Marvel Legends Vintage Series Figures Released & Photos!

UPDATE 12/21/2017: Remember this series of Toybiz tribute Marvel Legends Retro figures that we were all so excited about? That hit last month and have mostly been flying out of stores at full price? Well–PLOT TWIST! All five remaining figures are the Deal of the Day today, with $9-$11 each prices for 6″ Marvel Legends Black Widow, Spider-Man, Punisher and more! I wish I could say I waited, but, well… we all know I didn’t. Did you?

ORIGINAL: It’s been hitting sporadically at Walgreens stores since last month, but at last, the final Hasbro Marvel Legends 2017 wave of 6” Figures is beginning to hit stores in force! I’m still waiting for the set that I ordered online to arrive, but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to take in-hand Marvel Legends Vintage Series figure photos at my local Toys R Us today…

Marvel Legends Vintage Wolverine Figure Packaged

The Marvel Legends Toybiz Tribute wave really came out of nowhere when it appeared at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, but the response from collectors thus far has been very enthusiastic.

Despite there not being a Build-A-Figure in the wave, most collectors have been pretty excited about at least one aspect of this series, whether it be the Toybiz-inspired Vintage packaging or the opportunity to get sold-out, in-demand figures like Pizza Spider-Man and Brown Costume Wolverine without paying a mint.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Vintage Wave Captain America in PackageWhile I’ve seen these figures packaged in person at several conventions this summer and fall, the size of the packaging still took me by surprise when I saw these on the shelf at Toys R Us. The cardbacks for these make the packaging way bigger than the box style we’ve become accustomed to.

Back of Package Vintage Captain America Figure 2017 Marvel LegendsFor those wondering, yes—the back of the packaging does continue with the retro, throwback style of the front.

Marvel Legends 6" Throwback Series Iron Man Figure PackagedThe series is being shipped in cases of six, with one of each figure in the series:

  • Spider-Man (Pizza)
  • Black Widow (Classic)
  • Iron Man (Neo-Classic)
  • Captain America (Classic)
  • Punisher (Classic)
  • Wolverine (Brown Costume)

Vintage Punisher Marvel Legends Figure PackagedWith there being ample supplies of last year’s Walgreens Punisher still sitting on the shelves in many Walgreens stores, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as the pegwarmer of this set.

Cardback for Toybiz Tribute Punisher Marvel Legends Figure(And actually, that would also be sort of a throwback, as I can remember Toybiz Marvel Super-Heroes Punisher figures rotting off the pegs as a kid!)

Marvel Legends Black Widow Classic Figure Toybiz SeriesThe one totally “new” figure in the series is a classic Black Widow Marvel Legends figure, as the other five characters are all kitbashes of releases from the last few years.

Close-Up of Mary Jane Head on Vintage Black Widow 6" Figure BodyI’ve heard quite a few grumbles about the ML Mary Jane head being used for the new Vintage Black Widow figure, but I’m really not sure that saltiness is warranted—the  MJ head looks terrific on Natasha.

Hasbro Toybiz Tribute Black Widow Figure CardbackIf Black Widow had come out first, I’m not convinced many fans would be complaining about the head at all.

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Vintage Series Figure PackagedThe Vintage Spider-Man is probably the reissue in this set that suffers the most for missing accessories the original came with.

Close-Up of Hasbro Marvel Legends Retro Pizza Spider-ManWhile I love that the pizza slice and half-unmasked head are back, it’s going to be frustrating for many buyers that this Spidey comes with one web-shooting hand, one wall-crawling hand, and zero fists.

6" Marvel Legends Spider-Man Vintage Card BackEven so, I love the packaging art for this Spidey, and since I already have the original version and the SDCC 2016 The Raft repaint, I’ll be keeping mine carded.

Wolverine Cardback Hasbro ML Vintage Toybiz Retro Series

The best-received figure in the whole Vintage Marvel Legends series is almost certainly Wolverine, as not only was last year’s X-Men Legends Wolverine get outlandishly expensive on the aftermarket, but this is basically a superior upgrade of that figure due to added paint deco on the arms and new accessories.

