Marvel Legends Vulture & Spider-Man 2-Pack Sale: 60% Off!

UPDATE 12/12/2017: Once again, patience pays off for collectors more patient than me! The Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends 6″ Ultimate Vulture and Spider-Man two-pack is marked down to 15 bucks online! I’m not gonna lie… I kinda wish I had waited and saved 25 bucks on this set, since I never even opened mine yet. Oy…

Walmart Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man Vulture Two-Pack

ORIGINAL 4/17/2017: Well, looks like Hasbro has gone and pulled a fast one on us! While we’ve all been sitting around and waiting for the Marvel Legends Invisible Woman and Black Panther exclusives to hit U.S. retail stores, it turns out that a different exclusive has actually managed to be the first to arrive and begin distribution! Yesterday, the first sightings at Walmart stores were reported of a set that was revealed at the 2017 Toy Fair: the Marvel Legends Vulture vs. Spider-Man two-pack!

Well, here’s an extra special treat: a Hasbro Marvel Legends exclusive is actually arriving earlier than expected for a change!

Whereas we’re becoming used to exclusives not hitting the United States for several months after they’re spotted overseas (and on eBay), this time out the situation is reversed: the Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man and Vulture two-pack has actually already been spotted in Walmart stores in Texas, despite no prior sightings of the set online or internationally!

For those wondering, the Spider-Man figure in this two pack is just last year’s Ultimate Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure that uses the teen boy mold. I know most folks would prefer a Pizza Spidey reissue, but this set is based off the Ultimate Marvel universe, so that would make no sense in this case.

What is a bummer is that Ultimate Spidey gets less accessories in this set: he only has two pairs of interchangeable hands and no Peter Parker head this time out. Oh well–makes me glad I bought the first version of this figure last year!

Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends Vulture Figure with Helmet OnThe Marvel Legends Vulture figure is the first release of this character in the Hasbro line. I’ve no doubt the majority of fans would have preferred a classic Vulture, but this is the more technological Ultimate Vulture. This is definitely not “my” version of the Vulture, but I think it’s a nice figure nonetheless.

For those wondering why this Vulture couldn’t be a regular release, it looks like the wings are too large for standard individual figure packaging and this figure would likely not cost out as being viable at the usual $19.99 price-point that ML sell for. If this is the only way to get this Hasbro Vulture action figure released, I’ve got no qualms.

As you can see from a photo comparison of the original Vulture Marvel Legends Toybiz figure and the new Hasbro 6″ iteration, the two figures are 100% different from each other, so it won’t feel too redundant to have both in a ML collection.

The UPC code for the two-pack at Walmart stores (where the set is exclusively available) is #63050957321. You can use that number to track the inventory at your local stores to see if the set has arrived yet, although it’s only been sighted in Texas as of writing (as far as I know). The retail price on the set is $39.99, which is pretty fair since Vulture is more of a “deluxe” release.

Here’s Robi’s impressions of the Vulture figure that he sent in photos of: “Ultimate vulture is pretty badass. I love it. Wings are what make it stands out. It’s pretty much the cheaper way for the classics one. But of course people will sell this loose 25-30 most likely. One of the 2 packs that will be popular bc of vulture”.

Marvel Legends Ultimate Vulture Figure Walmart ExclusiveI’ll post my own review of this set once it hits Walmart stores in New England and I track one down for my very own. Watch the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages for alerts once my review goes live here on the site. Big thanks to Robi Arcilla for giving us permission to run his photos of the Marvel Legends Vulture two-pack!

What do you think of the Marvel Legends Ultimate Spider-Man vs. Vulture two-pack, Marvel collectors? Will you be dropping 40 bones on this duo, hoping it ends up going on sale, or passing on this Ultimate Universe pairing altogether?


Marvel Legends Vulture & Spider-Man 2-Pack Sale: 60% Off! — 23 Comments

  1. anyword on of this is going to come to Canada Walmart? or is it simply a USA exclusive?

  2. Definitely not my Vulture either. I do love the fact that they included the classic Ultimate Spider-Man logo on it. This will be one I’ll hope to pick up on sale and probably keep in the box, since I already have the better Ultimate Spider-man released last year and the classic Vulture from Toy Biz.

  3. Does anyone know the wingspan on the Ultimate Vulture? Still smaller than the Homecoming Vulture figure’s wings, right?

    Giving him the helmet is an odd choice since he only ever wore it in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon but I’m guessing this was smart on Hasbro’s part because it makes him more recognizable to kids who might know him from the show. And of course he now looks more like his helmeted movie counterpart.

  4. I think that no one noticed that spiderman not only lacks the Peter Parker head and the other thwipping and fisted hands, but the red bands that connects the shoulders with the gloves are missing too, even the colors look like they match the Ultimate spidey cartoon. I agree with one of the comments, the product may had been made with some characteristics of the just ended show, so the kids could identify this with the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon looks.
    Btw, even if almost everyone thinks of getting this two on sale, be ready to see how scalpers are going are reselling this pack. -Scalpers gonna scalp-

  5. Another Walmart exclusive? I’m STILL waiting for the Walmart exclusive Civil War Falcon and Winter Soldier.

  6. Got this last week it was $17 then but still a great deal. Medusa was on sale for $15 last week as well but I’m not sure how long that sale had been running or if Its still going. Lot of bargains on amazon too… my resolution for 2018 is to be patient and wait for bargains instead of preordering figs

  7. I bought this two days ago, in-store for full price, but still had my receipt, so I ordered another for this new low price and am taking the other back.

    • The first photo is wrong, but the SKU, description, all remaining photos and title are all
      for the 6”. They’ve got a different listing for the Homecoming Vulture two-pack. I’ve got no doubt this listing is for the 6” and that’s what will be sent. 🙂

    • It’s the Ultimate 6″ two-pack. They assigned the wrong photo as the cover photos, but the other photos are all correct, the SKU is correct, and the Ultimate 6″ pack is what everyone has been receiving.

  8. Got mine today…wow this 2 pack is a home run! Especially at 16 dollars. I really love this. My 12” Black Panther also arrived and man what a incredible figure that is as well. Two great pickups on the same day is a rarity for me.