Hot Toys Exclusive Shades & Retro Bones Iron Man Up for Order!

Close-Up of Hot Toys Retro Bones Iron Man Figure

When it comes to Marvel collectors having to open up their wallets to secure their San Diego Comic Con 2017 exclusives, the heat is on, that’s for sure! We can add another pair of items to the list of SDCC 2017 exclusives today, and it’s a duo I was not expecting to be available at the show: Hot Toys Shades Iron Man & Retro Bones Iron Man are now up for order online and available both for shipping and pickup at the con!

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Hot Toys Sneaky Iron Man Retro Armor Review & Photos MMS 396

Retro Armor Sneaky Iron Man Hot Toys Review MMS 396

Given that Tony Stark has 42 different Iron Man armor permutations on-screen just in the Iron Man 3 movie, you might think Hot Toys would never have to release an armor not seen in the movie again. But as it turns out, there’s a concept colors version of one of the armors that was just screaming to be made… and Hot Toys heard the call loud and clear! The limited Hot Toys Sneaky Iron Man Retro Version figure is available for order exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles–and trust me, die-hard Iron Man fans are gonna want to order this before it sells out…

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Comicave Studios Starboost Iron Man 6″ Figure Cancelled!


In the words of the great Mace Windu: “This party’s over.” At least, the hope of Comicave Studios releasing the full Iron Man 3 House Party Protocol series of 6″ figures is over, anyway. Shocking collectors, Comicave announced overnight that they are discontinuing development on their 1/12 scale die-cast Starboost Iron Man Mark 39 figure. For those out there collecting all lines of Iron Man armors, this is a pretty dark sign…

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SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark 6 Figure & Hall of Armor in the US!


UPDATE 10/28/2016: 2016 has already been a pretty epic year for Marvel collectors, with more Hasbro Marvel Legends figures hitting stores than ever before. But it just got a bit more historic!

For the first time ever, an S.H. Figuarts Marvel figure will be available directly in the U.S., and it’s even a figure set that’s only available as a limited web exclusive overseas: the Bandai SH Figuarts Iron Man Mark VI & Hall of Armor Set is now up for order!

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Comicave Studios Shades Iron Man Mark 23 6″ Figure Review 

Light-Up Feature on Iron Man Mark 23 Shades Die-Cast Figure

When Play Imaginative revealed their Die-Cast Iron Man 3 6″ figures, I got total googly eyes and wanted them all. The trouble is, when Comicave Studios took over and actually started releasing those figures last year, I was already deeply committed to buying all the Hot Toys Iron Man 3 armors. But Comicave finally put one over on Hot Toys by being the first company to bring a certain armor to market! The Comicave Shades Iron Man is available for under 100 bucks shipped online, and it is so, so worth it…

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Exclusive Hot Toys Blue Steel Iron Man Figure Up for Order!


Ever waited so long for a toy after its initial reveal that you almost–almost–think that it’s never coming out at all? Such is the case with the latest Hot Toys Marvel Movie Masterpiece Series figure, which was first revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (yes, 2014). It’s been a surprisingly long and dubious road, but the Iron Man House Party Protocol is about to get a little bigger: the exclusive Hot Toys Blue Steel Iron Man is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Disco Iron Man Toy Fair Exclusive Up for Order!

Disco Iron Man Sixth Scale Figure Exclusive

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 is fast approaching, and while Hot Toys doesn’t bring any exclusives with them to the show, their Summer Toy Fairs Exclusives are always available for order prior to it.

And as has been the case for the last few years, this year’s limited exclusive will be an Iron Man 3 House Party Protocol armor–and this time, it’s my favorite remaining armor: the exclusive Hot Toys Disco Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 42 Quarter Scale Figure Revealed!

Quarter Scale Iron Man Mark 42 Hot Toys Figure Punching Ground

I am not a quarter-scale figure collector. With the sheer number of toys and collectibles I buy each year, I discovered that if I buy a lot of 1/4 scale figures, I quickly begin to run out of space. But there are exceptions to every rule, and I’m about to have to make one. If there’s one Iron Man armor permutation I have a serious soft spot for, it’s the derpy Mark XLII armor from Iron Man 3. And now, it’s coming to quarter-scale in high-end figure form: the Hot Toys 1/4 Iron Man Mark 42 figure goes up for order today!