The empty Wolverine mask is a neat inclusion, and I genuinely can’t remember the last time we got a 6” unmasked Wolverine head packed in (anyone?). Logan is the clear-cut choice for hottest-selling figure in the wave.

Close-Up of Marvel Legends Vintage Wolverine Brown Costume 6" FigureThe Marvel Legends Vintage Series is now available for order online in full sets and is also starting to hit local Walgreens, Walmarts and Toys R Us stores. Amazon hasn’t opened orders  for singles of the individual figures yet, but I’ll send out alerts via the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages once they begin.

Who’s found the Vintage wave of 6” Marvel Legends figures at retail already, and who’s still looking? For those of you who have seen them in person, what do you think? Would you like to see this style of series continue with more waves?


Marvel Legends Vintage Series Figures Released & Photos! — 43 Comments

  1. We definitely need atleast 1 more wave from this line.
    Daredevil- (bright red comic style paint scheme)
    U.S. Agent- (new cap body)
    Dr Doom
    Black costume spidermam
    Classic Vision

    • I agree with your list, except maybe a decent She Hulk instead of Vision. But great list otherwise. Personally I love this retro card idea and it refreshed my interest in buying a whole wave again. FYI except Wolverine all the others are available on Hasbro toy store online. If they would of had him I would of canceled my Bbts order.

      • thanks for the heads up on hasbro toy shop availability. Picked up my pizza spidey and black widow 🙂

        • Glad to help! To be honest I buy most of my Marvel Legends and Black Series SW 6” figs from them…especially exclusives. They have free shipping lots of times and pack the figures well.

  2. Hi guys. I found Black widow for 10 bucks at Walgreens. Haven’t found any as of yet at other Walgreens

  3. If Black Widow reuses the Mary Jane head (and reuses a standard female buck), isn’t she also a “kit bash”? Her wrist stingers might be from Spidergirl (Peter Parker’s daughter, Hobgoblin wave), though maybe her belt is new.

    • I mean, most Marvel Legends figures are kitbashes. I was specifically referring to figures kitbashed from recent versions of their own selves in this instance.

      • There were two 2 packs. As previously mentioned they are Winter Soldier and Black Widow 2 packs. The grey one was the variant.

  4. Hasbro really needs to fix those claws on Wolverine. They’re just terrible. They never line up right. Just make them molded metal and embed them in the fist plastic. Do something. Anything. Neither Toy Biz nor Hasbro has ever done good Wolverine claws.

  5. Been going crazy trying to find that Wolverine last month, as I totally missed out on last year’s release. Then just suddenly today I walked into TRU late in the evening and found two entirely untouched cases just sitting on the pegs undisturbed. Got a Wolverine, left one behind for the next guy. Can’t afford to buy all of them at once, so I have to keep my priorities straight. Next in line of importance to me is the Iron Man, then Widow, then Spidey, then Cap (only for the shield effect) and I know I’ll skip Punisher since I’m completely satisfied with the WalGreens one.

  6. It looks great, been on PO for a month here in the uk, Wolverine as already sold out and costs the same as half the wave. Not sure I understand why people are going crazy about this wave, it costs the same as a regular wave, there is no baf piece, reduced accessories, yes a better paint job. There is a new Widow on the bike next year and the original iron Man is only a couple of bucks moc. I want the wolverine for the alternate ed, but not gonna pay $70 for it.

    • If you’ve already got all of these guys it’s an easy skip unless you just like the packaging. But it’s good for guys like me who missed out on a lot of these figures when they first came out, namely the Wolverine and Pizza Spidey.

  7. Why the fervor over these repacks? Are people generally unaware that eBay exists? If you missed the first runs you could always use eBay or Amazon. What’s with the brick and mortar fetish?

    • Pizza Spider-Man and Wolverine are hugely expensive on the aftermarket—this lets new collectors get main characters again for a fair price.

      • Not when they were first released. When they first hit retail they were around $20 a piece. IF you missed them at retail you could buy them a week later on EBAY and for about the same price. How hard is this to figure out? You don’t HAVE to buy them at retail. Depending on retail to have them in order to add them to your collection is pretty stupid. Waiting on them to hit $50 on ebay is even stupider. DUH.

