NYCC 2017 Toys R Us Exclusives: Groot POP & Fan Girls Dolls!

I’ve been to New York Comic Con every year since, well… ever… and I can’t recall Toys R Us ever having a booth at the show—much less exclusives. But I suppose there’s a first time for everything, and that time is now! With just one week to go to NYCC 2017, Toys R Us has announced an exclusive line of Marvel Fan Girls dolls to accompany their Funko Baby Groot with Button POP Vinyl, Armored Black Panther Tsum Tsum and 12″ Lockjaw Plush to the show!

NYCC 2017 Exclusive Marvel Fan Girls Dolls

While I’m always sort of talking about dolls on this site (though we call ‘em “action figures”), I believe this is going to be a first for me today, as I’m talking about actual 13.5” Barbie-like dolls. Thanks, Toys R Us…!

There was probably an announcement at some point that I somehow missed (because I wasn’t looking for it), but Toys R Us is evidently going to kickstart an all-new line of 13.5” Marvel Fan Girls superhero dolls at New York Comic Con 2017!

Spider-Gwen Fan Girl Doll New York Comic Con 2017 ExclusiveHere’s the blurb from the Toys R Us website, which can probably explain the idea here better than I can:

“Flaunt your Fan Girl! Inspired by the fiercest heroes, Madame Alexander and Marvel introduce Fan Girl Iron Man: a stunning 13.5-inch collectible doll resembling a favorite Marvel character and inspiring you to ignite your passion for fashion. Collection includes Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man and Spider Gwen (each sold separately). “

Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Fan Girl Iron Man Doll in PackageThis series seems really weird and niche to me, personally, but I know that Madame Alexander is a big name in the doll world, so they must know what they’re doing.

Marvel Fan Girl Black Panther DollAll of the Marvel Fan Girls Dolls are priced at $49.99 except for Black Panther, who carries a $79.99 MSRP. This sort of doll isn’t really my thing, but I’m guessing the increased price on the Black Panther Fan Girl has to do with more complicated clothing. She’s certainly the most visually interesting-looking of the five dolls.

If anyone is an expert on these sorts of items and wants to chime in in the comments, feel free. (Sorry—this really isn’t my thing.)

NYCC 2017 Exclusive Tsum Tsum Black Panther Metallic FigureOn the non-dolls front, Jakks Pacific is sending a rare exclusive to the show: a $10 Armored Black Panther Tsum Tsum figure! Basically, this is the Tsum Black Panther with a metallic purple finish. This is another line of figures I’m not especially into, but I know some Marvel Tsum Tsum fanatics who are gonna be excited for this.

Toys R Us Exclusive Funko Baby Groot with Button POP Vinyl NYCC 2017

In addition to the Fan Girl Dolls and Black Panther Tsum Tsum, Toys R Us has two more Marvel NYCC 2017 Exclusives coming to the show, from the King of Exclusives itself: Funko!

First, it’s the Funko POP Baby Groot with Button from GOTG Vol. 2. This is a figure many collectors were dead-certain would be in the Marvel Collector Corps box, but it’s coming to Toys R Us instead. I’ve got an army of Baby Groot POPs already, but I’ll be adding this adorable little rascal to it, no question. This may be the cutest Groot figure ever.

In addition, the previously-announced 12” Lockjaw plush will be at the show for $24.99. Note that this is a TRU exclusive and is much larger than the Lockjaw plush available at Hot Topic and other stores. Inhumans doesn’t exactly have a lot of positive buzz, but hopefully Lockjaw’s cuteness will help him be successful at the show.

Toys R Us Exclusive Lockjaw Plush 12 Inch NYCC 2017All of these will be available at the Toys R Us Booth (#110) at New York Comic Con 2017 (October 5-8), and will also be available on the Toys R Us website for shipping after the con. The Fan Girls Dolls are available for pre-order right now, in fact, but the pair of Funko toys are not.

So… thoughts on the Marvel Fangirl Dolls, Marvel collectors? Is anyone into this sort of collectible and psyched about these, or is this a line that I can allow to fall off my radar without breaking anyone’s heart? Which of these NYCC Toys R Us exclusives—if any—are you excited about?


NYCC 2017 Toys R Us Exclusives: Groot POP & Fan Girls Dolls! — 2 Comments

  1. There is not much to choose from in “low end” 12-ish inch female figures in retail especially as far Marvel goes… Titan Hero Black Widow or Gamora are the only options! So, in that regards I am glad to see something new though these are going to be a little taller to fit in with the 12″ Titan/Legends line, which is what I mostly collect these days. I particularly like the Spider Gwen and Black Widow. The Black Panther doll/figure will probably go great with the 12″ Legends Black Panther, though by herself she is quite fancy and doesn’t necessarily say Black Panther to me… Iron Woman and Captain America don’t strike me enough either as relating to the characters–I know they’re supposed to be “inspired,” but if you put these dolls out of their packages in a room with other dolls I’m not going to think about them as Marvel type characters! Spider Gwen was obvious with the glasses, colors, and especially the shoes! Black Widow actually has her logos on her. The Captain should’ve had some sort of logo on her, maybe even a shield would’ve been a selling point. Iron Woman could’ve had a helmet included. I’d definitely be interested in Spider Gwen and Black Widow–especially to pare with their 12″ Marvel Legends figures if they come to fruition. That’s a few thoughts on the “Fan Girl Dolls.” Anybody else want to chime in?