Marvel Legends Vintage Series 6” Figures Up for Order & Case Ratios!

Happy October, Marvel (Legends) collectors! October 1st may be a Sunday this year, but no weekend can keep the next wave of Marvel Legends 6” Figures from going up for order now that stores are allowed to begin taking orders! And so, the final Hasbro 6” series of 2017 can now be locked in to our collections at long last— the Marvel Legends Vintage Series is now up for order with free shipping!

Marvel Legends Vintage Wolverine 6 Inch Figure Packaged

Ever since Hasbro announced the Toybiz packaging throwback series of “Vintage” Marvel Legends Figures at SDCC 2017 in July, I’ve been wondering what the case ratios for the series would be and which headliners would earn double-packed status (what, you don’t lay in bed at night wondering such things?).

As it turns out, the correct answer seems to be: none of them! Rather than an 8-Figure case, every case of Marvel Legends Vintage Wave 1 will include exactly one of each of all six figures in the series!

Marvel Legends Vintage Wave 1 Cases Up for OrderAs such, the case ratios for Marvel Legends Vintage Series 1 are as follows:

  • (1) Iron Man
  • (1) Captain America
  • (1) Wolverine
  • (1) Black Widow
  • (1) Spider-Man
  • (1) Punisher

Marvel Legends Vintage Series Iron Man PackagedNote that the Iron Man figure in this wave has all-new lower legs/boots which set him apart from the Neo-Classic Iron Man released in the (Return of) Marvel Legends Wave 3 series.

Marvel Legends Vintage Captain America Figure PackagedThis is also the first time that an effect piece shield has come with a classic Captain America figure–we previously only got this accessory with the “Secret War” Captain America from the Abomination wave in 2016.

Vintage Marvel Legends Punisher PackagedSeeing as how this series is even packed with one of everyone in every case, it should be a pretty easy matter for collectors who want one of each figure to just order a full case and have an instant complete set with no duplicates. Thanks, Hasbro!!

Marvel Legends Vintage Spider-Man Figure Packaged

Wolverine is almost certain to be the “hot” figure in this wave, as there are many fans who still need the X-Men Legends Wolverine Figure in brown costume from 2016. I’d expect that Black Widow (the only new-ish figure in the series) and the repainted Pizza Spider-Man will also be quick sell-outs.

Even the Captain America, Iron Man and Punisher figures have at least something new about them compared to past releases, so there are no figures in this wave that are straight-up repacks. If you’re a completist, there’s no figure you can skip in this wave, despite the fact that there’s no Build-A-Figure for this series.

Vintage Wave Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure PackagedThe Marvel Legends Vintage Wave 1 Figures are now up for order in case and as individuals, and are scheduled to be released in December 2017. BBTS had the figures up for order first with both individual figures available and in full sets, but EE has since opened orders themselves and have a better price on the set and free shipping (but no singles). This is the last official series of 2017, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t start seeing early shipments of some 2018 Figures arriving before the end of the year. Stay tuned!

Now that we can finally order them, who’s in for this retro-packaged Marvel Legends series? Are you planning to collect the whole set or just specific characters, and would you like to see this Toybiz throwback line continue?


Marvel Legends Vintage Series 6” Figures Up for Order & Case Ratios! — 26 Comments

  1. Just pre-ordered the whole case (wow, it feels kinda weird to be able to say that now, what with my new job and all). I sold the previous versions of Cap and Wolverine (the ones that these are just slight updates of).

  2. There’s good things and bad things about this wave!. The good: Caps chain mail and shield throw, Iron Man’s new boots, trigger fingers for Punisher, alternate head and hairy arms for Wolverine. The bad: No interchangeable hands for any figure but especially Spidey, Mary Jane head for Black Widow. Still gonna get all these though because I think the good out weighs the bad and a few of these figures I missed out on!

