SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative Exclusive Figures!

Once companies like Funko and Mattel started laying out their plans for their San Diego Comic Con 2014 exclusives, we knew it was only a matter of time until Hasbro played their cards as well! The past two years Hasbro has revealed their exclusives on the third Wednesday of the month, but they threw us a curveball this year by holding out on us for one extra day. But the wait is at an end, and the exclusives are revealed–and this year, they’re all cosmic! Get excited, Marvel Legends fans–the SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative figure set is coming our way this summer!

SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative Box SetBefore I get started discussing this set, I should probably begin with a primer, as I imagine many of you are scratching your heads and wondering just what the heck “The Thanos Imperative” is. The Thanos Imperative storyline was basically the 2010 capstone to the entire Marvel cosmic universe that began with the Marvel Annihilation series a decade ago. The story ultimately ended the Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series (for a short time), which pretty much ended that iteration of the Marvel cosmic comic books.

Hasbro 2014 SDCC Marvel Legends Exclusive Thanos Imperative Box Set Packaging

While I loved the Marvel Annihilation cosmic universe comic books, The Thanos Imperative was sort of “ehn” compared to the stories that came before it, and is rarely talked about these days by Marvel fans. Thus, I wasn’t really expecting a whole 2014 SDCC exclusive The Thanos Imperative box set of figures to be coming down the pike. But if Hasbro wants to ride the Guardians of the Galaxy hype and give us some never-before-done cosmic 6″ Marvel Legends figures, I’m not gonna complain.

…Well, actually, I am going to complain a little. Considering that Marvel Legends collectors have been waiting over a decade for a Marvel Legends Thanos figure, it’s a little bit of a slap in the face that Hasbro is giving us a “Thanos Imperative” Marvel Legends SDCC 2014 set and not giving us a Thanos action figure as part of the set. I’m sure there’s one forthcoming at some point in the future, but man is it annoying that there’s no Thanos in the Thanos Imperative set which is based on a storyline centered around (you guessed it) Thanos.

SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Blastaar Figure Hasbro Exclusive FigureWhile we’re not getting a Thanos Marvel Legends figure in this set, we are getting a pretty large and bulky Build-A-Figure scale Marvel Legends Blastaar figure. Blastaar is captured here in his modern attire and not in this classic duds from the old Fantastic Four comics, but I’m okay with that–his cosmic blue leotard is sadly a bit out-of-style in this day and age.

Hasbro SDCC 2014 Exclusive Marvel Legends Star Lord FigureThe real headliner of this set for me, however, isn’t the largest character–it’s the one starring in this summer’s biggest film, Guardians of the Galaxy! I loved the Annihilation Star-Lord costume, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing this comics-based Marvel Legends Star-Lord figure come out since Hasbro teased it last year.

The paint deco on Starlord’s mask looks a bit too “retro robot” to me in the prototype photo, but I’m hoping it’ll look better in-hand. And there’s frankly no way I’m going to miss out on a comics Starlord Marvel Legends figure, so I’ll repaint the mask myself if it really bothers me when he’s released.

Black Bolt Marvel Legends 2014 SDCC Exclusive Hasbro Action FigureNext up we’ve got the second Marvel Legends Black Bolt figure ever! I’d be lying if I said I was bouncing off the walls with joy to see another 6″ Black Bolt Marvel Legends action figure get released (especially as part of an expensive convention exclusive set), but I know some folks may have missed him the first time and still want him for their collection.

Marvel Legends SDCC 2014 Exclusive Medusa Thanos Imperative Figure

And where Black Bolt goes, his wife Medusa follows! (Wait, that sounded really chauvinist.) The queen of the Inhumans, this is the first Marvel Legends Medusa figure ever released, and also the first time I recall a toy of Medusa not wearing her classic Inhumans outfit. The Medusa Marvel Legends 6″ figure looks… okay… though she’s definitely not the most attractive female Marvel Legends figure we’ve seen released in the past few years.

Finally, we’ve got the ruler of the Shi’ar himself, the first-ever Marvel Legends Gladiator figure! Marvel Legends collectors and X-Men fans have been asking for Gladiator for years, and I’m totally psyched that he’ll finally be coming our way this summer.

Marvel Legends 2014 SDCC Exclusives Gladiator Figure HasbroThe 2014 SDCC Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative figures set will be available exclusive at San Diego Comic Con 2014 from July 23-27th, 2014. As usual, I have a hunch that this set is going to be crazy popular and sell out early at the show, so good luck getting one at the convention price of $99.99 if you want one!

What do you think of the five-figure SDCC 2014 Hasbro exclusive Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative set, Marvel fans? Are you drooling at the thought of adding this assortment to your Marvel Legends collection, or is all these cosmic-themed Marvel characters just not for you?


SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Thanos Imperative Exclusive Figures! — 12 Comments

  1. I really like this set.. granted a ML Thanos would be neat.. but MS Thanos will do fine. Anyone know if they (Hasbro) tend to sell SDCC leftover exclusives at NYCC?

    • There won’t be any left overs of this set, I can guarantee you that it will sell out early.

      • Richard,Charles and I,so that makes three of us who believe MS Thanos is MLscale appropriate. Thanks guys! Btw;it dawned on me after the intial shock of this announcement that I have Gladiator,the Royal couple,Blastaar and Starlord in 3.75″ HMU/Marvel Infinite scale-to console me in case I can’t get this SDCC legends set? Lol

  2. This set is absolutely awesome! It will sell out by the end of day one at SDCC. The lack of a Thanos figure is no problem whatsoever since the Marvel Select Thanos is a great rendition of the Mad Titan and fits perfectly into scale with six inch Marvel Legends figures. He is massive, imposing and menacing as he dwarfs the rest of the figures in my Marvel Cosmic section. This is an absolute must have and my wife would kill me now if she knew how much I’m going to end up paying to get this!

  3. Not for me one bit, this to me is just a dud but since I collect all exclusives I will still pick it up. Fortunately for me I have a very close hasbro connection and I never have to join the f5 brigade to get one, (I do have a life), but again, this is disappointing for me. I was hoping to see the unreleased figures that they showed at last years comic con.Lame.

  4. Pass. Thanos would make it more interesting but I’m looking at the bright side and assuming he was left out because he will appear in one of the ML movie lines within a couple years.

  5. I cannot wait for this set!! My only complaint is that Medusa and Blastarr are in non classic costumes

  6. Good review….buy you didn’t mention HOW MUCH it will be selling for at the SDCC??