Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set Clearance Sale!

2015 is a great year to be alive and a Marvel Legends collector! Not only do we have four waves of Avengers Marvel Legends and two waves of Spider-Man Marvel Legends in 2015, but we’ll also be getting a variety of retailer exclusive sets. And while one of those sets was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, we haven’t heard another word about it–until now! The comics-based modern Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy set has now been revealed!

UPDATE 9/9/2016: For those who have held out for the last 19 months, betting that this exclusive set would eventually get a mega-discount to a killer price–your patience has been rewarded! The EE Exclusive Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set is now on clearance for nearly 50% off–just $62 shipped for five 6″ figures! Craziness! If you’ve been waiting for this set to reach the lowest price that it’s gonna–this is probably it!


ORIGINAL ARTICLE 4/25/2015: I was beginning to fear that Hasbro had quietly canned the modern comics-based Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy set that they announced at SDCC 2014, but out of nowhere, an image of the set’s packaging leaked online last week! (That image has now been removed by request, but an official image of the prototype of the set is above.)

For those who won’t be in San Diego in July, have no fear: this Guardians of the Galaxy set will not be the SDCC 2015 Marvel Legends exclusive. While it was unconfirmed last week exactly where the set would be exclusive to, it has now been confirmed by Entertainment Earth to be an Entertainment Earth exclusive set! This set will not be available at Toys R Us, comic book stores, BBTS, or any other retail–so if you want it, EE is the only place to go!

EE Exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy Box SetAt a glance, my first impressions of this set are that it’s “pretty good”. I love the new Rocket Raccoon head, but that Marvel Legends Groot head is an abomination. Terrible stuff. The Drax looks to be a huge improvement over the previous Drax figure, though, thankfully. Star-Lord does not appear to have any differences from last year’s exclusive Star-Lord Marvel Legends figure (at least, not as far as I can tell), and I’ll need to see better photos before I pass judgment on Gamora.

The set is a mixture of Brian Michael Bendis’ GOTG and the DnA GOTG looks, as the existing tooling for Rocket, Groot and Starlord necessitates.

The contents of this Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends set are as follows:

  • Rocket Raccoon (Build-A-Figure Repaint with New Head and Gun!)
  • Star-Lord (Reissue of SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Star-Lord?)
  • Groot (Build-A-Figure Repaint with New Head!)
  • Gamora (SDCC 2013 Moonstone Body Mold? with Black Knight’s Sword)
  • Drax (??? with Warpath’s Knives)
  • Baby Groot Figurine

Obviously this isn’t the most hi-res or flattering image of these figures, but it does give us a pretty good idea of what these figures are ultimately going to look like. Off the top of my head, I can’t identify exactly what molds have been kitbashed together to make that Drax figure–any readers want to help me out?

entertainment-earth-exclusive-guardians-of-the-galaxy-figures-set-boxThe Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy exclusive box set is now available for pre-order from EE, and is expected to ship in August 2015. I’m a total mark for Guardians of the Galaxy toys, so I pre-ordered this set instantly.

Based off of our first glance at the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set, what do you think, Marvel collectors? Will this modern comics GOTG be joining your collection, or are you satisfied with your movie-based Guardians of the Galaxy team?


Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Box Set Clearance Sale! — 30 Comments

  1. It’s not the “modern comics” team, and that’s why I’m so excited. We’re stuck with a Bendis Drax and Groot, but that’s fine if it also means we get based DnA versions of Star-Lord, Rocket and Gamora together- plus we already got a fine DnA Drax.

    It warms my heart that marketing people still go to DnA first for comic merchandise, and not Bendis’ dogshit run of generic mass effect armor and out-of-character nonsense.

    • To clarify, the “modern Guardians of the Galaxy” team refers to the Annihilation and beyond version of the team. The “classic” Guardians of the Galaxy team is, of course, the iteration with Vance Astro, Yondu and all of those great characters on the team.

