Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 2! Moon Knight!

Hasbro spoiled us just a little bit for the 2017 Toy Fair when they revealed the three Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming figures from Spider-Man Legends 2017 Wave 2 earlier this month. But it turns out they really were saving the best stuff for the show, including all-new figures of Moon Knight, Tombstone, Captain Universe Spider-Man and more!

Marvel Legends Moon Knight Figure 2017

When Hasbro premiered that 3.75″ Moon Knight figure at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 last year, I just knew that we’d be seeing a modern Moon Knight Marvel Legends figure in the six inch line sooner rather than later.

Then Moon Knight’s name appeared on a leaked UPC list, and not too long after that, here he is–perhaps my favorite Hasbro reveal of the entire New York Toy Fair 2017: Modern Moon Knight (Marc Spector)!

Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends Spider-Man Moon Knight 6" Figure While it’s tough to beat the classics, Hasbro’s new Marvel Legends Moon Knight looks golden in his modern costume. He’s even got a bunch of little “moonerangs” he can grip between his fingers!

Marvel Legends Beetle Figure 2017 Spider-Man Wave 2A character fans have been crying out for for many years also made his long-awaited debut today: the classic, male Abe Jenkins version of the Beetle! This is the classic Marvel Legends Beetle that fans have been dreaming of since, well… forever!

2017 Toy Fair Hasbro Beetle Marvel Legends Six Inch FigureAfter this, there’s really not going to be much need for Hasbro to produce another Beetle action figure ever again!

Marvel Legends Tombstone Figure Toy Fair 2017Next up we’ve got a longtime Spider-Man villain getting his first official Legends figure: Tombstone!

2017 Marvel Legends Tombstone Six Inch FigureI have good memories of Tombstone from the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon and many issues of Daredevil, so I’ll be snapping up this figure even if he isn’t too many peoples’ tastes.

Marvel Legends Captain Universe Spider-Man Figure Toy Fair 2017Last but not least for the comic figures, it’s Marvel Legends Captain Universe AKA Cosmic Spider-Man!

Close-Up of Cosmic Spider-Man Alernate Head Toy Fair 2017The 6″ Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man figure comes with not one, not two, but three interchangeable heads (including one from the 2015 epic, “Spider-Verse”)!

New York Toy Fair 2017 Marvel Legends Cosmic Spider-Man Figure

This is another Spidey I can check off on my bucket list of Legends Spider-Man variants that I need, so I’m pretty delighted by this figure.

The complete list of figures in Spider-Man Legends 2017 Wave 2 is as follows:

  • Web Wings Spider-Man (Homecoming)
  • Prototype Suit Spider-Man (Homecoming)
  • The Vulture (Homecoming)
  • Moon Knight
  • Tombstone
  • Beetle
  • Captain Universe Cosmic Spider-Man
  • Build-A-Figure: Vulture’s Flight Pack

Marvel Legends Vulture Spider-Man Homecoming Figure Toy Fair 2017I’ll update the site in a little bit with my photos and impressions of the movie figures as well, and sure to keep checking the Marvel Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages throughout the weekend and next week for far, far more photos and articles from Toy Fair!

What do you think of this year’s second wave of Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2017 figures, collectors? Are you more excited for the comic book figures, the movie figures, or none of the above? And are you planning to buy this whole wave to build the Vulture’s Flight pack or not?


Marvel Legends 2017 Spider-Man Wave 2! Moon Knight! — 24 Comments

  1. I’m torn on this one. I’d love a complete Vulture but can’t see buying all of them to get the flight pack, and without the flight pack there’s just no reason to buy the Vulture. It’s a “Catch 22” scenario I suppose.

  2. Beetle > complete Vulture > Moon Knight > Proto-Spider-Man > web wing Spider-Man > Captain Universe/Cosmic Spider-Man > Tombstone

    Beetle and Vulture are EASILY the stars of this wave.

    Thanks the gods we FINALLY get a proper Beetle Mk2.

    • Hasbro is TERRIBLE with movie villains. We never got a Ronan, Yellowjacket, Malekith or Kaecilius and Ayesha is MIA from the two Guardians waves we’ve seen so far.

