Marvel Select Netflix Daredevil Figure Packaged Photos!

While the recently-revealed Planet Hulk figure is drawing most of the Marvel Select headlines, that’s not the only figure in that line heading for a release next month! The long-awaited Marvel Select Netflix Daredevil figure that went up for sale over the summer (the first Netflix-based Marvel Select action figure ever) will finally be hitting stores in October, and Diamond Select Toys shared photos online of the production Daredevil figure and packaging this week!

Marvel Select Daredevil Netflix Figure Packaged

I apologize for the dearth of updates this week, but I’ve been under the weather and operating at quarter-speed all week long (but hey, better now than in two weeks at New York Comic Con 2017, right?).

Luckily, it hasn’t been a plentiful news week for the most part, so I didn’t miss much. But DST did post a gem for Netflix Marvel fans: final production photos of their live-action Daredevil 7″ figure!

Netflix Daredevil Marvel Select Figure Packaging BackSharp-eyed readers will notice that this figure has had this mask updated to the more recent version since the prototype was first shown last winter. As this is the only version of Netflix Daredevil that DST has planned at this time, it makes sense to include the more up-to-date version of the DD mask. Good move.

There’s also a surprise accessory addition: a dynamic pole for figure posing! I wasn’t expecting this inclusion, but I’m definitely glad to see it there. It’ll plug into the base, as you can see the hole added to the base in the packaged photo. Along with the pole, accessories include the detailed environment display base, interchangeable hands and billy clubs.

Diamond Select Toys Netflix Daredevil Unmasked Head

Just about the only thing that I’ve seen collectors complain about about this figure is something that it doesn’t come with, as unfortunately doesn’t include the Charlie Cox Matt Murdock head that was displayed at New York Toy Fair 2017.

The unmasked Daredevil head was never listed as being included in the solicitation information for this figure when it first went up for order, so it’s not a huge shocker that the Matt Murdock head isn’t here. Even so, it’s a real shame–DST absolutely nailed that Charlie Cox portrait likeness from what I saw at the 2017 Toy Fair.

Marvel Select Netflix Daredevil Figure Production PhotoThe Netflix Daredevil Select figure is still available for pre-order online, and is scheduled to be released in October 2017. Even with the Netflix Marvel Legends Daredevil figure released last month starting to appear in stores more frequently, I think DST is going to have a real hit on their hands with their version of DD.

Now that you’ve seen the finished product, how do you think Diamond Select Toys did, Marvel collectors? Did DST do justice by Marvel’s most famous lawyer, or is there some aspect of this action figure that you’re unsatisfied with?


Marvel Select Netflix Daredevil Figure Packaged Photos! — 12 Comments

  1. As all of these are digitally sculpted these days, I wish companies like DST would upload the files for dropped accessories to their site. I was mainly looking forward to this figure as the only figure to have that unmasked head. If it turns out to be short enough to fit in with Legends, like Lady Deadpool was, maybe I’ll consider getting it.

  2. This figure looks cool although an unmasked head would be nice. I like that they included the freight elevator from season 2 – just before he faces off with the biker gang in the hallways & stairwell of the building.
    I’m pretty happy with my marvel legends netflix DD so I’ll give this is a pass, particularly since he is likely too tall to pose well with other legends figures. Its great that there are a few versions of the netflix characters though!! Off topic, I do wish there were more Agents of SHIELD figures but I’m guessing the window for making those has come and gone, as the upcoming season appears to be the final one. Would’ve liked to see Agent May (with scarred agent 99-in-disguise head), Mac (with shotgun axe accessory), Ward (with alternate Hive head), Daisy, Fitz & Simmons with tech equipment.

  3. Mi piace molto la serie netflix che penso sia il miglior personaggio che hanno fatto. questa figura si adatta molto bene mi piace

    • Hey Giuseppe, are you able to only read this article which is written in English and you just can’t write in English? Because your foreign langue comments are annoying me.

  4. Hmm, I’m not seeing any reason to get this, already having the Legends that just came out. No extra head, only one extra set of hands. The dio piece is cool, but I really feel like this needed something more.