      The Bendis GOTG is specifically the “Marvel NOW!” Guardians of the Galaxy. =D

    • Unknown thus far–my guess is Toys R Us and/or Diamond Distribution (AKA online retailers).

    • Just a heads up right now if you pre-order at entertainment earth and type in marvel20 at checkout you get free shipping plus $20 off the set so it comes out to $99.99

  2. So glad I sold my raccoon baf and star lord when I had the chance. The rocket head looks perfffffect. Griot looks cool. I guess they had to make his crazy head to look a lot diff than the movie version I’m down as long as there’s enough paint shading for all that extra branchy stuff. And the gamora looks exactly as what I wanted.

    And is that drax just a radioactive man? I was gonna do a cheap ass custom of that but this will do. Especially since they gave him cool arms and legs. This is amazing.

    • Drax looks like radioactive man’s torso on movie drax’s legs with new forearms.

  3. Completely forgot that they announced this set. I was pretty pumped when they announced it at SDCC though. A bigger, bulkier Drax with the Sentry body mold, hopefully a RR with better tail/leg/ balance issues, a comic Gamora with the new female body mold and the SDCC exclusive re-release of Star-Lord (I missed out on the Thanos Imperative set). The Groot, looks a bit off, but I’ll take an angry Groot; I’ll wait til better pictures/official release info come out to put any real judgment.

  4. Finally!! Gamora! I’ve been waiting for this a lot of time. Hated the Movie version of the figure. I’ll Keep my BAFs Rocket and Groot as well as the Arnim Zola’s Drax. I hope now i can buy Star-lord, in eBay is too expensive for my pocket.

    By the way, they are all DnA design except Drax i think. The DnA version for Drax was the one in Arnim Zola’s Series. This one looks more like the Marvel NOW! version by Bendis. The sculpture looks better than the previous figure (ignoring movie version). It seems to have Hyperion and Sentry Body Mold, which i’ve always thought that would be perfect for Drax.

    Very happy for the announcement! (Apologizes for my poor english)

    • Bendis Groot too; DnA Groot wore the uniform too- it was Bendis that decided he doesn’t get clothes.

      • True! But the head of Bendis version now is more similar to the movie version. Well, it depends of the artist haha But, back to your point, yes, DnA’s Groot wore the uniform, which I didn’t like too much. I prefer the “nude” version.

        • Groot not wearing a uniform always rubs me the wrong way. It’s like saying that he’s not a real member of the team. He’s the team’s pet- the group dog or something. Clothes are for people, silly sub-people don’t get to wear q uniform.

          Though I guess I’d rather see him without any uniform and covered in dumb flashlights than wearing the Mass Effect nightmares he put Gamora, Star-Lord and Agent Venom in.

  5. I’m just going to go on record and say I HATE the Hyperion/Sentry/Radioactive Man/Gladiator body! A bigger bulkier body was needed for those characters from what used to be, but when it was introduced with Hyperion, I was sorely disappointed. From straight on the front it looks ok, but in profile it is ridiculous. The chest juts out unnaturally creating a complete shelf under the chin, and the back is rounded in such a way that the characters all look like they are pushing their shoulders forward for a body-building pose. It’s silly. On Hyperion it was ok because his cape swung over his shoulder kind of hiding the awkward shoulder/chest shelf look. But everyone else is stands out clear as day. I know they can make better body. The smaller male body they use for guys like Cyclops is great. And the movie shape of Drax (Batista) is quite good too. Yes, the comic Drax should be bigger than the last one they produced, but why does it gotta be that dumb Hyperion body. Can’t they make a new one?! (oh, and they have 2 holes in the back for capes, the double holes creating a sturdy way to hold the cape and keep it from swiveling, but did they use what was there for Sentry? No, they only had his cape occupy one hole, so it spins and falls off easily — the same issue with Angel’s wings from the first class box set TRU exclusive — there was a second hole right there and they didnt have the brains to use it! don’t they test these figures out?)

