NYCC 2015 Funko Deadpool RED Chimichanga Truck?!

I love Funko an awful, awful lot. So much so, in fact, that I stood in line at the Toy Tokyo booth at New York Comic Con 2014 in a sort-of-successful attempt to claim the NYCC 2014 Funko exclusives. So I was pretty pumped when Funko announced they’d be attending NYCC themselves for the first time in 2015. But if there were a prize for lamest NYCC 2015 exclusive, even without knowing all of the other possibilities this year yet, the winner would be Funko with the POP! Rides Red Deadpool Chimichanga Truck vinyl set…

NYCC 2015 Exclusive Funko Deadpool Red Taco Truck POP Vinyls Rides

When I saw the (yellow, since I have to clarify now) Deadpool Chimichanga Truck POP Vinyls set at New York Toy Fair 2015 in February, my eyes lit up. I thought Funko had managed to come up with a new addition to their Marvel POP! Vinyls line that felt really fresh and fun.

Of course, little did I know at that time that Funko was planning to repaint that Taco Truck not once, but twice, before the end of this year.

SDCC 2015 Funko X-Force Deadpool Chimichanga Set POP Vinyls ExclusiveA lot of collectors groaned about the SDCC 2015 exclusive X-Force Deadpool Chimichanga Truck, but I was willing to give that set a pass since the Deadpool X-Force costume has a rather large fan base and I didn’t think repainting Deadpool’s truck once¬†was terribly absurd, especially since the figure included with the set was the Chimichanga-eating Deadpool POP! repainted in his popular grey X-Force costume.

Unfortunately, then Funko had to go and announce their first Marvel NYCC 2015 exclusive Funko POP Vinyl today, and it’s another repaint of the Deadpool POP Rides set.

Marvel Funko POP Rides Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Set

And worst of all, the Deadpool figure this time isn’t even an in-demand costume variant like a new Inverted Deadpool or Orange Deadpool. It’s not even a “sort-of-new” glow-in-the-dark or metallic version of Wade Wilson. No, instead it’s a repack of the exact same red Deadpool from the regular version of this set. Literally the only difference between this set and the regular version is that the yellow Deadpool truck is now red. Yay…?

Like I said–I love Funko, but¬†this exclusive positively reeks of being a slopped-together money grab with no thought put into it at all. Convention exclusives are supposed to be created to reward con-goers and fans with something special–not just to cash in with any lame, poorly-conceived and unnecessary item like this one.

NYCC 2015 Exclusive Funko Deadpool Red Taco Truck POP Vinyls RidesThe New York Comic Con Deadpool red Chimichanga Truck is also limited to 3000 pieces produced, which is a pretty humongous number for an exclusive. So not only is this set uninventive, but it also seems destined to barely maintain its cost–if not lose value–in the long run.

The Funko POP Vinyls Red Deadpool Chimichanga Truck will be available exclusively at New York Comic Con 2015 in October at the Funko booth. With the hype and popularity Funko has right now, I think this set has a good shot of selling out at the show (but not to me, that’s for sure). Although, I could be wrong–perhaps there are legions of Deadpool fans out there asking themselves the same question as me right now: “Just how many dang trucks does Deadpool need?!”

What’s your view on the third Deadpool Chimichanga Truck Funko is releasing this year, Marvel collectors? Is this a shameless cash-grab to you, or is this red Chimichanga Truck actually something you were wishing for?


NYCC 2015 Funko Deadpool RED Chimichanga Truck?! — 2 Comments

  1. Shameless cash grab. It seems pretty in line with Funko’s business strategy… Release lots of crap because people will buy it thinking it will be worth tons of money in the future.

  2. I’m a DeadPool Pop! completist, so 49% of me HAS to have this. The other 51%, however, thinks that this is a huge fail on Funko’s part. A black truck with inverse DP? You’ve got my money. This though? I’d only pay $20 – including S&H – and even then it’s just my OCD making the purchase.