SDCC 2014 LEGO Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird Set Revealed!

This is going to sound like complete and utter blasphemy coming from me, but I was sort of hoping that there wasn’t going to be a SDCC 2014 LEGO Marvel exclusive this year. The San Diego Comic Con LEGO Marvel minifigure exclusives have traditionally been both difficult and extremely expensive to acquire, so I would have been just fine with LEGO forgoing any Comic-Con exclusive LEGO Marvel sets this year. But with a week to go until Comic-Con, they just had to go and announce an exclusive I can’t live without–it’s the SDCC 2014 LEGO Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird set exclusive!

SDCC 2014 LEGO Rocket Raccoon's Warbird Sit Exclusive

When I saw the LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy sets at the New York Toy Fair 2014 and the Rocket Raccoon Warbird ship was nowhere to be seen, I assumed it was because LEGO was saving the ship as a store exclusive or perhaps a LEGO Marvel 2015 released. Nope! It turns out that LEGO had something far more insidious in mind–the LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket’s Warbird set is going to be a limited SDCC 2014 release!

LEGO exclusives are among the most annoying Comic-Con exclusive sets to acquire, so I’m both thrilled that another LEGO Rocket Raccoon item is on the way and frustrated that it’s a SDCC 2014 exclusive.

LEGO Rocket Raccoon Minifigure SDCC 2014 Exclusive Variant Comparison PhotoNot only is the LEGO Warbird ship itself exclusive to this LEGO SDCC 2014 exclusive set, but the LEGO Rocket Raccoon minifigure included is actually an exclusive variant as well. Instead of being in his very-marketed orange costume, the SDCC 2014 Rocket Raccoon LEGO minifigure is in an interesting maroon costume that I don’t recall seeing in any of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers.

LEGO Marvel SDCC 2014 Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Warbird Set Revealed

Now for the bad news: not only will the LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Warbird set be a limited exclusive at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, but it’s also going to cost $39.99 for 145 pieces. LEGO fans are used to getting ripped off on convention exclusives, but I feel like the 28 cents per piece of the LEGO Rocket’s Warbird set is particularly scalper-iffic.

I’ll have to get this set, as I’m “all-in” for Guardians of the Galaxy–particularly Rocket Raccoon toys–but I’m none too thrilled about the small fortune this little set is going to end up costing on the aftermarket. Online scalpers are already charging about $150 for this SDCC exclusive LEGO set on ebay, so if you want one… well, good luck…

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket's Warbird SDCC 2014 Exclusive SetWhat are your thoughts on the SDCC 2014 exclusive LEGO Rocket’s Warbird set, Marvel collectors? Are you prepared to fight the hordes of LEGO fan (either online or at the con itself) for what’s unquestionably going to be the single hardest-to-get LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy set?


SDCC 2014 LEGO Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird Set Revealed! — 6 Comments

  1. A little annoyed that they are doing painted feet too…they have not done this for hobbits (which they should have) or the regular rocket raccoon…grrrrr…. also another minifigure those of us who can’t go to comiccon will never own

  2. As I had been a Lego Star Wars collector for years, I have seen their prices skyrocket and their quality dipping a bit. I have been forced to stop collecting Lego because of how difficult it is to acquire certain minifigures. I could easily afford all of the exclusive sets or minifigures that I want, even on the aftermarket, but I refuse to give a cent to Lego if they continue their policies, such as these ridiculous limited set numbers.

  3. He’s worn that costume in a handful of trailers so far. Usually with crotch readjusting (nope, not a joke).

  4. This is super annoying to me. Same goes for the Collector minifig they’re releasing there. They should keep the exclusive minifigs to non-movie collections. I feel like my Guardians are now incomplete. 🙁

  5. Most SDCC toys ultimately are not in short supply and the price markup in the secondary market only represents the effort of standing in line at the con. It’s a real jerk move by Lego that their SDCC offerings are always in such limited quantities.