Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra Figure Review & Photos

It’s another quiet week on the Marvel toy news front, which means it’s the perfect time to cross another figure off the list of remaining 2017 Marvel Legends reviews! Today, let’s take a look at the last one of the Netflix Marvel Legends: Elektra! Despite being shortpacked, Netflix Elektra is readily available for about 16 bucks shipped online. Is she as big of a winner as the rest of the Netflix-based Legends?

Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra ReviewThe Right:

As soon as rumors emerged about a wave of Netflix Marvel Legends figures, I immediately was certain of 3 out of the 4 Netflix-based figures that would be in this Man-Thing Series. The fourth figure I wasn’t expecting was Elektra.

While Elektra is as classic as Daredevil supporting female characters come, her solo series and action figures have always floundered at retail. So would Hasbro take a risk and put her out in Marvel Knights Legends Wave 1…?

They did, and I’m glad–because she’s great.

Marvel Legends Elektra Netflix Unmasked Head Close-UpI always say that the head sculpt is the make-or-break aspect of any action figure of a live-action character, and Hasbro has totally nailed that facet here—twice over, in fact! We get both an unmasked Elektra head and a head with red mask over her lower face, and both look terrific. I prefer the face mask personally, but I would say both are very well-done.

Close-Up of Netflix Legends Elektra 6" FigureWhile Marvel Legends Elektra’s skin-tone isn’t quite right, I think an excellent job was done with the hair, eyes, nose and eyebrows of both heads. The texture and paint wash on the hair really brings it to life and makes it feel realistic, and the portrait is close enough to Elodie Yung that it doesn’t jar my senses.

Marvel Knights Legends Daredevil vs. Elektra FiguresThe Netflix Elektra Marvel Legends figure is about half an inch shorter than Daredevil, so the scale is preserved between the two and they look right displayed together.

Marvel Knights Marvel Legends Elektra Figure Front ViewElektra’s costume is pretty simplistic, but Hasbro captures all of the important details necessary to make it look authentic, including the seamline down the sides of her pants and the bunchiness of her red “turtleneck”.

Back of Hasbro 6" Marvel Legends Elektra Netflix FigureThe subtle difference in color between her pants and her shirt adds more than you would expect to the visual aesthetic of the figure.

Back of Box Netflix Legends Elektra 6" FigureAs you would (and should) expect from a Marvel Legends 6” figure, Elektra is loaded with articulation.

Hip Articulation on Marvel Knights Legends Elektra 6" FigureShe has the usual female arm articulation shortcomings (which I’ll discuss in a bit), but also features ball-hinge neck/shoulders/elbows; ball-jointed hips and upper torso; swivel thighs; double-hinged knees; swivel-hinge wrists and hinged ankles with rockers.

All of the articulation present works well, and I love the massive range of motion that the hips get.

Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra Figure and AccessoriesYou get four accessories with the 6” Elektra figure: the Man-Thing Build-A-Figure piece, the awesome interchangeable head (either one), and a pair of sais. This is a very respectable bounty of accessories for a $20 figure, and I appreciate that Hasbro painted the handles on the sais and didn’t leave them all grey.

Arms on Netflix Marvel Legends Elektra FigureThe Wrong:

Anyone who reads my Marvel Legends reviews regularly can guess what I’m gonna rag on here, but I’ve got to do it anyway. Elektra is a world-class martial artist, which means her action figure should be able to do all kinds of cool attacks with both her legs and arms. This ML Netflix Elektra… only gets halfway there.

While I’ve certainly seen female Marvel Legends with far more limited arm articulation (poor Jessica Jones!), the ball-jointed elbows and lack of any kind of biceps joint are a real bummer for the Elektra Netflix figure. In addition, the sculpting on the upper arms on Elektra just looks wrong, which is a real shame since they’re so noticeable. The arms are the one major shortcoming of this figure.

Marvel Knights Legends Elektra Figure PackagedAlso, I’ve noticed that Elektra’s sais are made of a rubbery plastic that warps easily. While not as apparent as Hulk’s limpy hammer, I do wish these were made of as high-quality plastic as the figure itself is here.

Elektra Marvel Legends Man-Thing Series Figure ReviewOverall: Oddly enough, while I don’t have any great love for Elektra in the Netflix Daredevil series, it turns out that I’m pretty keen on her action figure. Both heads are excellent, her hip articulation is outright outstanding, the quality-control on Elektra is high all-around, and I just really dig this figure. Her sais are a bit too rubbery and I’m never satisfied by the lack of double-jointed elbows and swivel biceps in female figures, but this Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra figure is otherwise another huge winner.



Marvel Legends Netflix Elektra Figure Review & Photos — 6 Comments

  1. I got my Elektra figure last week and have to say;Spot on review! It’s a great figure, the sais could most definitely be less flimsy! I ordered Jessica Jones based on your review of the figure,can’t wait for that one! Punisher and Blade will be next!

  2. I like the figure regardless of the Popeye arms. 😉 The face sculpt is spot on. I just wish Hasbro would double-hinge the women arms.

  3. Her arms are a smidge away from looking like Popeye. A bit generous to give an A-, but ok… I missed out on any comic likeness Elektras from the past, so I’m disappointed this is a likeness from Netflix, but I’m sure if I wait a year or so, classic Elektra will appear again somewhere. I always want the figures to have a classic comic look rather than MCU or TV likenesses. Just my druthers.

  4. When Elektra’s series dropped at the top of he year, they had her put in a black suit and wore the scarf like her MCU counterpart, so technically, this version could double for a comic Elektra.

    I would like them to wait on a comic Elektra until they wanna give me a version that’s super articulated and has a bill sienkiewicz-style head, where her bangs cover her eyes, I can wait.