    • It is detachable, as that’s the way the same effects piece works for the Secret War Cap. 🙂

  3. That Captain America is awesome, the painted scalemail reminds me of the series 1 ToyBiz Cap.

  4. Anyone know if the iron man since he has new feet will have ankle pivot ?

  5. Hey Dabid, if my pre-order is to be taken at face value, the 1st 2018 wave we’ll get (possibly in 2017) is the Black Panther wave (Ratios: 2x MCU Black Panther/2x MCU Nakia/Killmonger/Black Bolt/Invincible Iron Man/Sub-Mariner (I think that’s how he’s going to be labeled).

  6. Yeah i’ll wait for them to retail. I have a feeling I may end up skipping this whole wave if they aren’t priced lower than BAF series figures.

    • I can tell you unequivocally they will be selling at regular retail prices ($19.99-$22.99). Kinda messed up, but the silver lining for me is this cements what I’ve said in numerous debates with ML collectors regarding BAF’s not being “big enough” or not wanting the character provided. Marvel Legends started out not providing BAF’s with their figures and when they began, they gave us large (REALLY large) figures. Then we got spoiled and began believing we’re “supposed” to get BAF’s with waves, and that led to the incessant complaints ever since about “who?” and of course, the ever present “it isn’t big enough”. I’m bettin’ with THIS wave, Puck, Rocket Raccoon, Hit Monkey, Arnim Zola and Jubilee are lookin’ REAL good right about now huh? Or don’t tell me, instead of coming clean, you all (who this applies to) would rather no figure than a “small” figure huh? LOL!

      PS: I know they’ll be at the standard pricing we know because Entertainment Earth is selling them for $22.99 or $124.99 a case (6 to a box).

      • My bad! In all of my ranting, I forgot to mention my point, that being for all of people’s rationalizing about the Build-A-Figure is “supposed” to be included and that it isn’t a “free” or extra figure for the price of 6,7 or 8 figures, what does this tell you? Answer: that they (Hasbro) could stop adding BAF’s at any time while not reducing the cost to customers. We’ll bitch. We’ll whine and we will complain…but we’re still gonna buy these things.

        We’re NOT “supposed” to get BAF’s people. We should appreciate that we do and not complain because we got Tippy Toe as the Build-A-Figure.
        Rant over.

        • Well, while you may feel as if the BAF is a generous throwaway that I should kiss Hasbro’s feet for being so kind as to provide me, I am simply looking at a wave that, in my humble opinion, bases its entire value on 90’s nostalgia. While that may be the trendy marketing move right now, the product doesn’t justify the cost. Less accessories + no build-a-figure = less plastic, tooling, and production costs. That’s just business and I personally refuse to get hyped or hand over money when I don’t feel I’m getting a true value for it.

          Please do not assume I will complain about the cost and then buy them anyway. I have the self-control not to buy a wave of primarily re-released figures when they are over-priced. I’ll also hedge my bets that if this wave gets a large production release, its entirety will be available in a year or so for significantly less money.

          Also, to your point about the original Marvel Legends not having BAF pieces: if you recall as I do from my early days of collecting these figures at the line’s inception – the series started out including massive and detailed display pieces (think Captain America’s tank piece, Wolverine’s Hellfire club base, etc.). So it really isn’t like the extra plastic wasn’t always part of the deal – and that is back when they retailed at 8.99 or so.

          I get that the price has gone up generally due to inflation/higher cost of producing plastics but that doesn’t apply in this case as, again, for 19.99 we normally get a figure, accessories, and a BAF part while for this wave we get no BAF piece, limited accessories, and cheaper (albeit “nostalgic”) packaging. In the case of exclusives that don’t have a BAF piece, they tend to be pretty well loaded with accessories – Punisher had multiple heads and guns – Sue Storm came with H.E.R.B.I.E.

