Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Packaged!

When Target stores suddenly started restocking the original 2014 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy series of figures a couple months ago, I speculated it was because 2017 GOTG Wave 2 wouldn’t be out for a while and Hasbro probably wanted Gamora and Rocket available before the movie hit. With the movie under two weeks away now and no pre-order in sight, that certainly seems to be the case. But one thing that is now in sight is images of all seven figures in this wave packaged…

2017 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Figures

As a total GOTG fanboy, Guardians of the Galaxy Legends 2017 Wave 2 can’t hit soon enough for me. But while I’d love it if these new toys were on store shelves in time for the movie premiere in two weeks, it really does not look like that’s going to be happening (especially since the Spider-Man Homecoming figures we saw packaged last month haven’t even gone up for order yet).

Even so, while we’re gonna have to wait a bit to buy these action figures, at least now we can get our first glimpse of them (and their accessories!) in packaged form, care of the overseas Toy Sapiens website…

GOTG Marvel Legends 2017 Wave 2 Rocket Raccoon Baby Groot PackagedFirst up, we’ve got the new Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot. Hasbro did a really good job filling up the package this time to make Rocket a solid value, as you’re getting the only Ravagers costume Baby Groot with this figure, along with two guns, an alternate head for Rocket and the body for the Mantis Build-A-Figure.

This is a fun pack–and not surprisingly, my favorite one in the whole wave. Looks great!

Gamora Marvel Legends 2017 Figure PackagedCompleting the core Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 2017 Wave 2 lineup, it’s the new Marvel Legends Gamora! I’ve seen a lot of folks say they prefer the new jacketed look on Gamora from the sequel. I don’t know that I’m one of them (yet), but I’ll do my best to remain open-minded until the movie.

Gamora comes with a Mantis Build-A-Figure leg, as well as a rifle, a sword, and some other bladed object I can’t quite make out.

Marvel Legends GOTG 2017 Wave 2 Nebula PackagedThirdly, we’ve got the only first-time movie figure in this wave (besides the BAF): Nebula! There were plenty of requests for Marvel Legends Nebula after the first movie, and those pleas did not fall on deaf ears. ML Nebula just may be the best-looking figure in this whole wave! She comes with an alternate cybernetic left hand, a pistol and the other Mantis BAF leg.

Star-Lord Marvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 PackagedThe last of the four Marvel Legends GOTG Vol. 2 movie figures in this wave is another Star-Lord figure. This one has a totally different head sculpt than the one from Wave 1, along with a scarf and the iconic long jacket.

I’m not really sure that the Chris Pratt likeness is any better here or that I like the costume more, but Star-Lord has a Mantis arm (along with a mix tape and two Quad Blasters), so I’ll be buying him nonetheless.

Marvel Legends Adam Warlock PackagedFifth, it’s an always-popular character who didn’t quite make it into the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie: Marvel Legends Adam Warlock. We’ve had a ML Adam Warlock before, and he’s been a hot figure, so I don’t doubt this one will be as well.

Along with the oft-used cosmic energy effects pieces (this time in a bright blue I don’t believe we’ve seen before), Adam Warlock will come with an alternate Magus head (awesome) and the Build-A-Figure Mantis head.

Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo Packaged

Rounding out the wave, we’ve got two more comics-based figures that I’m frankly terrified are going to sink this wave at retail and kill any chance of further Marvel Legends GOTG movie waves: Marvel Legends Death’s Head II and Ex Nihilo.

These are both mainstream unknown characters, and poor Death’s Head II doesn’t even have a Mantis BAF piece as a selling point. I don’t think there any question that both of these chaps will be packed at one-per-case–I’m just concerned most stores will be accumulating those “one”s all summer long.

Marvel Legends Death's Head II Figure PackagedMarvel Legends 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 listings are already posted online and should go up for order in May, and the series is expected to arrive in late spring/early summer 2017. I’ll send out alerts via the Marvel Toy News Facebook & Twitter Pages as soon as Hasbro allows retailers to start taking orders for the figures.

Thoughts on our first packaged look at GOTG Wave 2, Marvel collectors? Which figures (if any) are you planning to scoop up from this series, and how do you think the non-movie characters are going to fare at retail this time out?


Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Packaged! — 27 Comments

  1. Fucking Starlord comes with a piece. That is the dumbest thing yet. DHII should have come with the alternate head and Starlord should have come with nothing but his accessories. I mean how many people are even excited for a repaint with a new head and scarf. Other then that I will be getting all of these, using Mantis and Nebula for my Comic display (since they are realy close to comic accurate), buying 2 Adam Warlock (one for Magus which is a separate character) Death Head II and Ex Nihilo will go on my cosmic display and putting the rest in storage,

  2. Im excited for Deaths Head ll. He’s the one I have my eye on! I like the obscure characters. That’s why I only brought Darkhawk from the last wave.

  3. Adam Warlock, Nebula and Rocket are definitely the top 3 for this wave, Mantis is in the middle, and the rest are fighting for last place.

    I really hate that Gamora’s design from the movies is so lame and generic.
    I want a badass white armored comicbook Gamora, not another boring MCU Gamora….

    I literally already have 4 different Star-Lord figures. I REALLY didn’t need another one. Especially not another red longcoat one.
    They better majorly redesign Star-Lord for Avengers:Infinity War….

