Marvel Legends Star-Lord Helmet & Mjolnir Prop Replicas!

I’m just going to come right out and say it: “CALLED IT!” I’ve been saying since last year that I was all but certain that the Hasbro Marvel Legends Prop Replicas line would continue in 2017 with a Star-Lord Helmet and a Thor Mjolnir Hammer prop replica, so I felt pretty gratified this morning when I got the long-awaited E-Mail in my inbox confirming just that: the Marvel Legends Mjolnir and Star-Lord Helmet prop replicas are now up for order!

Marvel Legends Thor Mjolnir Hammer Replica

I have never in my life been into movie prop replicas of any kind, but Hasbro really captured my heart last year with their affordably-priced, immensely awesome full-size prop replica Captain America Shield and Iron Man helmet. I’ve never been willing to spend over 100 bucks on any kind of prop replica in my life, but I loved the plastic Captain America shield so much that I even ended up forking over 250 bucks-plus for the exquisite Metal Captain America shield!

But as pleased as I was with both of those items, I was secretly hoping as soon as Cap’s Shield and Iron Man’s helmet were revealed that both would be highly successful so that we’d see the line continue this year for movies I like more than Captain America and Iron Man: Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor. And as luck would have it–the line is continuing!

Marvel Legends Star-Lord Helmet Full-Size 2017First off, we’ve got the Star-Lord Helmet full-size replica. This ain’t no kiddie toy helmet that’ll only fit on an eight year-old’s head this time! This is a full-on man’s space helmet! I’ve been waiting for eFX to get off their butts and producer their long-delayed Star Lord Helmet for years, so it’s exciting to see that Hasbro finally going to be the company to make one–and for a much lower price, no doubt.

Marvel Legends Star-Lord Helmet Full-Size 2017The Hasbro Star-Lord helmet will feature electronic sounds and light-up eyes, and will retail for the same $99.99 MSRP as last year’s Iron Man helmet. If the paint deco on that Iron Man helmet last year is any indication of what we can expect for this Star-Lord helmet, we are in for a real treat.

Hasbro Mjolnir Marvel Legends Full-Size Replica

Meanwhile, Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer will also be in 1:1, full-scale size, so it’s going to be positively massive in a way that stock photos just can’t properly demonstrate. I’ll be sure to take some photos of the hammer for scale at the 2017 Toy Fair this weekend.

I am honestly not all that crazy about the electronic lights and sounds on this hammer (I’m a little old to make my prop replicas make thunder noises), but I’m pleased to see that the electronic features of Mjolnir don’t seem to interfere with its appearance when in not in use at all. The hammerhead and pommel both look outstanding! For a $99.99 prop replica, this look pretty great.

Marvel Legends Mjolnir Hammer Prop ReplicaBoth the Marvel Legends Star-Lord Helmet and Mjolnir replicas are now up for order on Amazon, even though they were originally not scheduled to go up for sale until Saturday at noon. I’ll send out alerts live from the New York Toy Fair with in-person photos of both replicas when I see them at the Hasbro presentation tomorrow.

What are your thoughts on the continuing Hasbro Marvel Legends role-play series of movie replica items, Marvel collectors? Were you impressed enough with last year’s Iron Man helmet and Captain America shield to want your very own Star-Lord helmet and Mjolnir hammer this year, or are you planning to take a pass on the expansion of the role-play items?


Marvel Legends Star-Lord Helmet & Mjolnir Prop Replicas! — 11 Comments

    • Given how well the Metal Shield sold, I wouldn’t doubt it, but I’ll ask Hasbro at Toy Fair Saturday. 🙂

  1. I’ve been waiting for the star lord helmet for a while, take my money hasbro, next needs to be original series x-wing helmet!!!

  2. I have the Iron Man helmet and metal Captain America shield. The Thor hammer is a definite must for me to complete the trifecta.

    I’ll probably pick up the Starlord helmet, but it’s not something I have to have.

    After this I’d love to have a metal Magneto helmet and a couple of Spider-Man’s web shooters. 🙂

  3. Does anyone know when Thor hammer will be available for preorder in canada? Amazon US wants 99 plus 60 shipping/customs US. I’m assuming it will be around $129 Canadian… anyone know when or where it will be available for preorder?

  4. The paint on the Iron Man Helmet wasn’t great. It took 2 replacements before I received a half decent one. The Captain America Shield suffered from a similar problem. The paint job was sloppy. It’s as if Hasbro rushed a lot of each item through production.

    I’ll give the Thor Mjolnir Hammer a try (I’ll call it MC) but this time I’ll order from Europe were charging almost twice the price for the Iron Man Helmet & Captain America Shields. It’s cheaper to buy direct from than Europes sky high prices.

  5. Watchout for all of the various Thor Mjolnir Hammer sellers on Amazon changing their pictures for the Hasbro Official Thor Mjolnir images over the next few weeks!

    Unless purchasing directly from, what you see & what you get will be two very different things!