          As always, this is just personal opinion and you’re entitled to feel like we shouldn’t complain about the price point, but I just personally feel like this wave is an attempt to make money off of pure nostalgia on the part of Hasbro – and I’m entitled to that opinion as well. It certainly isn’t stopping those who are excited for the wave from buying them nor does it invalidate their desire to scoop them up.

          • Heck, the Hydra 2 pack TRU exclusive is coming loaded with parts that add significant value to the set. That is an item I don’t mind spending the full retail price on because there are accessories that make it feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. I wouldn’t mind the streamlined style of this wave if they were going to sell for even a couple of bucks below the retail norm!

          • I never said, nor believed the BAF was a “generous throwaway by Hasbro”, nor did I say anything about thanking Hasbro or “kissing their feet”. You ask me to not assume you’ll complain about the cost, then buy them anyway. I don’t know you from Adam duke. You make it sound like it was a personal attack toward you on my part (ergo your snarkiness and sarcasm). Since you read these boards as I do, I know you’ve seen exactly what I’m talking about, which suggests, by the ”offense” you took, that even though you may not purchase THIS wave, you’re still guilty of doing exactly what I pointed out at some point in time (probably a LOT of points in time), or else there wouldn’t have been a call for the snarkiness. You’re absolutely right; people are entitled to their opinions and people are entitled to voice them, but just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you have to. ESPECIALLY if that person is going to complain about something, yet continue to engage in it (that happens to be one of the tenets of insanity by the way).

            My point to this whole thing is simply this; we are not “entitled” to get BAF’s, accessories or anything else besides the figure. It’s absolutely fantastic when we do get them and we should appreciate the fact if they never included any of this, most of us would STILL be collecting.

          • If you dont want to pay 20.00 for rereleases thats you bud. Im more than happy to buy this and never once crossed my mind about them not having a baf peice. I dont have a pizza spidey in my collection and now get a chance to get one. Or a black widow which are way over priced in secondary market. Have the wolverine and paid like 25 to 30 i believe because it was hard to find in the wild. 20.00 is fair and cant wait for wave 2.

  7. What exactly made the jump in price from $6.88 from the original Toybiz to $20-22? I stop paying retail figures and wait for the prices to drop to $15 or less on Amazon for most peg warmers. I’d only pay full price for those that has been hard to get.

    • Not exactly a “jump”. Marvel Legends came out in 2002. It’s mostly been inflation, but to your point, Hasbro did initiate a “jump” in price when they went from $16.99 right to $19.99.

  8. @Rukkdeez – Suffice it to say I wasn’t trying to attack anyone nor did I feel personally attacked at all. All I was trying to say is I fundamentally disagree with your stance on BAF/accessories/price points.

    I believe we are entitled to something a little extra for the price these figures sell at. And I factor it in to my purchasing decisions. I personally will wait until all these figures sell for less than their retail price on Amazon or elsewhere, have my fingers crossed that they don’t do well at retail (although as you said plenty of people will buy these regardless), and keep my optimistic hope that in the unlikely event they don’t sell well, then Hasbro may decide to retail them for a fairer price on the next vintage wave.

    No one can be right or wrong about their rationales for purchasing opinions, they are personal reasons, and if you got the impression I was implying anything otherwise – I apologize. Everything I indicated was just opinion which only truly holds merit to me.

    Happy Hunting!

  9. I think it’s OK for some figures to not come with BAF pieces (i.e. Walgreens) and it’d be weird to have the BAF pieces and break the aesthetics of the vintage packaging no? They will always retail at the same price because if they dropped it it would be Hasbro accepting they’re skimming down on the product. At the same time, it is important for us, the collectors to be VOCAL about what we like or not about the series and what we agree and disagree on in regards to accessories, pricing etc. :]
    On a personal note… SORELY disappointed we get MJ cosplaying as Black Widow. So crappy and LAME to have a 19-yo-looking Black Widow… yaaawnn. I was gonna buy it (that hair sculpt! <3) but now that I see it's MJ's face… I'm saving my money! 😛