Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Case Ratios Analysis

Yesterday the much talked-about Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends 6″ action figures went up for pre-order, and today the case assortment for the series has been revealed! To my surprise (and chagrin), the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy figures case ratios are not quite what I was expecting. Though he won’t even be appearing in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it appears that there will be plenty of Marvel Legends Cosmic Iron Man figures to keep shelves warm this summer…

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Iron Man Figure Packaged

Given that the two characters that Marvel is giving the largest pushes to for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie are clearly Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord, one would assume that Hasbro would follow suit by making those the two easiest-to-obtain figures from the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends series. Right…?

Wrong. Defying all logic and sense, Hasbro has opted to shortpack the Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon figure and heavy-pack the Cosmic Armor Iron Man action figure which only appears in a couple of Marvel NOW! comic books. No, seriously. Words fail me as far as this decision goes. Most casual fans who see Guardians of the Galaxy and want a toy from it are likely to want Rocket Raccoon, but it’s tough cookies for them–they’ll get their non-movie Iron Man and like it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Case RatiosThe Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy case assortment ratios are as follows:

(2) Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Iron Man (Cosmic Armor)
(2) Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Star Lord
(1) Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Drax the Destroyer
(1) Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Gamora
(1) Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Nova (Modern)
(1) Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon

You would think that after the spectacular sales flop that were the non-movie Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends figures last year, Hasbro would have learned their lesson, but apparently not. Way to go, Hasbro.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Figure PackagedThe Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy figures (including the shortpacked ones) are all available for pre-order individually now from Amazon with free shipping. I absolutely don’t need multiple Cosmic Armor Iron Man figures, so I’m glad I’m not being “forced” to buy a case of this series. If every series was this easy to get, I’d be a happier collector.

What do you think about Hasbro’s picks for the GOTG Marvel Legends case ratios, Marvel collectors? Is this a smart move on Hasbro’s parts, or are a lot of kids and casual fans going to be totally ticked off when it’s crazy-difficult to get a GOTG Rocket Raccoon Marvel Legends figure this spring/summer?


Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Case Ratios Analysis — 20 Comments

  1. I ordered the full set. Interesting that Nova is the top seller on Amazon so far, so a non-movie character does have some potential. It’s just not Iron Man!

  2. Holy God. . . are you freakin’ kidding me? First, short pack Black Widow so nobody can complete their Avengers set or their Mandroid, now we gotta all have headless Groots? And GOTG sets with no R.R.? What are they thinking? Unbelievable. Hasbro stinks.

    • Hasbro does this with every assortment of every line they have.
      Why haven’t we learned to expect this by now? lol
      It’s also a movie line. They’re gonna flood the shelves with this stuff.
      You’re gonna see so many RR, you’ll be able to build a whole Rhythm Nation of them.

      • Winter Soldier movie release in the U.S. tomorrow and the shelves are not flooded with the ML figures that anyone wants. Seems even less likely to be the case with GOTG. I say buy ’em when you have a chance as long as you don’t have to pay much more than retail.

        P.S. HTS finally has Cap ML Wave 2 and Avengers Infinite Wave 1 on sale today. I got my limit of 1 Black Widow and 2 Wasps before they sold out. Not sure how long they were available. I checked soon after I got to work and they were gone a few minutes after my order.

          • So did my stores,but you can’t find one to save your life now as I write this. Only saw 1 lonely Cap Now figure @ target today.
            All my local toysrus are devoid of ANY Cap legends! Superior Spidey&Amazing are cloggin up the pegs All over the place,and that’s about it.
            Also what Matt said was,”…shelves are not flooded with the ML FIGURES that ANYone WANTS..”e.g.BLACK WIDOW,AIM & HYDRA TROOPS(personally I could use a few more soldiers) before the guardians legends hit in June,there’s enough time for a few refresher cases,Hasbro!..I’m.hoping that is the case.yes. pun intended.

