Toy Fair 2016: X-Men Marvel Legends Deadpool Revealed!

The question I’ve gotten with more frequency during the first 42 days of 2016 has been, without a doubt, “When are we going to see the 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men Series figures revealed?” My go-to answer to that question has been “New York Toy Fair 2016”, but Hasbro has thrown us a curveball tonight with a surprise pre-Toy Fair reveal: the immensely-anticipated new Marvel Legends Deadpool figure!

Toy Fair 2016 Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool Figure

Is there any day more appropriate that today, the day before the first-ever Deadpool movie’s release, for Hasbro to drop the potential Toy Fair-winning megaton bomb that is the first mass-released red costume Deadpool Marvel Legends figure in over half a decade? Yeah–I didn’t think so either!

This new Hasbro Deadpool action figure features several usable holsters, as well as two sword sheaths on his back and a variety of pouches (no doubt Rob Liefeld would approve!). Presumably there will be additional weapons included along with the two shown katanas, as the preview photo is showing off usable holsters. This is easily the best-looking 6″ or smaller Deadpool figure that I can remember seeing since, well… ever! Hopefully Hasbro is planning on double-packing this Wade Wilson at two-per-case when he ships later in the year, because this figure is gonna be hot.

Hasbro’s post on the new Deadpool 6″ figure makes a special note of the new boots and gauntlets on this figure, but I’m hard-pressed to identify the molds used for the rest of this action figure’s body parts off the top of my head. I believe that the head is reused from the Toys R Us two-packs Deadpool from 2010, but otherwise I’m drawing a blank as to where the rest of the pieces are derived from. Help me out, dear readers?

X-Men Marvel Legends 2016 Rogue Figure with Classic Onslaught HeadThe X-Men Marvel Legends series is scheduled to be released in summer 2016, with the wave also confirmed to include a gorgeous new Jim Lee Rogue X-Men Legends figure (which we saw an early prototype of at NYCC 2015and an interchangeable classic Onslaught head that can be swapped into the Red Skull Onslaught Build-A-Figure that was released with the Captain America Legends set last month. It’s unknown who the actual Build-A-Figure of this wave is going to be, but I’ve been willing to bet money on Apocalypse since last year–that’s my guess and I’m sticking to it!

The rest of this year’s series of 6″ Marvel Legends X-Men figures are expected to be revealed during the New York Toy Fair Hasbro event on Saturday noon, 2/13/2016. I’ll be on-hand in New York City to take as many photos as possible and pass along the news as quickly as I can on Saturday, so be sure to stay tuned to this site, as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages, to stay up-to-date on all of the latest news and reveals!

What do you think of the first finished figure that Hasbro is showing off for this summer’s most-awaited wave, the X-Men Marvel Legends 6″ series? Who do you hope to see accompanying Deadpool and Rogue in this series, and are you planning on picking up either (or both!) of the figures we’ve seen sneak peeked?


Toy Fair 2016: X-Men Marvel Legends Deadpool Revealed! — 19 Comments

  1. Looks like another Bucky Cap reuse, with the pouches, belt, straps, and right hand being new. Not sure on the head though.

  2. Why is a Deadpool figure “highly anticipated”? Do collectors really prefer revamps over new characters?!?!? Maybe there hasn’t been a Deadpool release in half a decade, but maybe having 5 or six prior releases has something to do with it (at least I hope it did)? He’ll probably have a key part to the B.A.F. too I bet.

    • I look forward to revamps for some characters mainly because i have not been collecting that long, so it really helps to get a new figure of a character that tends to be hard to find. But overall i would actually prefer new characters

    • Because aside from the rarity of every ‘classic’ Deadpool Marvel Legends figure, he’s Deadpool. He’s one of the most popular comic characters of all time? Besides, revamps are just as valid in existence as new character. Just because YOU want a new character, doesn’t mean everyone else DOESN’T want revamps.

    • Because there have only been two Marvel Legends Deadpool figures (with a couple color variants of the second one), and neither one of them is good.

      This is FINALLY a good Marvel Legends Deadpool that someone didn’t have to custom build.

      And yea, the previous Deadpools are absurdly expensive/rare because the character is ridiculously popular.

      If you didn’t see a new Deadpool coming, I dunno what to tell you.
      I haven’t been remotely worried about getting an old Deadpool or a custom one because I knew this was inevitably going to happen within the next year or two.

    • One thing I want to mention is that this figure is not going to be hard to find at all. I’ve been following the spasmatics over at fwoosh and I find it hilarious what they say in there, “omg, I’m gonna buy 4″ or, ” omg, this figure is going to be impossible to find”. Let me point out that there are no marvel legends that are hard to find anymore. They have all been mass released this last year and I can go to about 3 diff stores and find every figure from every wave. As long as it is s main wave figure it will be easy to find. Stop spasing out.

      • I literally just went to Wal-Mart, and they had 3 entire Hulkbusters waves (at least) hanging on the pegs.
        So they’re numerous waves behind…..

    • very simple. because it’s a very popular character whose previous figures are a pain in the ass to find now. i’m yet to have me a Deadpool figure but considering that the price of the Toybiz one has skyrocketed through the roof is a bit of a let down to me. Hasbro’s first ML of Deadpool’s pretty hard to find as well but is a bit inferior compared to the Toybiz one.

      this one’s a vast improvement and i don’t mind it using parts from Bucky Cap. i have that figure and i like it! luckily tho they’ve announced that this figure’s going to be 2 per set so there’s a chance that this thing will come out as a separate item. can’t wait!

  3. People just don’t understand how the demand for Deadpool action figures skyrocket faster than the speed of light. For example, the very first Marvel Legends Deadpool when it came out there was a huge demand for it. Now the minimum it’s going for is about $250 at ebay. I’ve seen it go for $300-$500. Stupid price I know. People won’t pay for that.

    I really hope it comes with the hamburger head and a rifle or two damnit.

  4. New head (99% sure it’s not a reuse of the 2-pack Deadpool head, though they’re VERY similar)
    Bucky Cap body
    Bucky Cap shoulder
    Bucky Cap upper arms
    Bucky Cap elbows
    Bucky Cap upper forearms
    Bucky Cap upper thighs
    Bucky Cap thighs
    Bucky Cap knees
    Bucky Cap upper lower legs.
    New feet
    New boots with knife sheath on at least the right boot.
    New leg pouches
    New harness and sheaths
    New right hand

    Can’t tell if the belt pouches are new or not
    Can’t tell if the swords are new or not
    Can’t tell if the left hand is new or not

  5. Looks great, will pick up. Lol @ too many Deadpool ML figures in a world with like 10 Caps, Ironman and Spideys in like 3 years. Money figures should be revamped.

  6. I love the Marvel Now design. Very nicely detailed. Definetely getting one.

    Although it’s highly unlikely (since there was a rumor list), I hope there will be an upgraded Cassaday’s Astonishing Cyclops in the upcoming X-Men wave, since the one from the Brood Queen Series was a pretty lousy figure. I prefer that design over the Bianchi one.

  7. I also want to add that when the original ML Deadpool came out it was sold out in a few months. Then the price went up to $70 and $100 soon after that.

    Part of the reason Deadpool is so popular is he’s a ninja and he looks bad assume. The red and black color scheme is cool.