        • And we never got an MCU Red Skull, or an Iron Monger, or Whiplash, or Hammer Drones, or Ultron Sentries, or Chitauri, or Kurse, or a Destroyer BAF, or a Frost Giant BAF…..
          They need to do a eave of JUST MCU villains….

          • They did a number if those in 4 inch back when that’s where their focus was. I think a big reason why we don’t have Legends figures of many of the villains you mentioned is because Hasbro just wasn’t that focused on 6 inch at the time. Also, yes, we did get an Iron Monger. Multiple, actually. Two different versions with different “play features”, and at least the first one (if not also the second one) had color variants for the eyes and unibeam (red and blue).

          • They weren’t labelled Marvel Legends, but they were Marvel Legends-style figures in 6 inch scale at a time when Hasbro was doing Marvel Legends. Considering them “not Marvel Legends” just because they aren’t labelled Marvel Legends is like doing the same for X-Men Classics or Spider-Man Classics, and if we look further down the page, we can see how you feel about that: “Only the 4th Marvel Legends Beetle overall, IF you count the Spider-Man Classics Beetle Mk3 “Buzzing Beetle” as a Marvel Legends figure (which you should, since Spider-Man Classics were the original Marvel Legends for all intents and purposes).”

            We have a Marvel Legends MCU Iron Monger.

          • No. False. They were not ML style figures. They were less articulated and full of dumb gimmicks.
            Spider-Man Classics only gets a pass because they created the articulation scheme for ML and served as the testing ground for what ML would eventually include.

            There is no ML Iron Monger.

  3. Although I am happy to see this version of the a Beetle, this is the third Beetle made in the last 3 years.

    Still several Spidey villains without a figure as well as some that need a modern update: Hydroman, Man-Spider, Armored Spidey, Mysterio, Scorpion, classic Lizard, classic Vulture, battle damaged spiderman (in that order based on quality of original Toybiz figures).

    Still would like an Amazing Bagman and Spiderman Noir.

    • that because when the Ultimate and Female Beetle got release fan cried out for a classic beetle. not everything is about building the rogue gallery dude.

    • 2nd Beetle in the last 3 years.

      3rd Beetle in the last 4 years.

      Only the 4th Marvel Legends Beetle overall, IF you count the Spider-Man Classics Beetle Mk3 “Buzzing Beetle” as a Marvel Legends figure (which you should, since Spider-Man Classics were the original Marvel Legends for all intents and purposes).

      And yea, this was pure fan demand.
      Everyone was annoyed when they announced new Beetle figures and it turned out to be another lame imposter each time.
      Especially with the female beetle. Why the hell she EVER got a figure, much less before Abner Jenkins as Beetle Mk2…..

      Their weird obsession with doing the whole Superior Foes Of Spider-Man team had caused them to put out a several figures people aren’t interested in – female Beetle, Speed Demon, modern disappointing Shocker, Boomerang…. On the upside, the only character left from that team is Overdrive, and I don’t think Hasbro even cares about HIM. So hopefully we’re done with that and can get back to characters people care about, like Mysterio, Scorpion, Dic Ock, Lizard, etc etc

  4. I still love my Toybiz Vulture, so I will stick to it. I will get Captain Universe, Tombstone, Beetle, and maybe Moon Knight (not sure about the outfit, specially the nurse’s shoes).

  5. Tombstone and Beetle are must haves, I kind of want Cosmic Spiderman for bearded Peter Parker, rest are easy passes unless Vulture comes with an unmasked Michael Keaton head then that’ll happen and I guess I’d have to piece together the wings after that…I’m really disappointed with this version of Moon Knight, I’d prefer the all white version…I’ll probably get Homecoming Spiderman to add to Netflix ranks but I’ll take the two pack with unmasked head as well.

  6. This weird obsession with figures of actors amuses me to no end. And the real classic Beetle Abe Jenkins has been the only version us comic based fans have been asking for since 2002. Why Hasbro wasted 3 slots on the 3 previous unasked for versions is beyond me.