    Ex Nihilo would be alright if the Hyperion body mold didn’t suck.

    Death’s Head II is….meh.

    Mantis….I mean…..I’m annoyed that she’s a BAF, but otherwise she’s good.

    • Death’s Head is definitely not “meh”. Just because you don’t like him, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to see that it’s a really surprising figure, that a lot of us thought we would never get. A character that obscure, and that big, that requires these new sculpts, it’s kind of a big deal that we’re getting him.

    • Probably, because Hasbro apparently wants to drown the world in Star-Lords.

      After 2017 we will have AT LEAST 6 different Star-Lord figures….
      And they all came out in the span of 4 years.
      Two in 2014, one in 2015, and THREE this year…..

      The 1st one is VERY similar to the 5th one.
      The 2nd and 3rd ones are ALMOST the same.
      And the 4th and 6th ones are almost (if not exactly) identical.

      If they were all notably DIFFERENT versions of Star-Lord, that’d be cool. But they’re not…..

      And you just KNOW we’re going to be getting a Kitty Pryde Star-Lord/Star-Lady soon. (although I’m looking forward to that one, since it’ll be different).

      • I hope they do Star-Lady. That would be dope! I’m fine with having a lot of Star Lords. With the exception of the two identical ones this year, they all have a difference, and I much prefer multiple Star Lords to multiple Captain Americas, ala 2016. I wish, however, that one of the duplicates this year, either in wave 1 or in the two pack, was the version with the jetpack and red shirt. That would be cool. Alas.

        • I’m fine with the Captain Americas, as long as they’re different.

          Classic Cap/CapWolf was good.
          Secret War Cap I didn’t care about, but at least he was interesting.
          Civil War Cap was mildly annoying because he was just a repaint of Age Of Ultron Cap.
          Civil War 3-Pack Cap was interesting because of the battle damage, but STILL just another repaint.

          Marvel NOW! Captain America from the 2013 Mandroid Wave rendered all previous and subsequent Cap figures (so far) irrelevant, so I’m mostly just waiting on them to finally top it.

          I want Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 to have Star-Lord in his Abnett/Lanning full uniform with full helmet.
          I actually hate his MCU design, not because it’s bad (it’s okay), but because it’s boring and WILDLY inferior to the ultra-badass Abnett/Lanning design.

          • It would also be cool to see Gamora in her modern armored look, maybe even as soon as Infinity War. Rocket and Drax are ok I think, but Groot could be a little scarier looking for Infinity War, I think.

    • I mean, she looks super boring and generic because the movie design just IS lame, but actual quality-wise it seems like she’s a hell of a lot better.

  4. Star-lord is becoming the equivalent of Iron Man………. so many unnecessary Iterations

    • Is that really true, though? Star-Lord’s long coat and short jacket costumes are definitely pretty different visually, and we at least get a new and improved head on the Wave 2 version. I don’t mind having both versions of Chris Pratt from this movie, personally.

      • I hadn’t seen any sign that the arm blade was replaceable at all, so that’s good, but bad that the hand is blue and not silver like it should be – that whole arm is supposed to be a T-1000-esque morphing weapon arm. Oh well, would be worse not getting him at all!

  5. I mean, she looks super boring and generic because the movie design just IS lame, but actual quality-wise it seems like she’s a hell of a lot better.

  6. Just here for the Adam Warlock. And maybe the Rocket and Groot if he goes on sale.

  7. I’m actually looking forward to the new Star Lord, mainly because I’m hoping for a new and improved head.

    Gamora looks amazing, and way better than her previous figure in nearly every way, especially in the headsculpt.

    Rocket looks good, I feel like he looks a bit on the thick side, but it doesn’t bother me too much. Groot looks good. Glad that Rocket now has expressions and articulation.

    Nebula looks fantastic. I like the fact that she comes with a normal left hand, which is something I was worried about when we only saw the mechanical one at Toy Fair.

    Ex Nihlo is what he is. I’m not particularly looking forward to him, but I need him for Mantis, and if nothing else, he has a very different visual appearance.

    I’m liking the look of Death’s Head. He looks really menacing, while still being brightly colored. That arm reminds me of ROTF Megatron, which I think is kind of awesome.

    I don’t have a ton of love for Warlock, so I don’t really care what costume he is wearing. I don’t really desire this figure, but I feel like I need him for my GOTG collection.

    A lot of people are complaining that the BAF is Mantis. While I can understand where they are coming from, she looks really good, and I personally would prefer having her as a BAF than not at all. If Hasbro had to make her a BAF to release her, then I’m cool with that.

  8. I am actually happy for the break my wallet gets in regard to this wave as a comic figure collector. The past 6 months have been expensive (with essentially two full xmen comic waves, a full spiderman comic wave, etc.). I have no interest in anything MCU figure wise. So only needing to grab DHII, Ex Nihlo, and Adam Warlock makes me extremely happy. It also seems like these will be the easiest to grab. I would’ve grabbed the whole wave for a comic appearance Mantis BAF. But as I said, personally, MCU figures end up in a box whenever I’m forced to grab them for a BAF piece lol That said, between this and the homecoming wave I’ll only end up spending a full waves worth to get the characters I want with no push to complete the BAFs. And then the Thor wave will hit and my wallet will start to cry again…

  9. F**k. I have 17 clear plastic storage bins filled with Legends. May skip this one.