Marvel Zombies Venom Bust Revealed by Gentle Giant!

Though Gentle Giant Ltd. didn’t attend last weekend’s 2013 New York Comic Con event, they had a minor presence at the show in the form of their Marvel Zombies Magneto mini bust exclusive that was sold at the Marvel booth. In addition, Gentle Giant sent out E-Mails and  unveiled several new products in honor of NYCC 2013 during the show, including the second in the series of Marvel Zombies mini-busts: the Gentle Giant 2014 Zombie Venom bust!

Marvel Zombies Venom Mini Bust Prototype Gentle Giant Ltd

Marvel Zombies have been out of the spotlight for a while, so I really wasn’t sure how the New York Comic Con 2013 Zombie Magneto mini bust was going to fare when it went up for sale at the Marvel booth at NYCC 2013 over the weekend. Well, obviously I underestimated the appeal of Marvel Zombies–I saw tons of people carrying around this exclusive at the show, and the Zombie Magneto busts have sold for for $160+ on ebay already!

Thus, it was probably a smart move on Gentle Giant Ltd.’s part to make a whole series of Marvel Zombies Villains busts, as demand is clearly still hot for all things Marvel Zombies! During the show, Gentle Giant sent out images of the next mini bust in the Marvel Zombies bust series: Zombie Venom!

Marvel Zombies Hardcover Cover Zombie Venom vs. Spider-ManThough Zombie Venom is of very little importance in the Marvel Zombies comics (the symbiote is weak and easily killed by Spider-Man), Venom is always one of the most popular and marketable villains in the entire Marvel Universe. He appears on the cover of the Marvel Zombies hardcover, and is inevitably going to be a very hot item for Gentle Giant when he does come out!

I’d anticipate that the Marvel Zombies Venom Bust will be released in mid-2014. I’ll post an update with painted photos of the final, approved sculpt once Gentle Giant releases updated photos of the Zombie Venom mini bust (although we’re still likely several months away from that occurring at the point).

Zombie Venom Marvel Zombies Mini Bust RevealedWhat do you think of the Marvel Zombies Villain Series Venom bust, Marvel fans? Is this gruesome take on Spider-Man’s most famous villain a must for your collection, or are you not interested in a bust of a character with very few story appearances and significance?


Marvel Zombies Venom Bust Revealed by Gentle Giant! — 4 Comments

  1. I think it’s cool but, why not do a new character they don’t already have a bust for. like they did magneto (even though in the books magneto never becomes a zombie only on the cover)

  2. There’s also a colored picture of the bust on the magneto zombie bust packaging. Another thing is the magneto zombie bust was NOT a NFC exclusive. A number of sites indicated it was gentle giant however cleared this up on their Facebook page (unfortunately after a jumped through hoops to get one)

    • The problem with the Zombie Magneto bust not being a NYCC 2013 exclusive was that Gentle Giant put the placard out themselves at SDCC 2013 billing the Magneto Zombie bust as a New York Comic Con exclusive, which is why various sites (including this one) listed it as the exclusive that it was meant to be. Gentle Giant quietly decided to make the Zombie Magneto mini bust a mass release item without telling anyone until after NYCC, which is a real shame for all the people who went to the trouble of standing in the hellacious Marvel booth line at that show just to get it.