Sideshow Exclusive J. Scott Campbell Black Cat Statue Pre-Order!

As far as I’m concerned, Peter Parker’s OTP is with Gwen Stacy. But if Gwen were to be dead (and she usually is), then I would have no problem getting together with my next-favorite Spider-Man related female: Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat. Sideshow’s latest Black Cat statue has been a long time coming (as in “Sideshow teased it both to kick off 2015 and to kick off 2014″), but today is the day that collectors can secure her coming to their homes: the Sideshow Exclusive J. Scott Campbell Black Cat statue is now up for order!

Sideshow Exclusive J Scott Campbell Black Cat Statue with White Cat

Alright, let me get this out of the way first: this Sideshow Collectibles Black Cat statue is not going to be for everyone–or for every household. Depending upon who lives in your household–and who visits and sees your collectibles–this J. Scott Campbell Black Cat statue just may not be quite appropriate.

Case in point: Ordinarily my wife takes minimal interest in my Marvel collecting, but when she walked into the room and peered at the Sideshow Black Cat J. Scott Campbell statue photos on my screen, she went off on a rant including words such as “objectifying”, “sexist”, “demeaning”, “anatomically impossible” and “bull####”. Clearly, this is not a statue meant for our household.

Sideshow Collectibles Black Cat Statue Butt J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man CollectionAnd, well… I can certainly see how she would feel that way. It’s true–the Black Cat is indeed sitting in a rather extreme yoga pose that most actual women could never hope to achieve, with buns that frankly look inhuman and with a Spider-Man head shoved into her crotch.

J. Scott Campbell Black Cat StatueAnd unfortunately, the base is pretty poorly done, as it could reasonably be confused with being covered in a milky, white liquid (like bubble bath–not whatever else you’re picturing) instead of a pile of diamonds.

Sideshow Exclusive Black Cat Statue White Pussycat ItemAnd it probably doesn’t help matters that the Sideshow exclusive item is a white pussy cat.

Black Cat J. Scott Campbell Statue by Sideshow Collectibles 2015All that aside, Steve Schumacher and the Sideshow Design & Development team have done an exemplary job of capturing J. Scott Campbell’s Black Cat sketches in statue form. This statue is a true reflection of J. Scott Campbell’s artwork–and just as the way he portrays women in his art isn’t going to please everyone, this statue is likewise not going to be for everyone.

For those who appreciate J. Scott Campbell’s style, this Black Cat is a true masterpiece. And for those who don’t, well… it isn’t.

J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Collection Statues Mary Jane Gwen Black Cat

Unfortunately, the aesthetics aren’t the only potential issue with this piece. The other sticking point toward the potential sales of this item is its price. Because of the lack of an elaborate, elevated base, this statue is way smaller than any other statue in the Spider-Man J. Scott Campbell Collection. The lack of height will make her look pretty funny displayed near the much higher Mary Jane–and unfortunately, Black Cat is $30 more expensive than MJ as well.

The Mary Jane statue was 11.5″ tall for $249.99, but the Black Cat statue looks to be much closer to 9″ tall for $279.99. That’s a pretty hefty price for such a small piece.

Sideshow Black Cat Statue Exclusive Edition Pre-OrderThe Sideshow Exclusive Black Cat J. Scott Campbell Statue is now available for pre-order, with an expected release date in early 2016. Considering that Sideshow did what I would have considered impossible by selling 6000 Mary Jane statues without discounting them, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the limited, exclusive edition Black Cat with white pussycat sell out pretty swiftly. If you want the exclusive edition, definitely think about locking one in early.

What do you think of this Black Cat statue, Marvel collectors? Is this a beautiful piece of artwork, or are you in agreement with the opinion that it’s a bit, well… trashy?


Sideshow Exclusive J. Scott Campbell Black Cat Statue Pre-Order! — 9 Comments

  1. Its trashiness is the only thing that would get me to buy it. If you want dead boring statues with no expression stick with Clayburn Moore. Are you actually offended by these statues or are you just trying to appear as a white knight/guy feminist to women so theyll sleep with you..?

    • Thanks for your objective review of this objectifying statue. Ignore GOLD5 – everything you said is completely true. It is a good representation of J. Scott Campbell’s art. If you like his booby art, you’ll probably like this booby statue. It’s not for everyone. Personally, I was horrified when I saw it. And not because I want to pretend just to get laid. I think it’s disgusting and objectifying. That said, it will sell well for those individuals who only buy statues like this because they’re “hot.”

    • Well, you have most assuredly caught me, GOLD5. Just as you guessed, this article was solely written as a ploy to bed women from my no-doubt gigantic female reader-base. [/sarcasm]

      But seriously, which part of my preview was it that you disliked so much: the part where I said the statue was a terrific reflection of J. Scott Campbell’s art, the part where I critiqued the weakly-executed base of this statue, the part where I stated that a loved one was greatly offended by this statue and it might not be everyone for that reason, or the part where I analyzed the cost and size of this statue compared to its predecessors?

  2. Artists can’t let social justice warriors control their creative freedom.

    • Nor did I say that they should. Freedom of expression is a wonderful thing–it’s why I’m able to write this site and call everything exactly as I see it.

      Like I said–this statue is an excellent representation of J. Scott Campbell’s artwork, but it won’t be for everyone (particularly those with family and friends who are sensitive to objectification).

      • I’m happy you agree, and I’m happy their artist they won’t allow themselves to be controlled by social justice warriors trying to place laws on entertainment and media using fear tactics.

  3. Wow, only $280? But seriously, the anatomically impossible hips detract from the statue’s attractiveness. I mean, she is thin in all the wrong places (I draw and am familiar with correct anatomy). It is embarrassing to buy a deformed statue. And as for the SJW accusation, your wife said what she said. If this were a $50 kotobukiya statue, I still wouldnt buy it, but at least I wouldnt make fun of it. $280!!!

    • I think it is a very good representation of Black Cat, yes she is sexualised but she is a very sexual character, its one of her strengths,shes a seductress, she uses it to manipulate and get what she wants.
      I dont see why a female comic book super thief cant sit on the side of her thigh with her leg up? She’s super flexible??

  4. It’s a shame about the general anatomy, because the fine details of this statue are really lovely — I’d buy it in a second if it the artist whose art inspired it could draw women!