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SH Figuarts Tony Stark Figure & Iron Man Mark 3 Details!

SH Figuarts Tony Stark Figure with Mark 42 Iron Man Arm

I’ve fallen behind a bit while I’ve been sick this week (though I did rouse myself out of bed long enough to talk about Funko), so I’ve got a lot to catch up on today. First and most importantly is a major new figure from my favorite Marvel movie. That’s right, get out your pitchforks: I mean “Iron Man 3”. But while that movie isn’t exactly popular (for some reason), I suspect the topic of this post will be: the SH Figuarts Tony Stark figure is now up for order! And Bandai also announced another figure some folks are gonna wait: the Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3…

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Comicave Iron Man Mark 42 Die-Cast 6″ Figure Revealed!

LED Light-Up Eyes and Chest on Comicave Mark 42 Iron Man 6 Inch Figure

Due to the fact that Play Imaginative basically took several years to release any of their super-cool Super Alloy Iron Man figures, there were many, many cancellations and few remaining collectors who ended up with their under-produced 6″ Super Alloy Iron Man Mark 42 figure. As a result, that 1/12 Mark XLII Iron Man figure has become quite rare these days. But Comicave Studios is giving 1/12 collectors another chance–their Omni Class Iron Man Mark 42 6″ figure goes up for sale this month!

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Hot Toys Gamma Iron Man Mark 26 Review & Photos

Hot Toys Gamma Iron Man Sixth Scale Figure Review

I’m building an entire Hot Toys Iron Man House Party Protocol of sixth scale figures, and when it’s complete, it will be the pinnacle of my toy collection. But while there are plenty of red and gold Iron Man figures that look “the same”, there are also some HPP armors that are wonderfully different. And today, I’m reviewing one of the “different” armors. The Sideshow Exclusive Hot Toys Gamma Iron Man Mark sixth scale figure is a little bit bigger and a whole lot more green than your typical Iron Man armor, and an absolute must for an Iron Man 3 collection…

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Hot Toys Sneaky Iron Man Mark 15 MMS Photos & Order Info!

Iron Man 3 Hot Toys Mark 15 Sneaky Iron Man Sixth Scale Figure

When Hot Toys first said that they were going to produce the entire “Iron Man 3 House Party Protocol” collection of 40+ armors in sixth scale form, my heart said “Yesssss!”, but my head said “That’s impossible–there’s no way that Hot Toys can pull that off.” Fast-forward three years later, and while there are still over a dozen armors to go, there are only two unique armors left to be produced–at least, there were until today, as the Mark XV Sneaky Iron Man Hot Toys figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Gamma Iron Man Exclusive Up for Order!

Iron Man Gamma Hot Toys Exclusive Figure MMS

As soon as Hot Toys revealed the Striker Iron Man sixth scale figure almost a full year ago, I started counting down the days until they announced its Jade Giant-inspired upgraded armor as a limited exclusive repaint (because let’s face it–there’s no way Hot Toys would skip out on a chance to release an awesome figure with no new tooling). And while 354 days is substantially longer than I expected, the destined time has come at last: the exclusive Hot Toys Gamma Iron Man figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Heartbreaker Iron Man Figure Review & Photos

Hot Toys Heartbreaker Iron Man Review

While I talk an awful lot about Hot Toys Marvel figures on this blog (and I’m legitimately somewhat embarrassed about how much I spend on Hot Toys each year), I tend to not review many of the sixth scale figures I buy. why? Well, frankly, it’s almost tedious having to prattle on about toys that are virtually perfection. but seeing as how Sideshow Collectibles’ Black Friday sale has the Hot Toys Heartbreaker Iron Man available for 30% Off and free shipping with code “BF3015” this week, I figure now is a good time to gush about how amazing this figure is….

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Marvel Phase 2 Collection w/ Orb Replica Up for Order!

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Collection Set with Orb

Ordinarily there’s just about nothing on Earth that could make me happy to rebuy Blu Ray movies that I already own. Of course, ordinarily said Blu Rays don’t come packaged in gorgeous new packaging and with a 1:1 prop replica from one of my favorite movies of all-time (which just so happens to not be set on Earth): the Amazon Exclusive Marvel Phase 2 Collection set with Morag Orb replica is now up for order!

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