          • I’ve had the same problem here. All three Targets and four Walmarts within reasonable driving distance haven’t had ANY Winter Soldier or Black Widow figures. All the Walmarts I go to only have WW2 Cap and Marvel NOW! Cap. I got lucky and found movie Cap, Red Skull, Zemo and at a Target, which only had one of each. I got Winter Soldier from before they went out of stock. now has Winter Soldier, but Black Widow is IMPOSSIBLE to find online other than ridiculous eBay prices. It’s really infuriating that Hasbro feels like limiting one figure every series when they’re losing money when people resell it for three times it’s base value.

          • Kevin, Hasbro isn’t loosing any money. What they charge at retail more than makes up for the cost it takes to create each figure. What folks on eBay and 2nd market dealers are doing is price gauging when they increase price of a figure to make more money off of us. If Hasbro sold Black Widow at secondary market prices at retail, do you think anybody would still by her at Target for 3x the amout of all the others? Black Widow is one to a case because only collectors want her, which only makes up a small precent of the global retail market. It’s just basic economics.

          • Michael, there is no such thing as gouging on discretionary purchases. Buyers are willingly paying up for Black Widow. Hasbro does not need to mark up the price of Black Widow in order to make more money; they just need to sell more of them! Whether they adjust the case ratios or just make more available on HTS, they should be able to increase total sales on the Cap ML toy line by selling more of what collectors want (BW) and less of what they don’t want (3 different Caps, especially WW2 with no BAF piece).

          • Sure their focus is selling to kids, but even if there were 2 per box they’d sell them like hotcakes simply for the Mandroid part. Legends is of a higher quality than most figures so Hasbro has to know they’re big with collectors and that even if they increased the ratios theyd make more.

          • Hasbro is the top retail toy manufacturer globally and has the biggest name toy lines under their belt. They have to have great marketing researchers and accountants to reach the position they’re in. Adding 2 BW to the case assortment isn’t going to make them any more money than they already have nor has putting 1 of a certain figure in a case hurt them economically. Collecting is a hobby just like any other. Stamp collectors have limited printed stamps, Coin collectors look for rare printed coins. Toy collectors used to be thrilled by the idea of finding the rare figure. Whatever happened to that?

    • They’d have $20 more had I been able to find one. I understand they’re a business and have to cater to their main audience and shareholders, but every store I’ve been to had at least 3-4 WW2 Captains which aren’t the biggest sellers. It could be different elsewhere, but that and Marvel Now Cap seem to be the lowest selling of the series. I doubt kids will want the Marvel Now Cap unless they read the comics.

      I guess I just don’t like the idea that Hasbo is making the figure rare just because they don’t think a Black Widow figure will sell to kids. I’m sure there are some girls out there who aren’t into Barbie or Bratz and would love to have a female superhero figure of their own from the movie they just saw. I’m glad that the GotG figures are on Amazon and I can get Gamora or Rocket despite Hasbro limiting their availability.

  3. I am so happy that, as a Marvel fan and a human being in general, I could not bring myself to give two s***s about talking trees and space frat boys if you paid me to. For once, Hasbro screws up and I don’t have to care. Thank you, Hasbro. Now kindly get crackin’ on that Jubilee wave while we’re all still relatively young.

    • I too felt the way you do. I was gonna sit it out and avoid the hunter vextation of guardians legends. Not because I dislike talking trees,I don’t. Not a racsist branch or limb on my body,No. Its that I’m a bigger fan of comic style than movie style. However, if I can get a full set from Amazon @ competive price and no aggravation of the chase then I’m taking full advantage of that:)
      Btw; Amen on the Jubilee thing! You said it,sister!

  4. I beg your paron,sir. IM3ML:IRONMONGER was not a flop. All my local stores did well. The Ironmonger BAF was awesome and a welcome addition to the armoury.

  5. IDK how but I got my entire serioes of GOTG Legends… wasnt easy but I found Rocket Racoon at a local Walmart… Gamora & Drax at a Toys R us Ironman & Starlord are pretty much everywhere… and Nova at my local Target… Feeling prettyyyyyy good lol