        • Ok, 1) they might not have been waiting, but might have had very low expendable income at the time, so could not purchase them when they were normal price, and even more importantly, 2) there are people that have started collecting in the time since those figures skyrocketed on the aftermarket, and thus, could not get them at a reasonable price. Idiot.

  8. I’ve picked up the Widow and Ironman so far. Found em all except Wolvie, which I din’t truely need, tho it is a nice upgrade to the previous brown suit one.

  9. If we get one more wave of this series my picks are:
    Thor (classic)
    Carnage (Mark Bagley 90’s look)
    Souron (classic look)
    Venom (Eddie Brock)
    Sleepwalker (who really needs a figure asap)
    Archangel (classic 90’s)
    And for this set I would either have a living Tribunal or eternaty build-a-figure.

  10. Can anyone tell me whether Cap’s shield comes off of that thing? I would hate to think we have the closest thing to a decent comic Cap that we are going to get, and its stuck on a plastic arc thing. Please tell me he can hold his shield like normal….!

    • Yeah there is a port hole on the effect that the shield fits into. It is a separate piece and is just like the shield from the Sam Wilson Cap.

  11. The only one really of interest to me is Wolverine, but since I’ll likely end up getting yellow tiger strip Wolvie as part of the Apocalypse wave next year, this is a pass for me at the moment. I am glad that pizza Spidey is being re-released for folks who missed him the 1st time around, though!

  12. Does the neck shaft/peg for the Black Widow figure look a bit short or the head a wee bit too big? It may just look that way due to the black costume.

  13. I pre-ordered Spidey, after shipping he was like $35, I was gonna cancel the pre-order once I saw Reddit was posting pics of them in the wild but of course Toywiz had already shipped it. I’m really annoyed I ever pre-ordered that figure.

  14. Huh. Just noticed Punisher has the same bazooka-type weapon as the Enforcer in the Hydra 2-pack.

  15. I’ve seen all of them at mu local Wal-Mart and Walgreens. Almost all of them had QC issues except, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Black Widow. I bought 2 of the Wolverines (one at Wal-Mart and another at Walgreens) and both of them had horrible QC. One was not fully assembled and I had to glue it while the other had 2 large gouges on the back. Hasbro really needs to make their QC better. Honestly, I’m not impressed with these “vintage” figures at all.

  16. I was really happy to find these at Toys R Us today. I was also glad that there were two cases on the pegs, because there were definitely some figures that were looking better than others. Glad I didn’t buy “blind” online. Something I just didn’t notice until I had both versions next to each other is that the new Wolverine has a much lighter (and, in my opinion, truer to the comics) shade of brown. Wolvie was a high priority for me because he’s my favorite Marvel character and I really wanted to be able display both a masked and unmasked version.

    I also really liked the new colors/deco for Cap so I bought him, and this Punisher just seems more “classic comics” than the Walgreens version. I bought Black Widow too…was really looking forward to her!

    I am really happy with these!

  17. Anyone seen these around the SoCal area. I’ve checked Walgreen, ToysRus, and everywhere but I can’t find them anywhere. Any help is appreciated!

  18. I got Black Widow yesterday, thought the head looked way too big. I put the relaxed looking head from Dark Phoenix. That head is slightly smaller. I think it looks really good on it.

  19. A shelf labeling error at Walgreens just scored me the Spidey, Stark & a 2nd Logan (to open, already bought it and Widow at full price) for the price of one. Yep, 3 for the price of one.

  20. So where is this deal? I’ve searched all over and have found no sign of it, I took it as a Amazon deal of the day, but all I could find there were full priced ones?

  21. Dang I was hoping the Wolverine was gonna be on sale lol. I finally got them all to come up before you replied Dabid, I had to search for marvel retro before they would all show up lol. Nice catch by the way!

  22. Got em all (Caught Wolvie in the wild for cheap due to a sale). I really didn’t want to buy them when these debuted at normal msrp at retail. But for 10 dollars each? I’m in.