ThreeA Toys Black Widow Sixth Scale Figure Order Info!

Three A Toys Black Widow Sixth Scale Figure Holding Pistols

To put it mildly, the ThreeA Toys Marvel figures released up until now have not been for everyone. Many collectors just couldn’t get past the duck feet and weird designs choices made for several of the characters thus far. But for those who wouldn’t stand the previous figures, 3A Toys has something totally different-looking (but definitely still unique) lined up: the ThreeA Black Widow Sixth Scale figure goes up for order later this month!

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SDCC 2015: ThreeA Toys Spider-Man Figures Revealed!

SDCC 2015 3A Toys Spider-Man Figure

The week of San Diego Comic-Con 2015 is not the week I would have chosen for an exhaustive move into a new home, but alas–no use crying over late coverage.

That said, I’ve got a lot to catch up on now, including the latest from ThreeA Toys. We’ve known for over a year now that 3A Toys Spider-Man figures have been in the works, and at SDCC 2015 last week we finally got to see what the artists at 3A Toys have been working on…

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ThreeA Toys Ultron Figures Revealed & Photos! 3A

3A Ultron Figure with Light-Up Eyes Mouth and Chest

Of all the new companies that began producing Marvel collectibles in 2015, the one that made the single most divisive line is likely ThreeA Toys. While 3A Toys is beloved for its original creations, the radically redesigned 3A Marvel sixth scale figures have been met with a mixture of praise and disdain from Marvel fans.

But criticism or no, after weeks of teases, their next re-imagined Marvel character is on the way: the ThreeA Toys Ultron figures have now been fully revealed!

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3A Toys Doctor Doom Photos & Order Info! (ThreeA Toys)

Doctor Doom Ghost Version ThreeA Toys Figure

I really thought that I had well and truly scoured the floor at New York Comic Con 2014 for every major Marvel collectible of interest at the show, but it seems that somehow, some way, I missed out on seeing the prototype of the 3A Toys Dr. Doom figure displayed at the show. I still have no clue where the ThreeA Doom was even on display at (as 3A Toys didn’t have a booth at the show), but it matters not anymore: the official photos have been revealed and the ThreeA Toys Dr. Doom sixth scale figure and its variants go up for order later this week!

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Toy Fair 2014: ThreeA Dr. Doom 1/6 Figure Revealed & Photos!

Toy Fair 2014 ThreeA Dr. Doom 1/6 Figure Revealed

It was actually not until my third pass through the New York Toy Fair 2014 ThreeA Toys booth that I realized there was something new on display at the booth. While my eyes had been drawn to the four ThreeA Iron Man figures on display repeatedly, somehow I kept missing the figure standing immediately next to them. But sure enough, I eventually did open my eyes all the way and see the debuting prototype of the next addition to the line: the Marvel ThreeA Dr. Doom sixth scale figure!

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