, which traditionally many stores don’t order. Overall, I’d expect War Machine to have a much larger run than that Iron Man.

  2. I think it’s apples and apples. They’re both Iron Man armors essentially. Hasbro for some frustrating reason seems to believe anything Iron Man will NOT be peg warming. Are they not getting reports from the B&M’s?!? Even the revision case is just a swap out from one “Iron Man” to another. How about doubling up Doc Strange or the Vision?

    • As the article says, for some reason, War Machineisn’t sold by Amazon yet, but you can get him through Amazon by a third party seller for $26.

      The Vision seems to already be at least temporarily sold out or something. Current status is listed as “Unavailable”.

    • It’s the Marvel NOW! Vision costume from the “Avengers A.I.” comic book series.

      • Wish they would have given us a classic vision instead. We need an updated classic vision bad.

        • I absolutely LOVE the colors on this new Vision figure.
          Colorwise, I think this is my favorite Marvel Legends figure of all time (I think Machine Man [for some reason] was my previous favorite, with his crazy shiny purple and silver combo).

          But the Vision I REALLY want is the current one, the “All New, All Different” Vision, which is BY FAR the best design the The Vision has ever had.
          It’s truly TRULY great.

          I can’t even tell you how badly I wish that movie Vision looked like ANAD Vision, instead of that bizarre magenta/grey-grey/tan weirdness that they used in Age Of Ultron (which just looked like Vision was in constant extreme need of color correction)….

  3. Interesting that these have not shown up in stores yet. I found the spiderman think wave at target last week and these were released way before those.

    • O rly?
      I may have to drop into my local Target again and see if they have the Spider-Man wave.
      They didn’t last time I checked.
      They didn’t have much of anything, just some Electros, a couple Tigersharks, and a couple from the Thanos wave.

  4. If you don’t neccessarily want the Hulkbuster figure (in which case you’re kinda weird), it’s worth noting that I just found an eBay store selling all 7 figures from this wave loose, without the Hulkbuster parts, for $80 and free expedited shipping.

    That’s like $11.42 per figure, which is pretty god damn cheap.

    • Never mind, it’s sold out again. I’m not even sure mine made it in time. Keep checking the link just in case. It was listed along with the others for a few minutes.

  5. Is there any reason to think that this wave will sell out, unlike the other waves that are for sale? I ask because I just took a bath on some SDCC exclusives and would like to NOT obsess over pre-orders for this wave. I mean, all the figures I’d want from the Odin, Thanos and Hobgoblin waves look like they’re in stock.

  6. The Hobgoblin and Thanos BAFs have small release counts on SpiderWoman Jessica Drew and Spidey 2099 + Daredevil figures everyone else is more available but Iron Man mk 43 Hulk Cap fly too quickly Imo