    [of course, I just wish they’d go to cloth capes, anyway, and stop the plastic and rubber versions, but that’s always been my opinion/critique of the Marvel Legends Line even back when it was produced by ToyBiz]

    • The Hyperion/Cage buck or base body is grand. Magnificence. It is dysmorohic,like a bodybuilder,and that is what makes it great. If you will pardon the redundant pun. It’s an exaggeration of the physique of a powered individual to give the spectacular illusion of super powered strength. I like it. I think it works on SOME characters, not all.
      Gladiator for example. He’s supposed to be tall and lean like Chris Reeves’ Superman. I look at that figure sometimes and just think,”Man, He’s just too jacked.” Hyperion looks great, and has two holes in his back because the cape is asymmetrical and in 2 parts; the clasp over one shoulder, and the body of cape that flows along to his feet. The bodies are all made the same so they all have the 2 holes in the back. It’s the same with the Archangel/Black Panther/Bucky Cap bodies. The holes are on the back of all of them. Hydra soldiers, Cyclops, Baron Zemo, ultimate Beetle, yes Beetle, they’ve all got that hole in the back if they need it or not. There is an intermediate buck/body being made.
      Grimm Reaper and Kraven will be the first figures coming out that fit between Hyperion and Cyclops.
      Either super glue or Tacky glue if you don’t want a permanent bond will work for your Sentry’s cape fix.
      Or you could always make your own cloth capes.:-)

  6. God damn it! I’m too broke to be buying a big set like this but there is no way I’m gonna see it on the shelves and not buy it.

    • The time is NOW! Go to Entertainment Earth and PreOrder it for estimated August arrival. There’s a link on this site above. Free shipping and a coupon code of MARVEL20 gets you $10 off! 🙂

  7. Dabid, I think Drax is a retooling of the Bautista figure. That would actually make sense since the movie Drax is the right “bulk” (in my opinion) for Drax.

  8. Looks like the Drax body is the same as the movie Dracula. Also realized this is the same body mold as the new ML grim reaper that was announced in the Ultron BAF wave. Looks like the gamora figure will have head articulation issues due to the plastic hair.

  9. Me parece genial un pack de guardianes version comic … drax con cuerpo luke cage y cuchillos warpath no me desagrada … groot no me gusta … si gamora trae el cuerpo usado wn moonstone seria genial solo espero una mirada agresiva y no la cara casi sin expresion de la version movie … espero algo mas de star lord … al menos una cabeza intercambiable con el rostro de peter .. o algo que lo diferencie de la version pack thanos .. no soy partidario de los re lanzamientos de figuras iguales a las que ya tenemos al menos algo tiene que ser diferente

  10. This is GREAT!!! So excited to get GAMORA. I like the costume they put her in but the hood is gonna inhibit her head movement. Loving Rockets new headsculpt. My only wish is if somehow Bug and Mantis made it into the lineup.

  11. Just ordered it. Gonna have to sell something to justify the purchase to my wife.

    • I did too. You got the $20 off right?
      MARVEL 20 gets $20 off in addition to the free shipping! Then you show your wife what a frugal shopper you are.
      Ladies usually love that, captain.;-)

  12. Ya que este pack que habia sido anunciado el pasado sdcc no va a ser el exclusivo del año me pregunto….. que nos traera hasbro este año en su clasico pack exclusivo sdcc? Hay tantos personajes que me gustaria ver .. encantadora .. mockingbird .. un nuevo falcon .. shang chi .. bomba a .. magik .. y otra cosa que eh pensado .. hasbro hara una serie sobre los 4 fantasticos ?

  13. The wait has paid off! I debated buying it a few weeks back. Glad I waited for the $62 price tag.

  14. Nice. I almost bought this myself a few days ago when looking forward to the GotG wave coming up next year with more comic inspired figures. I got two shipped free for what I almost payed for one. VERY happy. Thanks Dabid!