X-Men Marvel Legends 2016 Figures Hi-Res & Packaged Photos!

Yesterday, the most-anticipated wave of Marvel Legends that I can remember ever went up for order: the set of 8 Marvel Legends X-Men Series figures with Juggernaut Build-A-Figure! At the time, Hasbro still hadn’t released clear images of most of the figures in the series. But this afternoon, the hi-res photos of Marvel Legend Deadpool, Phoenix, Rogue, Cable and more finally appeared! And I gotta say: these figures look good

Marvel Legends X-Men Series Figures Packaged

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock since last night, you’ve probably heard that the Hasbro X-Men Legends figure assortment for 2016 finally went on sale at midnight last night.

For many folks, the photos I took at Toy Fair and the small Hasbro images that were available were enough convincing necessary to order a set.

But if you needed a better look at these figures to decide if they’re for you, then you’re in luck–Hasbro has now sent out packaged and official photos of the whole wave!

Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool Figure and AccessoriesEach case contains one of each figure with no duplicates or double-packed figures, and the included figures are as follows:

Deadpool with Unmasked Head, Taco and Arsenal of Weapons

Marvel Legends Deadpool is the only figure in this X-Men Legends series to not include a piece of the Juggernaut Build-A-Figure. Hasbro has figured (and rightfully so) that Wade will sell well enough without a Juggs BAF piece, and opted to give him some awesome accessories (including a taco, boxing glove bazooka and unmasked Wade Wilson head) instead! Amazing variety of weapons and accessories included here. Bravo, Hasbro!

Marvel Legends X-Men Cable Figure with Juggernaut WaistCable with Juggernaut Waist (Lower Torso)

I’ve already heard some folks being fussy about the fact that this isn’t a “classic” Cable figure, but as we’re unlikely to see a new version of Cable for many years, I’m really okay with getting a modern Cable Marvel Legends figure as he appears in the comics right now.

Marvel Legends X-Men Iceman Figure with Juggernaut Left ArmIceman with Juggernaut  Left Arm

The Marvel Legends Iceman figure in this series is also a modern version who looks like he’s jumped right out of the “Wolverine and the X-Men” series. This figure is going to really pop on the shelf and bring together the display of the rest of the team with Iceman’s translucent blue plastic. Very underrated figure in this assortment.

Marvel Legends X-Men Rogue Figure with Juggernaut LegRogue with Juggernaut Left Leg

The Southern Belle of the X-Men makes a rare action figure appearance, and she’s looking flat-out phenomenal in her iconic Jim Lee costume! As an unexpected bonus, even though it’s not shown in these images, it’s been confirmed that Rogue will come with an interchangeable un-gloved hand–a first for a Rogue action figure!

Marvel Legends X-Men Kitty Pryde Figure with Juggernaut Arm Lockheed and Onslaught HeadKitty Pryde with Juggernaut Right Arm, Lockheed & Onslaught Head

Hasbro seems to have the least amount of faith in Kitty Pryde as far as this series goes, as they’ve given her accessories that go to three other characters. The purple dragon Lockheed is a character unto himself, while the right Juggernaut arm is necessary to complete Cain Marko and the Onslaught head/helmet can be used to transform the previously-released Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure into Classic Onslaught.

Even those fans who don’t particularly love Kitty herself have ample reasons to buy this figure!

Marvel Legends X-Men Havok with Juggernaut LegHavok with Juggernaut Right Leg

Poor Alex Summers can never catch a break. He finally got to lead his own team of Avengers and boss Captain America around, and then AXIS had to go and happen and make Havok first go crazy evil and then go into comic book limbo again. Alas. This modern Havok Marvel Legends figure looks fantastic, and I love his cosmic effects pieces. It’s a shame this is destined to be the worst-selling figure in this wave.

Marvel Legends X-Men Wolverine Figure with Juggernaut HeadWolverine (Brown Costume) with Juggernaut Head

Finally we’ve got two star-crossed lovers (sort of) with classic Brown Costume Wolverine and Jean Grey in her (good) Phoenix persona! It’s been over a decade since Toybiz released their versions of these two characters in Toybiz Marvel Legends Series 6, and at the time the Marvel Legends Phoenix figure was so hot that I literally never found one in a retail store.

I appreciate that Wolverine comes with alternate fists with his claws retracted, and that Phoenix comes with the biggest piece of the Juggernaut: his upper torso. If only Jean got some sort of Phoenix fire effects piece base, she’d be perfect!

Marvel Legends X-Men Phoenix Figure with Juggernaut TorsoPhoenix (Jean Grey) with Juggernaut Upper Torso

The Marvel Legends X-Men Juggernaut Build-A-Figure Series is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in June/July 2016. EE is offering the complete set of 8 figures for the retail price and with free shipping, which is the best deal around if you’re looking to snag the whole series in one go (and I absolutely do recommend doing so–this series is going to be a nightmare to put together at retail stores).

Now that you’ve gotten to see the beautiful hi-res photos, have you made up your mind as to whether you’ll be ordering this wave or not, Marvel collectors? What do you think of the packaging and accessories coming with the action figures in this series?


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  1. Due to financial pressures, I may have to choose between Rogue and Kitty, but this is a line with an impressive ensemblage! No turkeys! Just tell Deadpool he’d better not try to fire his bent-barrel tommy gun…

    • eh..kitty and havoc are pretty lame. better then then usual though. on average I usually only like 2 figures enough to buy them. btw that is a shotgun with a barrel clip in deadpools arsenal bub not a thompson

  2. I was really interested in Wolverine until I saw that stupid swivel-shoulder feature built into the upper torso. That’s an absolutely pointless articulation feature that only succeeds in hurting the look of the figure. I’m all in favor of well-articulated figures, but this is just pointless and ugly, and it’s a darn shame.

    • How is it pointless? It allows him to properly get into his squatting claws-out pose. You use that range of motion in daliy life more than you think you do.

      • The pose I use on the brown Toybiz Wolvie requires swivel shoulders. I have no problem with the swivel.

  3. If all this goodness wasnt enough this is also the first wave with 3 different cup sizes…bravo Hasbro, bravo

  4. Iceman could use some icey blast accessories and/or an ice base. That package seems a bit empty.

    • Yeah Iceman got short change on the accessories. The whole set looks good might have to order it instead of retail chasing. One of these days hasbro will release the jim lee cyclops.

  5. I wonder if the Phoenix prototype shown at SDCC was just really early in development, because this is a totally different body being used. Really glad they opted for the Beetle buck over Medusa’s, though.

  6. Me encanta esta wave sobre todo la variedad de armas en deadpool .. la variedad de tamaños y la seleccion de personajes .. muy bien por hasbro !! Ahora creo que los proximos personajes a renovar serin .. ciclope … gambit .. bishop .. profesor x … y coloso . Me encantaria poder formar a los x-men de jim lee con figuras nuevas !! No puedo esperar a ver elnpack exclusivo de la sdcc 2016

  7. These are cool for sure but D. Kurt have you seen the die cast marvel figures? They’re 100% metal. Right now theres only civil war characters and deadpool but they’re pretty sweet if you’re into them! Pretty cheap too, only like 10-16$ depending on where you go.

  8. Like most from this serries but I like the Juggernaut I have. I can do with out phoenix, kitty and maybe Iceman but not to sure yet on him