NYCC 2015 Exclusive Funko Dorbz! Punisher & Stealth IM!

We are now just two weeks away from New York Comic Con 2015, the sold-out ever of the season that will hopefully end the recent lull of new Marvel collectibles being announced (rassum frassum Star Wars)! As usual, there aren’t a whole lot of New York Comic Con exclusive Marvel toys–but there are┬ámore than last year. And two of them are from this year’s newly-launched Dorbz line: it’s the NYCC 2015 exclusive Funko Dorbz Stealth Iron Man and Thunderbolts Punisher figures!

NYCC 2015 Funko Exclusive Dorbz Stealth Iron Man Vinyl Figure

Seeing the display cases full of Marvel Dorbz at New York Toy Fair 2015 in February, I was sure Funko (no, I will not pretend Vinyl Sugar is another company) had another future hit on their hands.

But, well… things just don’t seem to be panning out that way. While Funko tried to market the Dorbz line as more “limited” and “more for specialty stores” than POP Vinyls, it’s still been readily available from stores like Hot Topic and Amazon. And sorry, but if you’re regularly stocked on Amazon, you’re just not a “small boutique” item.

I reviewed a subset of the Guardians of the Galaxy Dorbz line in the spring, and I absolutely loved the crud out of these little figurines. But cuteness does not always equal sales, and it just does not appear that there’s a market for this style of Marvel vinyl figures at this time.

Dorbz Drax Yondu Star-Lord Unmasked Group PhotoYou can buy every one of the non-exclusive Marvel Dorbz online for below MSRP, and I’ve seen particularly unpopular characters (poor Dorbz The Collector!) sell for as low as two dollars (yes, two dollars) on eBay. Clearly, this is not a healthy line.

But whereas the mass-release Dorbz values seem to be dropping like rocks, the SDCC 2015 exclusive Dorbz X-Force Deadpool (LE 500) is at least still selling for $25-$30 on the aftermarket. Not a jaw-dropping increase in value or anything, but at least it’s something.

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Dorbz X-Force Deadpool

And so, “Vinyl Sugar” is going to stay the course and try their hand with another pair of exclusives for next month’s 2015 New York Comic Con with the NYCC Exclusive Dorbz Thunderbolts Punisher and Stealth Iron Man figures!

Of the two figures, the Thunderbolts Punisher Dorbz figure is easily the more compelling. Not only has a regular Dorbz Punisher not been released yet–he hasn’t even been announced yet! And with the way this line is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the only Vinyl Sugar Punisher ever released period, honestly.

NYCC 2015 Exclusive Dorbz Thunderbolts Punisher FigureBoth figures will be available exclusively at the Funko booth at NYCC 2015, and are limited to 1000 pieces produced–which I quite frankly think is too large of an edition size. If the ludicrously-popular Deadpool’s variant can only sell for barely above cost with an edition size of half that, I shudder to think where the prices will be on Stealth Iron Man and Thunderbolts Punisher in a few months. That said, I’ll be at NYCC 2015 reporting anyway, and I’m a total mark for blue Iron Man toys, so I’ll be picking up this duo myself at the show.

How do you feel about Funko’s pair of NYCC 2015 exclusive Dorbz, Marvel collectors? And for that matter, how do to feel about Dorbz as a whole? Do you think this line may have some life in it, or is this Vinyl Sugar brand D.O.A.?


NYCC 2015 Exclusive Funko Dorbz! Punisher & Stealth IM! — 4 Comments

    • Maybe Punisher is reflecting on a particularly amusing kill, like that time when he killed Stilt-Man? =D

  1. I looked for punisher for two weeks and couldn’t find him ANYWHERE!!!! Just yesterday I was browsing eBay and a seller was selling two of them, one of which is still up on eBay for 99$. I also couldn’t find stealth iron man anywhere and eventually found one also on eBay for around 50$. These two are definitely hard to grab. Also that x-force deadpool is up for grabs on eBay from anywhere between 150-225$ at the moment. He’s the last one I’m waiting on for my collection. Kind of expensive thou