Sideshow Green Goblin Premium Format Statue Up for Order!

Though he’s typically considered to be Spider-Man’s greatest villain because of that one thing he did over 40 years ago, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a Green Goblin guy. But with merch like this, maybe I could learn to be! I had zero expectations for the Sideshow Premium Format Green Goblin statue that went up for order today, but this loftily-priced piece is one of Sideshow’s most dynamic and incredible-looking Marvel statues ever…

Green Goblin Premium Format Figure Sideshow Collectibles

When there was a pumpkin bomb on the base of the Sideshow Spider-Man Premium Format Figure that went up for order earlier this year (and which just may be favorite Sideshow statue ever), I was not exactly giddy with delight about the prospect of a Green Goblin Premium Format Figure in the works.

The Green Goblin is a character who has just never connected with me, and as such, my decently-large Marvel statue collection contains zero Green Goblin statues.

But–! Now that Sideshow Collectibles has actually revealed their 2016 Premium Format Green Goblin, the temptation is definitely there to pop my Green Goblin statue cherry!

Scale Photo Size Comparison of Sideshow Green Goblin PF StatueIf Sideshow was going to keep increasing their prices at the rate that they are, they were going to have to up their game. And with this Green Goblin statue, they have absolutely done that.

Back of Green Goblin Premium Format Figure StatueThe dynamic pose of this Green Goblin is the most eye-grabbing I’ve ever seen for the character, and the sheer amount of sculpting detail is insane. This is hands-down the best Norman Osborn (or is it Harry under the mask?!) that I’ve ever seen in any form.

Detailing on Costume of Sideshow Collectibles Green Goblin Premium Format Figure StatueFrom the tilted angle of the Goblin Glider to the maniacal expression on the Goblin’s face and the metallic paints on the pumpkin bomb in his hand, I am seriously enamored with everything about this Premium Format Figure. It’s been a long time since I was so impressed with anything Sideshow has concocted!

Premium Format Green Goblin Figure Goggles Close-UpOne thing that I do find a more peculiar about this piece is the choice of putting goggles on the Green Goblin’s hat. Don’t get me wrong–I like that they add a certain steampunk aesthetic–I’m just not sure I remember any iteration of the Green Goblin ever wearing goggles.

Premium Format Figure Green Goblin Crotch Close-UpI think it’s kind of funny that the official photos Sideshow released for this statue include this super up-close and personal shot of the Green Goblin’s crotch.

For those who were wondering (which I reckon was absolutely nobody), Gobby apparently does have laces there that he can untie to do his business without having to strip off his whole costume. Mystery solved!

Sideshow 2016 Premium Format Green Goblin Statue

Here’s the part where I imagine 95% of readers are going to fall off their chair and close this article: the cost. This quarter-scale Green Goblin statue is set to retail for a mighty $519.99. Yes, five hundred twenty dollars.

While this is still a lower cost than that of the massive Sideshow Hulk Premium Format Figures that went on sale in 2014, it’s still a huge amount of money, far beyond what many Sideshow collectors are used to paying. That’s a heavy price to pay, and at that price, I’m either going to have to set up (another) Sideshow FlexPay payment plan, or pass on this glorious Goblin.

Sideshow Premium Format Green Goblin Figure AnnouncedThe Green Goblin Premium Format Figure went up for today on the Sideshow Collectibles website, and is scheduled to be released in late 2016. With an enormous price-tag and no exclusive edition announced, I can easily see this figure being limited to 1000 pieces or less sold and produced.

Who’s planning to splurge and order this Sideshow Collectibles Green Goblin PF Statue? If not, is it because you don’t like the character, the statue itself… or its colossal price tag?


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