Spider-Man Marvel Legends Agent Venom Figure 2014 Release

Asia is becoming quite the hot spot for Marvel Legends news! The news that the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Marvel Legends Black Widow figures would be increased to two-per-case came first from Asia, as did the first leaked photos and information regarding this summer’s X-Men Marvel Legends Infinite Series figures. And now, we’ve got an announcement that’s almost as unexpected coming from a Hasbro Asia solicitation: the long-lost 6″ Marvel Legends Agent Venom figure appears to finally be shipping this summer!

Marvel Legends Agent Venom Figure 2014 Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends

At San Diego Comic-Con 2013, Marvel fans got to feast their eyes on the much-loved modern version of Venom in 6″ figure form–the Flash Thompson Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure! Hasbro had the figure’s availability on the placard listed as “TBD” (To Be Determined)–probably because they already knew at the time that that particular wave of Marvel Legends action figures was doomed (orders were in for the prior Marvel Legends 2013 series–the writing was on the wall).

Many fans feared that the Marvel Legends 6″ Agent Venom action figure would suffer the same hellish fate of being stuck in perpetual limbo as other MIA Marvel Legends figures such as Dani Moonstar, Blade and Bulldozer. I was one of those collectors who feared the worst for good ol’ Venom Flash Thompson.

Luckily, it appears that grim fate for the Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure was be avoided–a new Hasbro solicitation for an Amazing Spider-Man 2 Marvel Legends revision case has included Agent Venom in the assortment!

SDCC 2013 Marvel Legends Agent Venom Songbird Archangel HawkeyeThe Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Legends Infinite Series Revision Case Is As Follows:

(2) Marvel Legends Agent Venom Figure
(1) Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro Figure
(1) Marvel Legends Superior Spider-Man Figure
(1) Marvel Legends Spawn of Symbiotes Figure
(1) Marvel Legends Skyline Sirens Figure
(1) Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man Figure

Ordinarily I might take this case assortment with a grain of salt, but the case assortments for Marvel Legends that have been solicited in Asia before the United States have been spot-on every single time.

It makes complete sense for the shelf-warming Superior Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure to be reduced to one-per-case, and Hasbro promised us at Toy Fair 2014 that a future revision case would bring back the Marvel Legends Carnage and Marvel Legends Black Cat figures. This most likely is that case (presumably with Marvel Legends Ultimate Beetle back in the mix as well).

Marvel Legends Venom Eddie Brock Figure from SDCC 2013This Marvel Legends Amazing Spider-Man 2 Infinite Series revision case is scheduled to hit Hong Kong in late June 2014. There’s no word of a U.S. release date for the revision case yet, but my best guess would be late July/August 2014 for the United States (if any U.S. retailers ever order this revision case with all of the Superior Spider-Men jamming up the pegs).

If this is true–and I’m willing to stake that it is–what do you think of this Marvel Legends Spider-Man Infinite Series revision case, Marvel collectors? Are you psyched for the chance to own a 6″ Agent Venom Marvel Legends figure and another shot at Marvel Legends Black Cat and Carnage figures?


Spider-Man Marvel Legends Agent Venom Figure 2014 Release — 13 Comments

  1. Nice. Maybe I’ll have a better shot at completing that set of Legends without paying the beyond-stupid scalper prices for that Carnage figure (my only miss). And, that Venom addition means I don’t feel quite as bad for missing out on the Marvel Select version. So, bonus.

  2. And here I am thinking that my hunting can take a break for a while. I JUST got Black Widow at a Walmart that had empty pegs for six months.

    Now I have to hunt for a store with empty pegs that might order a revision. Thankfully they are 2 per case!

    I wonder which BAF part he will come with (if any) I nearly have a second Goblin completed except for Electro’s arm, and i’m not buying a second one of that…

  3. Now just bring on radioactive man, batroc and the others. They will probably release batroc in another cap wave just like they are doing with this guy. Who else was supposed to be released with agent venom?

  4. Oh snap!, I just realized something, that x force archangel was shown with these guys, xmen legends revision case anyone???

  5. I am so excited. I already own Spider-Girl, Superior Spider-Man, and Toxin but I might order the case that has two Agent Venom figures in it anyways. Always excited for a new Venom figure.

    Even if the revision doesn’t make it to NA, Robot Kingdom will have it up for importing. Not sure if they’re reputable or not though (they seem alright).

    • I’ve ordered import Transformers from Robot Kingdom dozens of times. They’re fully trustworthy and reputable.

  6. I have Carnage,but I would really like and hope that this gets my fellow collectors one too.(Hasbro should just retire the whole idea of so-called swap figures)And Hydra soldiers and AIM scientists and Black Cats and all the Epic heroes chase “swap” Blade, Bulldozer, Moonstar, etc. This is ridiculous. Think about it: did they swap out Black Series Wave 1 flightsuit Luke for
    Wave 3Bespin Luke? No! They got their OWN individual Waves! I also can’t help but think about the missing 3rd wave Ironman legends Rescue Armour we NEVER got.
    Now they seem to be scrambling to try and fulfill their obligations?
    Just STOP THE SWAP! And put out the figures,Hasbro. STOP THE SWAP! It ain’t working.”STOP THE SWAP”..!

  7. Man I really hope this is true!!!!! I missed out on carnage and I really want to pick him up, and hopefully in the fall since most retailers don’t have any new waves (except toys r us, who has the jubilee wave) we get a wave one cap wave revised with Batroc!!!!

    • This, I think this is exactly what they are planning on doing to get the unreleased figures that were shown in the past out. Once these all make it out hopefully we can just move forward with a new strategy. I do agree with the whole swap strategy being bs and someone mentioned the star wars waves above. Although this may be true, how many waves of star wars black series 6 inch have made it out this year again??? Two waves, ill take the swaps and revision cases over two waves anyway. At least they are putting stuff out with the marvel property. I collect marvel legends, marvel universe (avengers infinite), star wars black 6 inch and disney cars and the only thing that has been most consistent is the legends line. The avengers infinite line only made it out to a target in my area and that was the first wave and only stocked once. That was back in February, toysrus never even put them on their website. So we can complain about swaps and this and that with the legends line but at least hasbro is making a new effort to get these unreleased figures out to us plus give us a decent sdcc exclusive.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I kinda like the running changes cause it releases more figures, but I do agree with what your saying

  8. I also forgot to add that I collect DC collectibles and any batman and batman characters as well as any superman action figure with the occasional aqua man, ( I’m not big on any of the other dc universe characters) along with ninja turtles classics . Point being that out of the 5 or six lines that I collect this year for marvel legends has been better than any of those other lines. The ninja turtles have been a huge let down this year especially with the nick line. They were pippin new stuff out steadily last year.

  9. I can no longer keep silent. Hasbro needs to,STOP THE SWAP. The practice is NOT working and leaving many a collector alienated as well as empty-handed. I bumped into a guy just the other day at toysrus who had not found 1 AIM soldier-NOT 1. I implore anyone going to SDCC,fwooshers everyone: Tell Hasbro at the legends panel to:STOP THE SWAP! STOP THE SWAP! STOP THE SWAP! STOP THE SWAP! STOP THE SWAP!….