Toy Fair: Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017!

I’m not one to put any stock in leaked UPC lists, but when the Hasbro Marvel Legends Ex Nihilo figure was announced last night, that pretty much sealed the deal that the list of 2017 Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 figures that had been circulating for weeks was the real deal and not just a rumor. And at the Hasbro Brand Toy Fair 2017 event today, we got official confirmation and also our first look at the rest of GOTG Marvel Legends Wave 2–including Nebula, Baby Groot and the Mantis Build-A-Figure!

Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Revealed

Earlier today we got the big reveal of the Kurt Russell Ego Marvel Legends figure that’s now up for order, and at the Hasbro Media event this afternoon we got to see the rest of the known Guardians of the Galaxy goodness lined up for the rest of 2017!

As expected (especially after Ex Nihilo’s reveal last night), the complete list of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Wave 2 figures is as follows:

  • GOTG 2 Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot
  • GOTG 2 Gamora
  • GOTG 2 Nebula
  • GOTG 2 Star-Lord with Long Jacket
  • Ex Nihilo
  • Death’s Head II
  • Adam Warlock / The Magus

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 Star-Lord FigureWhile it was originally speculated that the Star-Lord in this wave would be comics-based, it’s actually a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Star-Lord with brand new Chris Pratt head and long coat.

Marvel Legends GOTG Wave 2 Star-Lord Chris Pratt HeadI’m not sure if the new head looks more or less like Chris Pratt as Peter Quill than the Wave 1 head, honestly… thoughts?

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Marvel Legends Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon FiguresAs expected, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot figures come as a two-pack. But this time, Rocket is anything but a rip-off! Not only does he come with twin pistols and the pack-in Baby Groot figure, but he’s also super-articulated with ankle rockers, torso pivot and more! This will easily be the best Hasbro Rocket Raccoon action figure ever.

Marvel Legends 2017 Gamora Figure Close-UpMeanwhile, there’s no need to start a new #WheresGamora campaign or any ridiculousness like that–Gamora’s right here, the first of three female characters in this wave!

Gamora Marvel Legends 2017 Figure Toy FairThis Marvel Legends Gamora movie figure looks much improved from the previous version, and will include multiple swords and her new awesome trenchcoat. Love it!

Marvel Legends Nebula Figure Close-UpMarvel Legends Nebula is a movie character that fans really have been demanding–and here she is! The sculpt and paint deco on Nebula look fantastic.

Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Nebula FigureWith all of the major characters except the supposed villain–Ayesha–present in these two waves of Guardians of the Galaxy Legends, things certainly look bleak for a Wave 3, don’t they…?

Marvel Legends Magus Adam Warlock Figure Toy Fair 2017At NYCC 2016 we saw the Marvel Legends Adam Warlock figure debut–but today we found out that Adam Warlock has an interchangeable head to be transformed into a Marvel Legends Magus with! Yes, please!!

2017 Toy Fair Ex Nihilo Marvel Legends FigureEx Nihilo is a character that wasn’t anywhere in my Top 500 wish list, but his 6″ figure does look pretty snazzy in person.

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends Death's Head II FigureDeath’s Head II is a cool figure as well, though not one I imagine most collectors would pick up if not for the included Build-A-Figure part. And speaking of which…

Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Close-UpAs rumored, the Build-A-Figure of this wave is in fact a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie Mantis BAF. So if you want to complete your movie roster team, you’ll be buying Ex Nihilo and Death’s Head II, like it or not!

Toy Fair 2017 Hasbro Mantis Marvel Legends BAFWhat do you think of this year’s second wave of Guardians of the Galaxy Legends, Marvel collectors? Are you buying the whole wave to build Mantis, picking and choosing, or skipping this wave altogether?


Toy Fair: Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 2 2017! — 18 Comments

  1. When I first saw the wave on Instagram I thought Death’s Head was the BAF lol
    Damn, I want everyone except Nihilo. The Chris Pratt likeness may not be perfect but his figure looks badass trench coat and all. So Yes, I want this Star Lord also.

  2. It”s a big SKIP for me. Sadly, the only ones that appeals to me are Rocket and Mantis herself, and there’s no way I’m getting the rest of them just to have her.

  3. Death’s Head II and Gamora are the two completely skippable ones.
    Mantis, Star-Lord and Ex Nihilo are great, but no mandatory.
    Adam Warlock, Nebula, and Rocket are the must-haves.

  4. I was originally only going to get all the movie figures, which all look incredible, but I guess I’ll have to get the other 3 to complete Mantis. Hasbro, why do you do this?

    • “but I guess I’ll have to get the other 3 to complete Mantis”… Unfortunately you just answered your own question.

      • I guess I did. I heard that the reason Mantis is the BAF instead of DH is that since he uses the Colossus mold, it would require new tooling to turn him into a BAF, the chose to do Mantis so they could get her in the wave with an accurate sculpt. It makes sense, but it still forces people who want the BAF but not other figures to buy the whole wave.

  5. I’m more than sure that Star-lord won’t have a a BaF piece. The Mantis is easily only a 6 piece figure.

  6. This line blows, sorry (not really). Rocket is a waste of $20.00 unless its selling for half that price. Ex whatever looks like Metalmen reject – those who dont follow current marvel books but collect figures will skip this. Same with that god-awful adam warlock – if its not the Gil Kane or Jim Starlin version, I’m not interested. Thats going to be true for a lot of long time Warlock fans. A lot of these modern redesigns are absolutely horrid (ie. X-men wave 2 colossus). Deaths Head looks great but doubt itll be a huge attraction. I hope it is. Nebula & Gamorra are the high-lights. Great sculpts should outshine the weak female articulation. Star-lord is a waste. 3 releases already, an iinferior headsculpt. This one will me rotting on shelves for a very long time. Maybe hasbro will fix it. Doubt itll make a difference.

  7. I’ll probably get Mantis separately online to go with my comics Guardians as I don’t really collect movie Legends. It sucks having to pay $50+ for one regular size figure.

  8. I’ve to disagree with the reviewer. Death’s Head II is actually the figure I’m most excited about as a long time ML collector.I care little about more versions of previously released movie characters. But DH II is a long time favorite of mine from way back in the early 90’s (Marvel UK, Liam Sharp… ah the memories). And I also agree with Mario, he should have been the BAF figure!

    • Nope! No one knows for sure. Hasbro hasn’t solicited the wave to any retailers yet, and they didn’t give a date window at Toy Fair. May with an April pre-order would be my GUESS, but it’s strictly a guess.