SH Figuarts Tony Stark Figure & Iron Man Mark 3 Details!

I’ve fallen behind a bit while I’ve been sick this week (though I did rouse myself out of bed long enough to talk about Funko), so I’ve got a lot to catch up on today. First and most importantly is a major new figure from my favorite Marvel movie. That’s right, get out your pitchforks: I mean “Iron Man 3”. But while that movie isn’t exactly popular (for some reason), I suspect the topic of this post will be: the SH Figuarts Tony Stark figure is now up for order! And Bandai also announced another figure some folks are gonna wait: the Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3…

SH Figuarts Tony Stark Figure with Mark 42 Iron Man Arm

But that’s not all the Iron Man news from Bandai Japan this week! Alongside the official specs and photos of their Tony Stark action figure, Bandai also posted a teaser image for another new 6″ Iron Man action figure coming our way in November: Iron Man Mark 3!

Although there are literally dozens upon dozens of Iron Man toys released each and every year, very few figures of the man inside the armor, Tony Stark, get released (and when they do, it’s primarily from Hot Toys and Minimates).

Tony Stark S.H. Figuarts Iron Man 3 Six Inch Action FigureAs such, a glaring omission many collectors have from their collections is a 6″ Marvel Legends Tony Stark scaled figure. But Bandai Japan has seen that need and is going to fill it later this year with their S.H. Figuarts Tony Stark 6″ figure!

Tony Stark Bandai Japan SH Figuarts Figure with Iron Man Mark 42 PartsNow, this isn’t the flashiest figure around, since it’s basically just a civilian guy in a shirt and pants. Even so, I’m very pleased with the Robert Downey Jr. likeness on this figure–which, by the way, is the first-ever Figuarts Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark head released. Crazy, huh?

S.H. Figuarts Tony Stark Figure on Power Stage BaseWhile the figure only comes with two pairs of interchangeable human hands (open palms and fists), you also get a pair of Iron Man Mark 42 hands and a pair of Mark 42 feet. I’m surprised to see no relaxed hands included here, but I’ll make due with the options available I suppose.

SH Figuarts Iron Man 3 Tony Stark FigureTony Stark is carrying a Japanese price-point of 6,480 yen (about $59 US). That’s almost the cost of three Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures, but given the high quality of Bandai Figuarts and the 100% new sculpt of this Tony Stark SH Figuarts figure, I’m not about to complain. I consider Figuarts to be the Hot Toys of 1/12 scale figures for a reason, after all.

Bonus Power Stage Base for SH Figuarts Iron Man Tony Stark FigureAs an extra bonus for those who purchase the Tony Stark SH Figuarts figure early, the first production run of this toy will come with an awesome bonus accessory: the Power Stage from the opening workshop scene in the Iron Man 3 movie. I love this base with my Hot Toys Tony Stark, and I’m excited to get a 6″ version of it!

SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 Figure November 2016 Teaser Photo

But wait–there’s more! Along with the announcement and official photos and specs for Tony Stark, Bandai Japan also went ahead and posted a teaser photo of the next figure in their Iron Man lineup–and it’s a classic! Coming from the original “Iron Man” movie–before Bandai ever made a Marvel figure–it’s the SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3!

Although we’ve seen 43 more armor permutations since, the Iron Man Mark 3 armor is an all-time favorite of many fans. Going back and filling in this huge gap in the lineup with the S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 figure is gonna make a lot of collectors happy this fall.

Bandai Tony Stark Figuarts Figure in front of Hall of ArmorThe Bandai S.H. Figuarts Tony Stark figure goes up for order today, and is scheduled to be released in October 2016. The SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 should be up for order next month, with an arrival in November 2016.

Tony Stark will be available via U.S. importers like BBTS and Japanese import stores such as HLJ and Amiami, although the latter two stores sold out in just 3 hours between 3AM and 6AM this morning. He’s not a Japanese web exclusive (thank God), so he should be slightly less difficult to acquire than the Black Widow and Black Panther Figuarts that went up for order recently.

The Tony Stark Figuarts figure was an instant buy on sight for me (in fact, I got up at 3AM just to order him), but what about you, Marvel collectors? Is this the best Tony Stark six inch figure ever made, and will it be joining your collection this fall?


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  1. Is he sold out in BBTS right now?
    I tried looking for him there but I have no luck :/

    • He isn’t up yet. He went on sale in Japan at 3AM, and BBTS hasn’t opened up and refreshed with new products yet today. Later today he should be popping in. 🙂

      • Thanks!!! 😀
        I’ve been looking at the website every five seconds and hopefully i’ll be able to snag one.

  2. Are you hopeful that mark 1-7 will be made later aswell? I believe Bandai would be missing out big time if they didn’t. I am hoping for other armors like silver centurion or heartbreaker. I however will be glad to get a T. Stark for my Illuminati.

    • The teaser photo shows slots for two more Iron Man figures, and Bandai has already done Marks 42-46, so I am hopeful we’ll see some of the other most popular armors soon. And as long as the Iron Man Figuarts figures keep selling well, I don’t see any reason Bandai will stop, either. 🙂

  3. man i’m psyched for this guy. i missed the pre order on mark 46 because at first i tought the suit was same as mark 45 later after watching the movie i realised it was a new suit. bummer 🙁 i’m not gonna miss this guy. i hope bandai will do the rest of armors like starboost, heartbreaker & etc.

    • Not worth it… But then again thats just my opinion. I might of pre ordered this when IM3 came out. Too late. Movie was weak, so over this figure.

      • Whereas Iron Man 3 is my favorite movie and this is the best movie Tony Stark 6″ figure that will ever be made, so the figure is WELL worth it for me. 😉

  4. anyone owned sh figuarts mark 42? the red paint in mine are fading. i wonder if anyone who owned it has similar problem. i didn’t use it for display because there is no space in the house. i just kept it in the box. this worries me:(. all of my figuarts are kept in original box. i take out once on a while to take pjoto.

    • That’s bizarre. I just checked mine and he’s fine, and he’s been out of the box for a year. I’ve never had the paint fade on ANY of my 200+ SH Figuarts or Figuarts Zero figures. You might want to contact the store you purchased it from.

      • i just checked, same thing are happening on my iron patriot. mostly the red metallic part are fading. no problem on the blue part. what should i do? contact the store & ask for refund or replacement. i doubt they have replacement. even when i bought them the guy on the store said i was lucky been able to pre order because they have limited stock. bummer 🙁

  5. All things considered, and they must have the license for the movie figures, they should re release the older ones like the VI and the XLII. These would seel like crazy.

    • Your wish is Bandai’s command! They -are- reissuing the Mark 42 this fall! =D

  6. I just thought about this but, does anyone else think bandai has had the idea of a movie Spider-Man? I mean, they’re making figures of every other avenger (besides quicksilver, wanda, and vision as far as we know) so why miss out on such a big opportunity? I’m hopeful